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Left Behind

Posted by Jeff Id on October 26, 2012

The media complain that Blogs are too powerful for their own good, but when a story of serious consequence has negative political implications to the left, the media reactions are universal.  Ignore it!

This time they have gone too far.

I wouldn’t vote for anyone involved in this situation no matter which party they were affiliated with.   The ex-Seals, you know the dead ones, apparently broke their orders to go and save the incessant calls for help in Benghazi. Oh, you haven’t heard yet?   That is because Fox news is the only major outlet covering it – even hours after it was released.



I wonder where that buck will stop?

42 Responses to “Left Behind”

  1. M Simon said

    Here is some inside info



  2. omanuel said

    Thanks, Jeff, for all your efforts.

    Jay Lehr, senior fellow and science director of The Heartland, now says Climatism is driven by money.

    Greed drives “The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism, but a reincarnated Stalin was created from the ruins of the Second World War on 24 Oct 1945 and is now the real captain of a tyrannical one-world government.

    “George Orwell described the rise of Communism under Stalin before WWII in Animal Farm. The process continued under the UN after WWII, as predicted in a 1948 novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four and explained in a UN’s Report on Sustainability and Agenda 21.”

    Thomas Jefferson believed we were endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, but bureaucrats, utilities, big banks, major corporations, etc. now treat US citizens with utter contempt and make generous contributions to the politicians who keep this corrupt system going.

  3. CoRev said

    Jeff, I guess you hope that ole buck stops near your stand.

  4. According to Fox News the CIA safe house had at least two video feeds showing what was going on around the embassy complex. The safe house had uninterrupted communications with the US throughout the attacks (the first starting before midnight local time and the second around 0400 hours).

    If this is true, Leon Panetta (who claims that no action could be taken owing to a lack of “Intel”) is a big liar.

    No matter how much the MSM decides to ignore this, “The Truth Will Out”. Unless Fox is making this stuff up their competitors will be totally discredited.

    Apparently there were plenty of “Boots on the Ground” and several special services groups that could have intervened during the attack on the embassy which lasted almost seven hours. Not to mention C130 “Gun Ships”.

    • Matthew W said

      “Lack of intel”.

      For Christ’s sake, there was an American ambassador MISSING and the embassy was under fire.

      What the hell would it take for Panetta to act???

      Something I have said for a long time:
      Liberals are Liberals first, and every thing else after that.

      It almost sickens me that Democrats in America are not outraged about this. But because it would hurt their “cause”, they dismiss it or ignore it.

  5. page488 said

    BO simply does not care. I suspect that he sees his presidency as a stepping stone to world leadership through the UN, where, no doubt, he plans to preside.

    Our president is probably a narcissist of the first order; the people in Bengazi didn’t matter to him, and I suspect that, in his mind, none of the rest of us do, either

  6. dfbaskwill said

    For now, that buck will stop with the election. Bastards.

  7. Iron Maiden said

    Thank you for posting this topic – the more people who learn about this, the better. The MSM must NOT be allowed to bury this one. Please contact as many media outlets as you can think of and tell them you want to hear about this.

  8. omanuel said

    Tonight, eight days before the election we live in interesting times:

    1. I see the problem as a tyrannical one-world government

    2. Porter Stansberry has another interpretation of the election

    We both agree the upcoming election is anything but boring !

    With deep regrets,
    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  9. steveta_uk said

    I managed to listen to that interminable droning on from Porter Stansberry wondering when he was ever going to get to the point, and close to the end he finally gets round to trying to sell his reports on stocks that will make a select few of us rich beyond our wildest dreams, with various not-so-subtle clues without naming any companies directly.

    So what to do? Fork out a ton of money for his super-secret information? Or spend two minutes on google to track down the stocks he thinks will make me rich? Hint. LNG is also a ticker symbol.

  10. Lady in Red said

    This is a three part Fox/YouTube series (about 12 minutes each) from last night. It details the Libyan situation from before Quaddafi was
    killed up through the last week, chronologically. Impressive piece of work:

  11. chucker said

    I knew the media had a liberal bias but this is beyond anything I could have imagined. There are only two possibilities. The president sat in the situation room and watched US citizens die .Or he delegated the decision. Tyrone Woods painted the mortar site. There is only one reason Tyrone would paint the site knowing he was making himself a target. Something was there to take the shot and somebody stopped the shot. Who? The press has no curiosity? I can not comprehend what is going on in these peoples mind.

    • omanuel said

      Are you also suggesting, Chucker, that Obama is not working for us?

      That was my Halloween Conclusion to Climategate Fear-Mongers vs Reality

      • chucker said

        No. I can only guess as to the motivations of the parties involved. I don’t think they are trying to hurt America, I think they are trying to change it. I think they are on the wrong track. We’ve talked about it before. Nobel Cause Corruption. I’m more upset with the press. But I suppose the same could apply to them..

    • stan said

      Chucker, of all the facts that have come out (and all of them make BO look really bad) the laser painting of the mortars is the most damning. As I understand it from military friends, the enemy can use it to target you. You only do it when you expect your side is in position to use the laser targeting to quickly knock out the enemy position. So it looks like the orders to stand down included a no fire order just when these guys expected help.

      It has some of the same elements of betrayal protrayed in the Tom Clancy movie re:Columbia, “Clear and Present Danger”. The pres decides that his political interests require Americans engaged with the enemy get no help so they are left to die.

      • Matthew W said

        Do we know at this time that is is a fact that he was targeting the mortar position?
        If it is true, it’s inconceivable that help was NOT on the way.

        • chucker said

          There were several early reports that Tyrone Woods had painted the the mortar sights. A pentagon spokesman now says they did not paint the mortars but they had the capability. They also requested support 5 hours before Tyrone was killed. Who knows what the truth is. I am certain of two things. The MSM doesn’t want to know and the administration will be happy to let the story remain fogged and finally go away.

        • chucker said

          This story infuriates me every time I revisit it . This clown loves to release pictures of himself in the situation room killing Bin Laden or saving humanity from hurricanes. Well where are the pictures of him in this situation room when some real gutsy calls had to be made. He’s a poser. I’m sorry to vent my progressive friends, I lost Tuesday night. Here’s the thing, I know I lost but you lost too. You just don’t know it. And many of you will never know.

  12. Joer said

  13. omanuel said

    E. M. Smith comes to much the same conclusion I reached:

    The United States and the EU were betrayed.

    AGW was never about global climate. It has now completed its primary mission:

    “The entire structure of Kyoto was a wealth transfer from Rich nations to Poor nations. It was to hobble the west and enrich those invested in the planned money transfer and industrial movement. That game has played out. It’s a done deal.”

    Now we must each decide whether to pass along:

    1. The truth revealed by unbiased observations or
    2. The story fabricated by cherry-picking data.

    Today’s countdown to the 2012 Presidential election explains why we might continue along path #1, although path #2 has many short-term advantages.

    With deep regrets,
    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASSA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  14. page488 said

    I’m going to write down November 6, 2012, as the saddest day ever seen by these United States.

    You may not know it, yet, but the country in which we all grew up is dead.

    • It was an IQ test for America and we failed. This wasn’t even a difficult decision.

      • Matthew W said

        I am incredulous.
        I can’t believe that many people want him to continue his agenda.
        We may have the most malinformed and ignorant population on the planet.

      • Anonymous said

        Every one I know who has a corporation is selling off the assets as fast as they can. Even big time liberals are getting rid of their assets in anticipation of the coming incredible increase in the capital gains tax rate.

        What’s incredibly sad, Jeff, is that the people over whom BO has been dangling the carrot all this time, probably will never catch it, much less taste it. What a guy!

        • Anonymous said

          I’m signed into wordpress so I don’t understand why my comment was tagged as “Anonymous.” The comment was made by me, page488.

        • Page,

          The new wordpress sign in stinks.

          People really don’t understand what just happened. I put out paperwork for the employees to read on taxation of business (a blog to the company). Most didn’t even read it and those who did, didn’t understand. I simplified it as much as I could but didn’t get much result.

          Today, one of the liberals told me that they are not happy and want a big pay increase – so they can be happy I guess. The employee is already paid more than most (because of the quality of work) but the people of the US just voted me (an evil corporation owner) a giant pay cut. We are waiting to find out how much of a cut before passing out any increased checks. It is like there is no connection in their brains about where money comes from.

          • They voted to give my money to the government so they could get more money from the government, now they want to get it directly from me also.

            I predict increased unemployment relative to what it could have been and lower general wages for everyone. Of course this is in inflation corrected dollars. If we continue to spend like maniacs for 4 years, I don’t know if it can be recovered from. I know several owners of large corporations who believe that the economy is being intentionally collapsed. These are smart people, not conspiracy nuts, and their arguments don’t seem unreasonable to me.

          • Layman Lurker said

            I’m going to invoke Hanlon’s razor on you Jeff. 😉

          • Jeff Condon said

            I can’t disagreewith you LL. Stupidity never seems to be in short supply

          • Matthew W said

            “I predict increased unemployment relative to what it could have been and lower general wages for everyone.”

            A number of businesses are already planning on reducing staff to part time status to avoid the Obamacare penalty.
            Just what we need, a nation of part time workers.

            It’s too bad you have that great employee that is a liberal that is obviously uninformed about the issues.

          • page488 said

            RE: “It is like there is no connection in their brains about where money comes from.”

            The media have done their jobs; they have convinced a large part of the country that all business is evil. Period.

            I am not surprised the person asked you for a raise. Stupid is as stupid does!

            BTW, every academic I know supported Obama and believes that corporations should be dismantled and run by the government. What floors me most, I think, is that these supposedly “smart” people don’t understand that if, say, corporations are all outlawed or nationalized, the same people now running corporations (corrupt or otherwise) will just go into government; they’re not going to go away.

            When there’s corruption in a corporation, the US people do have nonviolent recourse through governmental laws. When the government itself becomes totally corrupt, the only recourse is often revolution or, at the very lease, massive cheating (laws or no laws).

            I”m sure that there are plenty of legitimately “smart” academics. But, I don’t think their politics is informed by their intelligence or even their stated political ideals (which tend to be rather capricious depending on what benefits them most), but by the way they are paid – WORKFARE.

            I have to wonder what their politics would be if their funding was entirely private.

            BTW (again), according to Forbes magazine, Obama is worth about 9 Mil. Why isn’t he considered a “Fat Cat” by his minions?

          • KuhnKat said

            Jeff Condon,

            “I know several owners of large corporations who believe that the economy is being intentionally collapsed.”

            are they referring to Cloward-Piven in particular or a similar program??


  15. omanuel said

    The only solution I see for society today is just this, and nothing less:

    All of us, absolutely everyone on planet Earth, must accept total powerlessness over RTG (Reality, Truth, God) that world leaders tried to hide after RTG destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 & 9 Aug 1945 [“Neutron repulsion,” The Apeiron Journal 19, 123-150 (2012): ]

    This solution is consistent with all sciences and religions, but one of them compares the solution with the problem of getting a camel through the eye of a needle.

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