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Loser of the Month — That’s all Folks!

Posted by Jeff Id on March 18, 2013

I have been enjoying climate blogs recently again.   Joe Romm provided a bit of entertainment on March 8 with his delightfully uncritical eye to the new Marcott, Shakun, Clark and Mix hockeystick.   The paper, which unfortunately was the wishful extension of a thesis (some pun intended), that was debunked by Steve McIntyre before most of us had read the SI.  By debunked, I mean really, really trashed.   I have seen some weak engineering work but wow, this paper was special.   Jean S even noted that there was no blade on the stick in the original thesis but the publication picked up by the press had a dad-would-be-proud blade on it.

So Joe Romm used his considerable intellectual prowess to take the previously non-uptick curve, and accepted its global warming doom result with the full clarity of passion that any scientific mind could project. His title was —  Bombshell: Recent Warming Is ‘Amazing And Atypical’ And Poised To Destroy Stable Climate That Enabled Civilization

I really wouldn’t have noticed except for the fact that Mr. Pete commented on it at Climate Audit.

So was the fake blade of the rewritten thesis enough for Joe Romm’s advocacy?  Oh hell no—

He pasted an even bigger fake-er blade on the end!!!  Gotta love it.

Unfortunately, we have decided to change the setting on the thermostat from “Very Stable, Don’t Adjust” to “Hell and High Water.” It is the single most self-destructive act humanity has ever undertaken  —  Dr. Joe Romm

So for that bit of scientific wizardry, I hereby appoint Dr. Romm the highly regarded honor of the Air Vent – Loser of the month.

8 Responses to “Loser of the Month — That’s all Folks!”

  1. kim2ooo said

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings.

  2. omanuel said

    Thanks, Jeff, keeping your good sense of humor.

  3. Gary said

    Of the month? More like lifetime achievement award. He’s so bold as to label the fakery.

  4. Anthony Watts said

    There’s a new label for this condition.

  5. hunter said

    I cannot recall the name of that hack who used to bloviate on MSNBC but was run off for being to kooky, and was finally to crazy even for GoreTV.
    But my bet is that Joe Romm will soon be forgotten in the same way, consigned to the same kook bin of has-beens.

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