Left Behind

The media complain that Blogs are too powerful for their own good, but when a story of serious consequence has negative political implications to the left, the media reactions are universal.  Ignore it!

This time they have gone too far.

I wouldn’t vote for anyone involved in this situation no matter which party they were affiliated with.   The ex-Seals, you know the dead ones, apparently broke their orders to go and save the incessant calls for help in Benghazi. Oh, you haven’t heard yet?   That is because Fox news is the only major outlet covering it – even hours after it was released.



I wonder where that buck will stop?

Will Penn State Ever Learn?

Michael Mann has decided to sue for defamation because someone compared him to Sandusky.  Besides the general disgust for the Penn State sexual scandal, there was a certain  irony for me in that  brought about an article discussing what is a solidly apparent cultural deficiency in the university.  I compared the decades of head-in-the-sand treatment of Sandusky to a very similar Penn State investigation of Mann’s work   In Case You Were Wondering.

Before I revisit the story, I believe a disclaimer is in order.  There is no accusation of any criminal activity against Mann.  I can’t imagine what comparison’s anyone could make between Michael Mann and Sandusky, they look nothing alike and Mike likely stinks at football as well as all other athletic endeavors.  The money the two made for Penn State was vastly different. Oddly enough, they probably are about equally accurate at math and science but that is a different story.  There simply is no rational comparison to be made between the damaging of young lives and the tweaking of obscure nearly useless statistical methodologies for love of money and politics.

This is what I wrote about Penn State, and I believe it is a reasonable interpretation of the news:

Well Penn state, which famously ignored its own employee’s role in climategate, has been caught pretending another situation didn’t exist. This time the situation was so horrific on an individual level that the comparison to previous indiscretions is nearly impossible but the amount of Penn State money involved was so much greater that it can legitimately be made.  Recently Penn State President Graham Spanier  was forcibly retired from office.   This is not proof or even evidence that the president was directly involved or even had any knowledge of the insane sexual behavior by PSU employees which appear to have been deliberately ignored by senior management, but firing was the right thing to do.   PSU has an illness in the form of a culture in management which ignores even hideous error in favor of business-as-usual cash flow.  Morality at PSU has taken a back seat to gold.

The money in the organization simply overwhelms doing the right thing.   “Don’t be evil” used to be the childish corporate slogan at Google.  That was before they realized that their true value to the corporate world was collection of information about the public.  Don’t bash Google though as  Apple and Microsoft never seem to have suffered these childish delusions.  I suppose the new unspoken slogan probably is “Don’t be evil unless it is wildly profitable!”

I also wrote:

When the Penn state climategate reviews came out, the typical media’s uncritical acceptance of nonsense words out of Penn State was stunning.  It revealed to all who were paying attention just how deeply invested the university and media are in insuring that the global warming message and money flow not be reduced by even the most blatantly false actions.  The result was that Penn State has been successful in maintaining its public scientific reputation (and cash flow) in the same pre-climategate mode and the enviro-team has continued down their paths undaunted and likely re-invigorated that they are untouchable.  The only thing I can do is write about it here on my blog and make a personal guarantee to Penn State University that when my sons go to college (which they will), not one dollar will intentionally come from our family to this corrupt, and truly disgusting institution.  Don’t think for a moment that these messages are not being unintentionally communicated to Penn State students as thousands were idiotically rioting in the streets over the football coach’s firing.

The brainwashing of the public in favor of profit has spread across all media outlets distorting everything from sports to politics to climate science™.   There has to be a functional backlash at some point though where Penn State, and the like ,are held accountable for their distortions of the truth in favor of profit.   It isn’t only big ‘private’ business which can corrupt the system after all, and Michael Mann not being Sandusky, is far from Michael Mann being innocent of other lesser improprieties  — for “the cause”.  We all know that propaganda and spin have become the norm on all news channels.  We should aslo know that it is the not-s0-meek lawyers whom have inherited the Earth to date.  When I think about the future, it seems that the deeper we sink into the morass of poverty, mediocrity and false uniformity, the harder and more violent the backlash will be.   Not many claim to know the future though, and I certainly won’t count myself as one who does.

To me, there is a sad irony in watching what is in my opinion one of the most undeservedly arrogant and disingenuous public figureheads file a lawsuit, wholly supported in his own gamesmanship by a broken and corrupted university, against others for a comparison to another man who was protected by the same university’s defunct managerial culture.

It should be interesting to see how this latest waste of a few hundred thousand dollars turns out.


Crazy Stuff on Michigan Ballot

This proposal would:

Require electric utilities to provide at least 25% of their annual retail sales of electricity from renewable energy sources, which are wind, solar, biomass, and hydropower, by 2025.

Limit to not more than 1% per year electric utility rate increases charged to consumers only to achieve compliance with the renewable energy standard.

Allow annual extensions of the deadline to meet the 25% standard in order to prevent rate increases over the 1% limit.

Require the legislature to enact additional laws to encourage the use of Michigan made equipment and employment of Michigan residents.
Should this proposal be approved?
YES __
NO ____

Envirowhackos want us to produce 25% of our power from things that don’t work.   What’s more is that they want to incorporate the idiocy right into the State constitution.   My guess is that the media propaganda about “renewable” energy has brainwashed the public into thinking that this is probably ok.  What linguistic magic empowers the thinking that it will only add a little cost because the price increase is legislated in the bill?

Surprisingly they forgot to list potato batteries as one of the renewable sources.  What is the problem? We know potato batteries can’t effectively replace combustibles either, so why aren’t they on the list?

Maybe they are potato racists.

Tax the 3%

I am tired of politics but in the recent debate a topic which I have frequently discussed here took center stage. Taxation of private business in America. Recently, I was critiqued by several readers for making the exact same points that were stated by Romney and Obama. Those unknown wealthy people Obama would tax by allowing parts of an old law to expire, are actually comprised heavily of business owners. Some here even felt I was being disingenuous and several believe that what I wrote was tainted by political views and cannot possibly be realistic. The fact is that about ninety five percent of all businesses in America are forms of S corporations. The profits in these types of corporations are reported by shareholders directly on their tax returns. These profits are never fully spendable cash by the shareholder as reinvestment is absolutely necessary for the continued function of the company. The net tax rate vs personal cash in a pass through S corporation is often very high.

Ok Jeff, we get it.

So remember what happens when a politician wants to limit something they don’t like, something unpopular that a small fraction of the population uses to their own detriment, what do they do? Hmmm…….

They tax it to increase the cost and limit usage. Examples are Cigarettes, Alcohol, CO2, sugary drinks, speeding, junk food, energy, or whatever product becomes the target in the popular media that day. The cost is a load which reduces the buying power of the consumer to direct them away from the behavior.

About half the jobs in the country are created by pass-through S corporations known as “small business” even though they can have hundreds or even thousands of employees. Obama had the guts to actually say, I don’t want to tax them all, only the top 3% of the businesses. Unfortunately, those 3% he mentioned are are comprised of the successful owners who employ a huge portion of America. Many of the rest have little or no income whatsoever. I also own part of a technology holding corporation which by intent creates almost zero income. Those top earning individuals (businesses) are the same people who fall into the 1% known as the “wealthy” that Obama has been intending to hammer all along.

I have to tell you folks, you don’t need to be a very big business to fall in that 1 percent. You also don’t have to be very rich. All you have to really do is be successful at growing to a moderate size and you will get hammered and looking at the various other tax increases proposed, none of it is good for business. No surprise considering the relentless demonization business owners have been suffering for the last 50 years by the left-wing press.

“Jeff it is only a return to the Clinton era tax he is proposing. It isn’t that much money.”

Not true my friends, not at all. Many large expenses have increased faster than inflation since the Clinton days. Fuel – due to left leaning law. Employment insurance – due to left leaning law. Health care premiums (way more than 4%/year by the way) – due to left leaning law. Minority favoritism due to left wing fairness. Environmental regulation, accounting reporting, tax filing, product liability, workmans comp, all skyrocketing due to left wing law. Not that conservatives haven’t added cost also, but this is absolutely the result of a left sided anti-business mentality in media and popular culture.

All of these are hidden costs which could be considered taxes for the common good, that have gone up faster than inflation. Some of it might be ok, but taken together, it has become amazingly destructive to the economy. So after decades of anti-business policy, the economy has weakened severely and almost 20% of the employable workforce is sitting on the couch watching Phineas and Ferb and less tax is collected as a percentage of GDP.

Obama’s answer!! Tax the millionares. AKA, the 3% of small businesses that are actually still successful at creating jobs…..

This simply cannot be due to rational hope for a solution to the lack of jobs. There must be some other motivation because in every other case, when politicians from either party want less of something, they tax it. When they want more of it, they cut the tax.

In fact, Obama was so mixed up that after stating he would increase taxes on millionaires (business owners), he proposed a gigantic 1/4 tax cut on C corporations to create jobs!!! A good idea in my opinion but when you think about it rationally, he is saying we must cut tax for giant corporations (which are easily identified in popular culture as corporations) to create jobs, yet raise tax on other corporations which due to the nuanced tax law can be used to “trick people” by calling them “the millionaires”.

Tthe Obama proposed small business “millionaire” tax will literally have a cost equal to the salary of 10% of our company’s workforce. That money will come from somewhere important because the government still frowns on personal cash printing presses even though theirs are working overtime. It would be fun to try to make a good one though 😀 What I don’t get is why people can easily grock that a cigarette tax must limit cigarette usage, gas tax limits CO2 production, yet not notice the consequences of a business tax increase when jobs are nearly non-existent.

The world class irony is status-quo in my view, and that is the memo.