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Camp 2012

Posted by Jeff Id on November 23, 2012

Another deer season gone, no luck for me.  This time I did see several doe and maybe a spike buck in the morning of the first day but it was too dark to tell. Camp is a special place and I have a few minutes so here are some of my favorite images and videos from camp.

First a quick 360 video of the cabin:

Then we have the second of two deer taken by one of the camp owners.   A very nice 10 point which weighed 180 lbs dressed.

A typical gourmet dinner at camp:

Deer warning sign explaining the rules of the woods in plain English:

Gorgeous shot of lake Superior Beach at the mouth of the two-heart river. Yes it was cold!!

This is a short video of the aftermath of a huge forest fire which burned 33 sq miles this summer. None of the trees in this video are alive. Even in the most distant background, they are simply cooked at their bases with dead needles on the trees. The logging companies have come in and cut most of the useful standing wood before the beetles moved in. Lots of cabins were destroyed but fortunately the fire was a substantial distance from our cabin.

As always, the trip was an excellent break from the world with plenty of laughing and relaxation for everyone. Well….except the deers!

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Climategate Season!

Posted by Jeff Id on November 11, 2012

Gone hunting for invisible deer again. It is climategate season!! The week will probably end with nothing new (including deer-s) but the UK police managed to leak (publish) that nobody involved in Climategate could be prosecuted after three years.

Hopefully, the boys/(manly girls) aren’t so eager for recognition that they fall into that trap. There are always ways to prosecute. Was the second release really not a second alleged violation? Is there really no other way to prosecute? I don’t know UK law but breaking and entering, theft of personal property, copyright, illegal accessing of national security data, who knows!? The rule is, if you have done something difficult to those who make the rules, you have broken whatever rule they can think of. Just another reason to stay away from leftism.

Be smart instead!

Anyway, if I see bambi, I’m taping some antlers on his fuzzy head and shooting them back off! I will be back in a week.

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