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Extreme Opinions

Posted by Jeff Id on March 30, 2012

From a Bob Ferguson email, here is a collection of links to today’s great denier story.   A key theme expressed at skeptic blogs including this one is that the climate extremes predicted for so many years doesn’t exist.  It seems that the IPCC was forced to admit that non-alarmists have been right all along.  Bob also attached a few other links from stories earlier this week.

Source and full stories here:

 1) IPCC Confirms: We Do Not Know If The Climate Is Becoming More Extreme – Omnologos, 28 March 2012
2) The IPCC & A Handy Bullshit Button On Disasters and Climate Change – Roger Pielke Jr, 28 March 2012
3) Cold Feet: UK Government Halts Plan To Force Reporting Of GHG Emissions – Financial Times, 28 March 2012
4) Benny Peiser: Green Debate In Europe Has Reached ‘Deadlock’ – Public Service Europe, 28 March 2012
5) London Debate: EU Climate Policy – Priority or Backseat? – European Centre for Energy and Resource Security
6) Australia’s Green Agenda Unravelling – The Australian, 29 March 2012
7) Ashamed Of Their Work: Depressed Green Bureaucrats – The Sunday Telegraph, 25 March 2012

5 Responses to “Extreme Opinions”

  1. The tragedy is that the IPCC has been saying for a long time that AGW climate extremes won’t be discernible for decades, but the alarmist bunch couldn’t bear waiting. It’s perfectly clear who the deniers are.

  2. kim2ooo said

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings.

  3. omanuel said

    Thank you, Jeff, for continuing to question fear-mongering.

    I suspect that this problem stems from fears generated in world leaders on 6 Aug 1945 when they saw only the destructive side of Reality: “The force that sustains life is also the force that creates and destroys its very atoms.”</b

    This site is an attempt to solve that mystery:

  4. gallopingcamel said

    Wow! A couple of days ago I was telling you that nobody with claws on the levers of power was listening. Shows how much I know.

    When you put it together as you did above, the phrase “tipping point” springs to mind but then one remembers the complex infrastructure of “Green” organizations with huge funding. With all that money they will find some way to fight back even though it will only delay the inevitable.

  5. Derek said

    On the Beeb this week the Panorama program was called Global Weirding. Apparently the weather is getting more extreme, ie, “weird”, all over the globe according to the Beeb.
    No surprise there then.

    How “weird” – NOT.

    There again some seem to think convection is a heat loss process, when it actually happens AFTER the fact of heat loss from an object / surface occurring.
    That’s “WEIRD” too..

    But I suppose if you believe in heat transfer as
    “radiation, conduction and convection”,
    when it should be,
    latent heat, conduction and then radiation,
    all of which cause or enhance the positive catalyst of convection

    then it ain’t so weird..
    But, to me, that is THE really weird thing…
    This pdf may help to convey what I mean.
    THE 3 forms of heat loss from an object or surface at earth’s surface are..

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