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Green Climate Fund

Posted by Jeff Id on March 24, 2012

Does anyone here really think that annually handing four times the GDP of North Korea to a bunch of unelected individuals, who exist completely outside of the law, could cause any problems at all?

It sounds like something straight from a science fiction novel.

WUWT is covering this now.  — finally 😉

It is beyond imagination that the request to be immune from law for a giant eco-fund, isn’t front page news for everyone.  These are people who have NO respect for personal property rights, and no respect for industry whatsoever.    Giving them no oversight, would be an insanity beyond anything we have seen out of the UN to date.  Even the request for no-oversight, should be enough to start the investigation.

Is there NO common sense anymore?



15 Responses to “Green Climate Fund”

  1. Brian H said

    “Interesting times”; the first attempted full-out world coup!

    Popcorn, getcher popcorn here!

  2. omanuel said

    The news media is a large part of the problem, Jeff, and has been since the early 1970s.

    I was myself a left-wing Democrat, environmentalist, and a member of Greenpeace and the ACLU, until Climategate emails and documents belatedly awakened me to this Reality in November 2009.

    Our society is crumbling while FEAR-driven self-centeredness, arrogance and false pride prevent an unholy alliance of leaders of nations, scientific organizations and the news media from seeing Reality:

    1. Life is part of a natural process in the evolution of the cosmos, expanding and filling interstellar space with H and He – waste products from the cores of ordinary stars like the Sun – as it expands because “free” energy was stored as rest mass in the centers of

    a.) Heavy atoms (A > 150 amu)
    b.) Fluid planets like Jupiter
    c.) Ordinary stars (Sun)
    d.) Galaxies

    2. Rebirth may also be part of the natural process in the next cycle of the cosmos after collapse, because compressed neutrons have “evaporated” away and gravitational forces of attraction “recharge” the giant cosmic battery by pushing the neutrons back together again.

    The current demise of society is traceable to Henry Kissinger’s secret visit to China in 1971 and the almost immediate corruption of government science in the formerly “Free West” block of nations.

    FEAR of the “nuclear fire” that consumed Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 – flamed by the Cuban Missile Crisis in late October 1962 – convinced world leaders to Unite Nations against an imaginary common enemy in 1971 – Global Climate Change !

    World leaders do not want to admit that they are in fact totally powerless over the Great Reality to which religious leaders submit and worship by thousands of different names.

    A brief summary of this sad tale is available in documents and references posted here:

  3. Jim said

    Run them off at the point of a gun, if that’s what it takes.

  4. Jeff said

    I’m not anywhere near running anyone off, but the level of UN insane has gone up. Were I in charge of these guys, and fully on board with the GCF, I would fire whomever asked for this on the spot.

    Of course, we care that government is accountable.

  5. omanuel said

    Perhaps we need to admit that world leaders:

    a.) Were wise to reduce nationalism in order to avoid the “nuclear fires” that consumed Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945, but

    b.) Fools to deny their total powerlessness over the Great Reality.

  6. Mike Mangan said

    It’s not surprising that Fox News is the only organization to pick this up. If civil strife lies in our near future it will be because the public no longer has agreed upon sources of “facts” or “basic truths.” I can guarantee you there are hundreds of thousands of “progressives” or whatever they call themselves who would flat out deny the reality of this story, simply because it was reported by Fox and no one else. The true test of this is happening this year. Obama is deliberately pushing the envelope of “truth” because he knows most news organizations will not question his statements, like his claim this week that Solyndra wasn’t HIS idea or fault. The more he gets away with this campaign, the more likely that the right in this country is going to explode.
    Raise your hand if you think that’s the Obama objective!

  7. Genghis said

    I am confused. Where does the UN get the power to grant immunity to a non UN entity?

  8. Me said

    What’s going on here? Is this some sort of get out of jail card that they want to impose onto who they think by their moral and ethical judgement of the day that they feel is righteous to their cause? Sounds like more of a CYA scenario so when the bullshit hits the fan they can fall back onto it, but that’s just Me, I don’t know about all of you?

  9. M Simon said

    Brian H said
    March 24, 2012 at 10:55 am

    “Interesting times”; the first attempted full-out world coup!

    They are also running a parallel track – depending on which “side” predominates.

  10. Don Keiller said

    First thing I would do is close the U.N. building in New York until this bunch of freeloaders and scam artists actually pay the outstanding rent which stands somewhere about $10 million.

    May be they could use some of the green slush fund?

  11. amabo said

    Where does to UN get the power or authority to grant immunity to anyone?

  12. Genghis said

    I was bored this last week so I did another little experiment. I put a meat temperature probe (and put a little tinfoil tent over it) in a Styrofoam cooler and placed a plate of glass on the top. Then I put a heat lamp over it and recorded the temperature a couple of hours after it stabilized.

    Then I repeated the experiment except that I replaced the plate of glass with a thin sheet of metal.

    Then I repeated the experiment except that this time I split the difference between the Glass and metal cover (and had Glass and metal overhanging the top of the cooler.)

    Drum roll, and the results were, drum roll, NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL in the stable (equilibrium) temperature (except that the split difference was a couple of degrees cooler, and I am pretty sure that was caused by the metal overhang.)

    My working hypothesis is that the Earth is in Thermal Equilibrium (within the vagaries of the solar insolation and orbital mechanics anyway) and has been in Thermal Equilibrium for the last couple of billion years, and that changing the albedo, insulation, radiation frequency’s, etc. doesn’t change the equilibrium temperature.

    I think I will name the theory the Barbeque Theory : ) In honor of all of the Chefs of the world who use thermometers to monitor their cooking. Seriously though, I know that I am just regurgitating already established basic principles, that have somehow been forgotten.

  13. Genghis,

    It only counts for an experiment if you can calculate the expected change and verify that the thermometer should have been good enough to measure it.

    Same problem with all of these hot-box experiments.

  14. omanuel said

    We couldn’t see the forest for the trees, until parted by Climategate documents in 2009 !

    Only today I added this abstract to my research profile:

    Fear and the instinct of survival
    persuaded world leaders to hide the
    energy that vaporized Hiroshima
    in 1945: They thus became rulers
    rather than servants of the public.
    The 2009 result: Climategate !

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel or

  15. Genghis said

    Jeff, “It only counts for an experiment if you can calculate the expected change and verify that the thermometer should have been good enough to measure it. ”

    I don’t expect any temperature difference at equilibrium, that is the point. And by using the same sensor and only changing the cover plates I think I am minimizing the thermometer issues. Granted the thermometer is only good for limited accuracy, but I know that it fairly accurately determines the boiling temperature at my altitude (200.3 F @ 5800′ ), but the absolute temperature isn’t as important as the relative accuracy between the experiments and I think that is good. Precision vs accuracy I suppose.

    I think the errors in the experiment mostly arise from differences in the ambient temperature and convection flows caused by the heat source, and I tried to control that as best I could by using a styrofoam cooler. The other major problem(?) is that the equilibrium temperatures are not arrived at in the same amount of time, the interior of the glass covered cooler got hotter a lot faster.

    In fact I am pretty sure that that is all GHG’s do, they simply change the rate at which the climate temperature changes, but they don’t change the ultimate temperature. That is why they measure the anomaly and not the absolute temperature.

    How could I set up an experiment to disprove my hypothesis (that at equilibrium all the temps are the same)?

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