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Time Travel

Posted by Jeff Id on July 30, 2013

Well, I’m not really interested in replacing coal plants as our eco-nazi climate science community would have us do, but there are a bunch of forms of nuclear power which are viable replacements and this one is fairly interesting to me.   A smaller modular plant produced in a factory using the latest passive cooling safety features.   The idea seems quite viable, excepting the strong anti-anything-that-actually-works stances which EPA enviro’s regularly spout.   I like it because it is a simple step forward in production relative to already existing fission technologies.   No giant leaps here, yet many of the bigger problems with running ancient 50 year old plants are addressed.    Honestly, I don’t like living next to 1950’s fission technology being deliberately held on the continual edge of a cascade failure by 1970’s electronics.  I’m not afraid of it, it just doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense that we can’t build new ones which use passive cooling and better reaction control geometries .

Modular in-factory construction gives repeatable plants:

B&W has taken the lead in the development of SMRs with its mPower design. Eighty-five feet tall and 13 feet wide, it incorporates several systems into one unit. The unit is built in a factory, instead of in the field, and then shipped to the site on a truck.

The costs seem to line up better as well:

The technology, called “small modular reactors,” will be the centerpiece of an entirely new way of thinking about nuclear power. They are much smaller than what traditionally has been built in this country — producing about one-sixth the power. They’ll also cost less — about $1 billion-2 billion apiece, compared with $10 billion-$15 billion for a large plant.

It is asstoundingly (2 ss’s) anti-science to believe that wind, biofuel, solar or gas are the long-term future of power in this world.   There isn’t enough of it available for it to be the primary energy source in 1000 years (without giving up huge land masses) and we have mountains of fossil fuels available in the short term.  Fortunately for us, if the dirt in tAV readers smallest yard were converted to energy, we would have enough power to run the entire planet for eons.

There are  9.0 × 1016 Joules of  energy in every kilogram of mass.  All mass is created equal so whatever matter you chose as fuel, it does not matter which matter is THE matter.  In our modern vernacular, the unit of choice for a kilogram of energy is a “shit-ton”.  Kiloton or Megaton of TNT are the old units.   One kiligram of mass is 21 megatons (millions of tons) of TNT.   The largest nuclear bomb ever built was made by Russia at somewhere around 56Megatons, or 2Kg of mass-to-energy conversion.   In other words, if you put the atoms of the atomic bomb back together a year later, you would be missing about 2.7 kg worth of photons!

Tsar photo11.jpg

That’s a lot but how much does Earth use each year?
From this link 143.851PWh were used in 2008, which is peta-Watt Hours or 143e15 Watt-hours.   A Watt is a joule per second and there are 3600 seconds in an hour so the total PWH consumed is equal to 5.17e20 Joules per year which is in turn equal to 5,754Kg of actual mass converted to energy each year.  That is not a hell of a lot of dirt but without human intervention, the planet would be heavier than it currently is by that amount per year.   I suppose the eco-morons in charge of our globe who still read here, are now considering the addition of “gravity loss” to the list of human sins.
It is simply anti-science to not realize that we humans will be on some form of energy which releases a higher percentage of mass conversion than chemical (solar powered) reactions.   Call it “nuclear power” in whatever form of mass conversion we find equitable.   You can’t stop capitalism, you can’t stop evolution (in whatever direction mathematically indicated) and you can’t stop energy use.  People need.  People will get. etc..  Governments will optimize to their own desires in the meantime.
We already know the future direction energy production must take.  Still, the governmental “man behind the curtain” will spend our wealth endlessly to make it appear as though they direct our energy future.   It is the much depreciated ‘GOD of Physics’ whom has Decreed to humanity that we WILL arrive to the same nuclear energy destination with or without any of the goverment’s eco-wise distractions.
If I were to guess, the change to non-chemical from the various solar energy forms will happen through cost considerations — and sooner rather than later.

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Fools and Their Right to be Fools

Posted by Jeff Id on July 15, 2013

Socialist Liberalism is completely out of control in this world, and now it has infected every aspect of American governance.   Nearly every news article is biased with complete left-wing nonsense and any prospect of fair representative governance is in ruins.   There is no media check for the racial and social hatred brought by liberalism, no thoughtful balance to fake policies by the government.  Political activism and affirmative action have gone beyond their original intent and have morphed into a policy in full opposition to the stated message of compassion and equality.   A new and equally disgusting chapter of history has been opened in America and the fools which bring it, eloquently and without concern for reprisal, spout policies in opposition to racial and social justice they allege to promote.   Freedom in this country has been completely destroyed. America equates to sexual and drug freedom under the single largest set of rules and regulations of any country on the planet.  Our still powerful wealth guarantees incredible enforcement abilities, while political control of the media equally guarantees freedom of action for those in power. Efficient and uninvolved government has been replaced by wasteful, overpaid and powerful bureaucrats who make a career of collecting checks and paybacks at the highest levels for very little work.

Our “justice” department literally funded pre-trial protests against George Zimmerman with no consequence whatsoever.

Our government gave guns away to known criminals with no consequence whatsoever.

Our Ambassador was murdered in a completely predictable fashion, yet without any media to “investigate”, there was no consequence whatsoever.

Our emails are searched, and phone records taken without probable  cause, and no consequence whatsoever.

The liberally controlled IRS aggressively attacks conservative groups with no other point except to help swing an election.   Again, no consequence whatsoever.

Our government is looking for more ways to attack George Zimmerman, after firing and replacing those who wouldn’t attack him enough, again without any consequence whatsoever.

Gas prices are through the roof and the economy still stinks because of liberal policies, again without consequence whatsoever.

Anti-industrial global warming activism continues to expand without check, again no consequences whatsoever.

Student loan costs have been artificially increased by the liberals (with intent) and mindless students again failed to notice, no consequence whatsoever.

Quid pro quo is now status quo in America.  Money is being funneled through congress at an unprecedented rate to supporters and friends of the government, as you may have now guessed, without ANY consequence whatsoever.

Our wonderful policies have resulted in more people on food stamps than at any time in history, again with no consequence whatsoever.

Our FOI’s and congressional information requests are regularly circumvented, again with no consequences whatsoever.

I received this little note by email:

It’s just not sane.   Everything normal people have said would happen, has.  The uneducated poor people are being willingly enslaved by the racketeers in charge for literally pennies.  By voting, the political class steals worker’s money in piles and hand it to the undeserving with the promise of a better life, when any half-wit knows that those who receive permanent money flow –STOP WORKING.    The problem is so widespread that plenty of people aren’t even worried about educating themselves in the US anymore.   There is simply no end to the left-wing driven self immolation in sight.

When those poverty stricken voters lives end in failure, recent history teaches us exactly what consequences we should expect for the politicians who will have been handed 100% of the power by those same ignorant voters.

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