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Earth Hour

Posted by Jeff Id on March 31, 2012

Earth hour approaches for the United States, with enough participation in the shut off everything campaign, we would actually be able to hard-stop the electric grid.   How cool would that be!  Days of restarting, tens of millions in cost, now that would send a real message.  To um….someone.

I fully intend to ramp up our usage to do my part to offset the morons of the world.  The money isn’t important, the CO2 is less so, but the reality is that electrical energy availability is the single greatest advance of humanity in our entire history.   Our lifespans have improved so much over the last century that the stupid among us have forgotten why.

They really don’t remember. They cannot recall that people washed clothes with their hands or how important clean clothes are to our health.  They take for granted that the lights will go on after Earth hour is finished,  so we can learn, read, stay warm, play.  Our children used to be enslaved to menial labor that machines do now with a blink. They have forgotten how we used to burn whatever was in our reach for heat, light, dishes.  The fools have gone so far now that they actually walk to the control for the previously impossible convenience that they purchased themselves,  to turn it off and deprive themselves of the very thing they worked for!

I think we should protest food next.

Nothing in this world is dumber than limitation of energy production.   Contrary to public school belief, opposable thumbs are not what saved us from unquantified millennia of strife, the reality is that low cost energy was what saved us.  Were we humans a smarter people, we would look at our recent history and do everything in our  power to create more of the same.  Instead, we have public schools across the globe teaching our children that limitation and conservation are the way to the future.

E=mc^2!  We are surrounded by more energy than we could ever hope to use, yet CONSERVATION of energy is what we discuss!

There is the other side effect of cheap energy which goes unmentioned.   Cheap energy guarantees power to the individual instead of power to the government.  The ability to travel, the ability to communicate, pay for your health, stay warm.  Just what is the purpose of government in a world without energy shortage?  What do you need government for when everything is being manufactured and provided already?

I wonder if that explains the across-the-globe government resistance to industrial progress.




15 Responses to “Earth Hour”

  1. There’s a street light opposite my house that has a faulty timer and is on 24hrs. I’m not reporting it until after earth hour. Yes, I know it’s petty and infantile, but it’s my spoonful of sugar in the fuel tank of the mighty CAGW machine

  2. page488 said

    Gee whiz – I would not have known about “Earth Hour” tonight had I not checked in today. Thanks, Jeff!!

    I’ll turn on everything I can at the appropriate time.

  3. Brian H said

    Conservation is fine. Surplus is better.

    Coming within about 5 yrs:
    Unlimited energy, at <1/10 current best prices, till the sun goes red giant (give or take).

    No sh**, Sherlock.

  4. omanuel said

    Thanks for the message.

    I share your sentiments. Fear caused world leaders and leaders of the scientific community to lose contact with this great reality: E = mc^2.

    I may ask to make a guest post after “connecting the dots” on the sudden flurry of events after the first man-made “nuclear fire” vaporized Hiiroshima on 6 Aug 1945:

    Here is an outline of these early, pre-Climategate events:

    01. Hiroshima vaporized (6 Aug 1945)
    02. World War II ended (14 Aug 1945)
    03. Kazuo Kuroda analyzed Hiroshima ashes (Aug 1945)
    04. First UN General Assembly meeting (10 Jan 1946)
    05. First UN Security Council meeting (17 Jan 1946)
    06. UN General Assembly adopts first resolution (24 Jan 1946)
    07. Abrupt U-turn in solar science dogma (1946)
    08. Kuroda showed self-sustaining nuclear reactors occurred naturally on earth in calculations presented at the AGU Meeting (April 1956)
    9. B2FH reported, “Synthesis of the elements in stars,” Reviews of Modern Physics 29, 547-654 (October 1957):
    10. Twenty-six years (26 yrs) later, Kuroda reported:

    “Until recently, scientists believed that the chemical
    elements were synthesized only in stars. The dis-
    covery of the Oklo phenomenon in the Republic
    of Gabon in 1972 has revealed, however, that a
    nuclear “fire” had existed on the earth and large-
    scale transmutations of the elements were occur-
    ring on the planet 1.7 x 10^9 years ago.

    In short, fear and the survival instinct caused world leaders to lose contact with Reality: The force* that sustains life and Earth’s climate is the same force* that creates and destroys chemical elements.


  5. gallopingcamel said

    Until 1948 we had no electricity where I lived in rural south Wales. We were poor but did not know it as everyone we knew was in the same situation. The water was pumped by hand and heated on a kerosene stove, so baths were a rare event.

    There are still hundreds of millions of people lacking electricity and we should be dedicated to lighting up every dusty hamlet rather than wasting resources to limit the spread of affordable energy based on fossil fuels.

  6. TGSG said

    Let’s extinguish the lights of civilization!


  7. omanuel said

    World leaders acted out of fear and instinctive self-preservation to the “nuclear fires” that

    1. Vaporized Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945

    _a.) Unite Nations;
    _b.) Hide information on E = mc^2; and
    _c.) Modify consensus opinions about the Sun.

    2. Threatened mutual nuclear annihilation in 1962-1971 (Cold War)

    _a.) Unite Nations against;
    _b.) Natural changes in climate; and
    _c.) Build a safe, happy, united world community.

    The plan worked: Nationalism, racism and intolerance have been reduced.

    The cost:

    _a.) Loss of integrity in many fields of science (astronomy, astrophysics, climatology, cosmology, nuclear, particle, planetary, and solar physics).
    _b.) Loss of control of government, and
    _c.) Loss of the “Bill of Rights”:

  8. Bruce of Newcastle said

    Much fun had during our hour of power in Oz. Here in Chez Bruce all lights were on, and about 5 kW of assorted heaters and fans and computers. Alas despite all our efforts the city’s power usage fell 3%, which admittedly was better than Sydney CBD’s 15%.

  9. omanuel said

    Jeff, a few citizens of Iran and Israel found an intriguing way to by-pass government propaganda:

    Can that technique be used to by-pass government propaganda on on energy?

  10. j ferguson said

    I just don’t understand all this light switching. Maybe it’s a conspiracy of switch and light-bulb manufacturers to inspire an extra on/off cycle in their products with the hope of decreasing their operational calendar lives and provoke higher sales?

    see this:

  11. omanuel said

    We are urrounded by more energy than we. Could ever hope to use.

    That is precisely the message world leaders do not want you to hear.

    They want you to life in fear, of Iranians,, AGW,

    • omanuel said

      Sorry! I am trying to learn an ipad.

      CORRECT: “We are surrounded by more energy than we could ever hope to use.”

      That is an empirical fact, gleamed from decades of precise experimental measurements and observations despite efforts by world leaderrs to hide that reality.

      Buddha awoke to reality and tried to carry the message.

      Lord Krishna, Christ and Mohammad did too.

      Einstein expressed it as E = mc2.

      We are bathed in energy flowing from the Sun’s pulsar core in the form of solar luminosity, solar neutrinos, and atomic rest masses of the chemical elements.

      Thanks to a few brave souls that spread the word on Climategate emails and documents, we may get to the bottom of this mess before world leaders take even more damaging actions to try to retain power.

  12. lucia said

    Dang! I wasn’t reading blogs and I missed earth hour!

  13. Jeff said


    The cat’s probably observed it for you – by sleeping through it.

  14. Greg F said


    I missed it too due to a diner engagement at my stepdaughters. I would have loved to turn on my 1000 watts of outdoor lighting for the occasion.

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