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Antarctic Sea Ice Area by Latitude

Posted by Jeff Id on April 12, 2012

The following plots depict annual sea ice area for the Antarctic.  This is important in that we are attempting to isolate the response of annually melting sea ice to temperature.   Despite the attack on this method by the warmanistas, it does have value in that it is a reasonable proxy for how sea ice responds to temperature.

Readers will recall that I masked all Arctic sea ice North of 72 degrees out of the calculation and looked at areas outside of that circle.   Ice south of 72 degrees melts every year.  Critics, not understanding what was done, stated that the choice was arbitrary and asked that I mask all ice north of -72 degrees in the Antarctic and repeat the experiment.   I have agreed, except that the choice of latidude was not arbitrary in the Arctic.  It was based on the following graphs which show the true latitude at which Antarctic sea ice is known to melt every year for the satellite record.

The plot/video indicates that complete sea ice melt in the Antarctic occurs at approximately -65 degrees latitude.

This sets the stage for the next step.

2 Responses to “Antarctic Sea Ice Area by Latitude”

  1. BarryW said

    FYI, Your video is all broken up on an IMAC with Safari. Looks ok in Firefox.

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