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Camp 2012

Posted by Jeff Id on November 23, 2012

Another deer season gone, no luck for me.  This time I did see several doe and maybe a spike buck in the morning of the first day but it was too dark to tell. Camp is a special place and I have a few minutes so here are some of my favorite images and videos from camp.

First a quick 360 video of the cabin:

Then we have the second of two deer taken by one of the camp owners.   A very nice 10 point which weighed 180 lbs dressed.

A typical gourmet dinner at camp:

Deer warning sign explaining the rules of the woods in plain English:

Gorgeous shot of lake Superior Beach at the mouth of the two-heart river. Yes it was cold!!

This is a short video of the aftermath of a huge forest fire which burned 33 sq miles this summer. None of the trees in this video are alive. Even in the most distant background, they are simply cooked at their bases with dead needles on the trees. The logging companies have come in and cut most of the useful standing wood before the beetles moved in. Lots of cabins were destroyed but fortunately the fire was a substantial distance from our cabin.

As always, the trip was an excellent break from the world with plenty of laughing and relaxation for everyone. Well….except the deers!

16 Responses to “Camp 2012”

  1. omanuel said

    Congratulations, Jeff, on escape from the insanity of modern life to the reality of Nature!

  2. Kan said

    Camp is a special place.

  3. CoRev said

    Sorry about the luck, but know it was an enjoyable trip/hunt/camp.

  4. Mark T said

    That is a whitetail, correct?


  5. Matthew W said

    I like the compost signage !!!

    • CoRev said

      I enjoyed it also. Here in MD we have no such issues. DNR wants more deer killed, so they are extending seasons. We still have too many deer.

      • Matthew W said

        I am not a hunter (my brother is a big bow hunter) but I am very sure that putting out salt licks is not kosher !!

        • CoRev said

          It is legal here in MD. I don’t know what is Kosher for hunting when the state wants as many killed as possible. The whitetail limit here is 36 deer 12 per weapon — gun, bow, and muzzle loader. Seasons run from mid September to the end of Jan.

        • Robert Austin said

          One of my hunting buddies has put out a salt lick for years in our hunting area. Never seemed to correlate with attracting deer to the near by stand. Same for apples. There seems to be no magic answer to getting your deer other than spending lots of quiet and still time in your stand (unless you have the small army of hunters required for a drive). the four of us in our group spent 24 man days hunting for a harvest of four deer. The PETAphiles like to make out that it is like shooting fish in a barrel but while the shot maybe an easy one when the opportunity comes, it usually comes after spending patient days in the great outdoors. Thankfully, one is entertained by squirrels, chipmunks, wild turkeys, raptors, crows, foxes and if you are lucky the amazing pilliated woodpecker.

          • CoRev said

            Robert Austin, I agree about the joys of being in nature. Put out a trail camera to see if/when/and by what the bait err compost pile is being visited.

  6. Matthew W said

    Looking at the cabin, was that Jed Clampett’s summer home??

  7. lance said

    looks awesome! Only got out for 1 hunt here in Alberta, unfortunately no time this year

  8. PaddikJ said

    Lost my connection at the instant I tried to post this – hope it’s not repeated.

    2 seconds into that vid I thought “That’s a youper deer camp for sure, eh?” Glad to see my MI instincts haven’t totally deserted me! (although I’m not actually a youper – I grew up near Traverse City, but I did go deer hunting twice in high school)

    Have you seen Jeff Daniels’ “Escanaba in da Moonlight”? A funny, affectionate send-up of youper deer hunting culture. Obscure, but worth searching out; maybe copies can be gotten on Amazon.

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