The Blaze

Anthony Watts and Lucia were cited today at the Blaze for their parts in pressing Lewandowsky to release the hidden data in his study. It is great to see that reasonable people still have some media backing in the face of extremist character attacks. I am beginning to wonder just how far this cycle of global leftism will go before people again realize we have stepped on the tongue of the crocodile.

My guess is that we are no smarter than last time but for the Lewandowsky saga, it is looking like popcorn time again!

May you live in interesting times.

11 thoughts on “The Blaze

  1. Thanks, Jeff. You are exactly right.

    Skeptics have been stomping “on the tongue of the crocodile” since Nov 2009 .

    This crocodile is a toothless coward, all bluff and bluster, and we can chase the poor creature away if we simply demand our birthright !

    Just as the atomic nucleus has a “sphere of influence” that extends out beyond the last electron, ~100,000 times the nuclear radius.

    Likewise the Sun’s “sphere of influence” extends out beyond the last planet to the edge of the solar system, ~10^5 times the solar radius.

    Our elements, our lives, our climate, our whole recorded history, every scripture, every poem, every note of music, every thought were produced inside the Sun’s “sphere of influence” that foolish world leaders tried to hide in the aftermath of the Second World War and the “nuclear fires” that consumed Hiroshima and then Nagasaki on 6 Aug 1945 and 9 Aug 1945, respectively.

    Hang in there, Jeff.

    We have all been richly blessed with the golden opportunity, “To live in interesting times!”

    1. For those who studied Niels Bohr’s 1915 atoms

      Earth is like a 2s electron in a giant atom of oxygen.
      Sun, like the atom’s nuclear core, is in total control.
      This Reality, Truth, God (RTG) can be realized by
      Humble experimentation, meditation, observation
      This Reality, Truth, God (
      RTG) is invisible to
      Selfish arrogance and false illusions of control.

    2. Nice one, Oliver – make sure you offer your thinking to Lewandowsky, he seems to have an interest in your way of thinking about things…

      1. Will Lewandowsky give me credit for the discovery by Niels Bohr in 1915?
        Lightweight electrons orbit massive core of atoms as planets orbit the Sun

        Living in the “sphere of influence” of our Sun’s pulsar core
        Is like living on an electron orbiting an atom’s nuclear core

        Earth, Venus, Mercury, Sun are electrons 3, 2, 1 and nucleus
        The Sun – like an atom’s nuclear core – exerts total control

        This Reality, Truth, God (RTG) can be realized by
        Humble measurements, meditation, observation

        Reality, Truth, God (RTG)) are totally obscured by
        Selfishness, arrogance or false illusion of control

        Leaders with no compass took control on 19451024
        Climategate exposed the Ship of Fools on 200911

  2. Jeff,

    I think I must have pissed off someone at Climate Audit. Tom Fuller posts this comment:

    “I can’t help wondering if this is the real objective of the study. What the reaction is to what has happened… It really can’t be the paper–the survey it’s based on is crap and the paper goes out of its way to hide the weaknesses.

    Is it possible Lewandowsky is documenting all of this for a real paper? I’m only being semi-facetious here. That survey is so bad that there must be a real reason for all this.”

    I responded with a comment that basically noted that social science is known to be worse than the physical science, listed a number of the sloppy studies that Steve has exposed, and mentioned the Amgen and Bayer revelations. If the climate science and physical science stuff is that bad, why expect something like Lewandowsky to be any better?

    My comment has completely vanished. Not even a snip noted. But Charles the moderator responded to Fuller “Never assume malice when stupidity will explain it.”

    Apparently, we can call people stupid, we just can’t make a list of their sloppy work.

    But I did want to pass along a thought that I had when I was putting together my list of all the sloppiness —

    When we first saw the Harry Read Me file, we were appalled at what it showed about how bad climate science is. But think about it, it may be the only evidence we have of anyone on the team showing any concern for quality.

    1. Stan, ask Steve to check the SPAM filter. Often, when you have multiple links in a post, it automatically goes there (it is the robo spaminator doing the filtering, not the moderators).

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