Sandwich Board Skeptics

Steve McIntyre has a nice post up which I missed for 4 days.   He is very good.  Imagine the work it takes to go to AGU, sit through a Mann lecture expecting bad graphs to be used and be ready with a camera.

Hell, even if I had the time, I sure as shit wouldn’t spend it that way, but look at the brilliant post it made.  The fakery of climate advocacy in full view again.

Despite my last post, apparently the fake science still gets me wound up [grammar improved].   Mann literally avoided showing measured temperature data in his graphs on models vs observation when describing predictions of global “temperature” trend.  Climate science, truncating climate records again, all for the cause.   Now that is scientifically IN-credible!!!

Were the rest of the team a little smarter, they would excise the cancer now because if the danger is so real, they cannot afford false exaggeration.  Of course they won’t, and it is good news for us because if team Mann didn’t exist, skeptics of global doom would be forced to invent them……  Lewandowsky would then be forced to publish…. well the same old garbage he always does.


When did it become unreasonable to discount imminent global destruction anyway?

4 thoughts on “Sandwich Board Skeptics

  1. Ah. But most of the sceptic camp is no better when it comes to other areas of science. People in general have a very hard time when it comes to giving up their cherished beliefs.

    Some one put it most clearly when they said it is all tribal. i.e. “If they are for it I’m against it.” Evidence be damned.

    Those of us committed to evidence are a minority. And even we can make mistakes. But they are not faith/routine based. Generally.

    Max Planck noted:

    “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

    It is not just AGW. It is everything.

  2. Jeff,

    I feel your pain. You are working hard and the government is taxing you to death, regulating you to death and to top it off it is devaluing whatever little money you have left.

    Issues like global climate change, gun control, wars, government spending, voting etc, are the circuses to keep us entertained and distracted.

    There are two ways to amass wealth, create it or take it, that is the choice and the struggle. Every dollar you give away in taxes and devaluation, strengthens the takers.

    The answer? Don’t feed the beast. It is easy once you change your mindset to understanding that the law is evil. Emotion not reason will save you, the takers just laugh at the little programmed machines that keep on plugging away day after day creating for them.

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