9 thoughts on “Simulated Universe

  1. It would make a very nice screensaver, for those of us with a few thousand spare processor cores and the cash to pay the electricity bills …

  2. Correction: simulated universe from age 4 Billion years to the present. It basically shows pre-exiting galaxy clusters swirling about a bit with a few galaxy collisions.

  3. Jeff, words cannot properly express my appreciation for the dedication, hard work, and persistence that you and other AGW skeptics devoted to resolving Climategate and restoring integrity to government science. You opposed the very threat to our form of government that Eisenhower** warned about on 17 Jan 1961.

    This Climategate summary highlights other important historical events:

    1. The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Aug 1945

    2. The hurried establishment of the United Nations in Oct 1945

    3. Published misrepresentation of cores of atoms and stars in 1946

    4. George Orwell’s 1948 forecast of government tyranny by “1984”

    5. USSR’s launch of Sputnik threatened world domination in Oct 1957

    6. Eisenhower’s funds hugh US industrial/military complex in 1958-1960

    7. Political pundits surprised by Kennedy’s election as President in Nov 1960

    8. Eisenhower warns of the “scientific-technological elite” on 17 Jan 1961

    9. USSR’s cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in orbit around the Earth on 12 Apr 1961

    0. Apollo program, Cuban Missile crisis, Kennedy assassinated on 23 Nov 1963

    Only Jacqueline Kennedy recognized this earth-shattering event at the time:

    The last real barrier to a tyrannical, one-world government was eliminated on 23 Nov 1963 !

    George Orwell had predicted its arrival in “1984”

    Czech President Vaclav Klaus saw it engulfing planet Earth in 2007: [Vaclav Klaus, Blue Planet in Green Shackles (Competitive Enterprise Institute, 2007, 100 pp.) http://tinyurl.com/5z4j6g

    Climategate emails and documents confirmed its powerful grip on Western science in Nov 2009

    **President Eisenhower’s 17 Jan 1961 warning to the nation:

  4. The simulated universe video correctly shows a universe fragmenting from neutron repulsion [1], . . .

    Rather than condensing hydrogen (H) to make stars powered by H-fusion, the imaginary source of stellar energy advanced by Fred Hoyle [2,3] in 1946 to obscure information on the real source of energy that vaporized Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945, and Nagasaki on 9 Aug 1945, . . .

    Scaring world leaders into forming the United Nations on 24 Oct 1945 and starting science on the long journey to Climategate in Nov 2009 with Nobel Prizes in 1949 for deceptive information [4] published in 1946-1948 on interactions between neutrons in cores of heavy atoms, like uranium and plutonium.

    The sad fact is that the scientific community continued on the path to Climategate, even after someone (probably Fred Hoyle) contacted George Orwell in ~ 1947 and encouraged him to write the futuristic novel in 1948 forecasting unseen dangers that might surface by “1984” [5]


    Two years before Climategate, Czech President Vaclav Klaus [6] told us that our planet was totally engulfed by very danger Orwell had described [5].


    1. Oliver K. Manuel, “Neutron repulsion,” The Apeiron Journal 19, 123-150 (2012) http://tinyurl.com/7t5ojrn

    2. Fred Hoyle, “The chemical composition of the stars,” Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society 106, 255-59 (1946)

    3. Fred Hoyle, “The synthesis of the elements from hydrogen,” Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society 106, 343-83 (1946)

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    6. Vaclav Klaus, Blue Planet in Green Shackles (Competitive Enterprise Institute, 2007, 100 pp) http://tinyurl.com/5z4j6g

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