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Fools and Their Right to be Fools

Posted by Jeff Id on July 15, 2013

Socialist Liberalism is completely out of control in this world, and now it has infected every aspect of American governance.   Nearly every news article is biased with complete left-wing nonsense and any prospect of fair representative governance is in ruins.   There is no media check for the racial and social hatred brought by liberalism, no thoughtful balance to fake policies by the government.  Political activism and affirmative action have gone beyond their original intent and have morphed into a policy in full opposition to the stated message of compassion and equality.   A new and equally disgusting chapter of history has been opened in America and the fools which bring it, eloquently and without concern for reprisal, spout policies in opposition to racial and social justice they allege to promote.   Freedom in this country has been completely destroyed. America equates to sexual and drug freedom under the single largest set of rules and regulations of any country on the planet.  Our still powerful wealth guarantees incredible enforcement abilities, while political control of the media equally guarantees freedom of action for those in power. Efficient and uninvolved government has been replaced by wasteful, overpaid and powerful bureaucrats who make a career of collecting checks and paybacks at the highest levels for very little work.

Our “justice” department literally funded pre-trial protests against George Zimmerman with no consequence whatsoever.

Our government gave guns away to known criminals with no consequence whatsoever.

Our Ambassador was murdered in a completely predictable fashion, yet without any media to “investigate”, there was no consequence whatsoever.

Our emails are searched, and phone records taken without probable  cause, and no consequence whatsoever.

The liberally controlled IRS aggressively attacks conservative groups with no other point except to help swing an election.   Again, no consequence whatsoever.

Our government is looking for more ways to attack George Zimmerman, after firing and replacing those who wouldn’t attack him enough, again without any consequence whatsoever.

Gas prices are through the roof and the economy still stinks because of liberal policies, again without consequence whatsoever.

Anti-industrial global warming activism continues to expand without check, again no consequences whatsoever.

Student loan costs have been artificially increased by the liberals (with intent) and mindless students again failed to notice, no consequence whatsoever.

Quid pro quo is now status quo in America.  Money is being funneled through congress at an unprecedented rate to supporters and friends of the government, as you may have now guessed, without ANY consequence whatsoever.

Our wonderful policies have resulted in more people on food stamps than at any time in history, again with no consequence whatsoever.

Our FOI’s and congressional information requests are regularly circumvented, again with no consequences whatsoever.

I received this little note by email:

It’s just not sane.   Everything normal people have said would happen, has.  The uneducated poor people are being willingly enslaved by the racketeers in charge for literally pennies.  By voting, the political class steals worker’s money in piles and hand it to the undeserving with the promise of a better life, when any half-wit knows that those who receive permanent money flow –STOP WORKING.    The problem is so widespread that plenty of people aren’t even worried about educating themselves in the US anymore.   There is simply no end to the left-wing driven self immolation in sight.

When those poverty stricken voters lives end in failure, recent history teaches us exactly what consequences we should expect for the politicians who will have been handed 100% of the power by those same ignorant voters.

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  1. omanuel said

    Jeff, I understand and appreciate your frustration.

    On the right (Conservatives, Bankers, Capitalists, Republicans) and on the left (Liberal, Socialists, Communists, Democrats), the root of the problem is the same: Selfishness, self-centeredness.

    Being a specialist in that area myself, I hope to submit a manuscript to members of the Space Science & Technology Committee, U.S. House of Representatives that will probably conclude, as follows:

    “Well-intentioned international agreements to save mankind from the threat of nuclear annihilation – by obscuring energy (E) stored as mass (m) in cores of atoms, planets, stars and galaxies – instead destroyed the integrity of science, the rights of humans to self-governance, and the credibility of post-1945 world government.

    George Orwell grasped the danger to society and started writing his book, “1984”, in 1946.

    Acceptance of reality will restore sanity to world leaders and to society if false pride and fear of retaliation do not block willingness to let go of the illusion of control over Nature.

    I hope to post the manuscript below when completed.

    • kuhnkat said


      “On the right (Conservatives, Bankers, Capitalists, Republicans)”

      Unfortunately this is an old myth that is tired and needs to be discarded. The US appears mostly FASCIST (leftist) now with Bankers and Corperations working with both parties, but, with a lean to the Democrats who are more willing to break the few laws and rules that are left, looting the public and each other.

      Not too many Conservatives left in the leadership of the Republican party either. They are strong Progressives as evidenced by Bush, Romney, McCaint, Beaner… The real difference between Democrats and Republicans is the DEGREE of Progressivism.

      • PhilJourdan said

        You almost nailed it. The bankers and corporatists seek power, and will follow whomever has it. Both parties lean left, with one leaning hard, and the other lite, but neither are looking out for the people.

        Entrepreneurs are conservative because they want a chance to succeed. Big corporations seek the power to prevent entrepreneurs from succeeding.

        And Jeff nailed it as far as the “4th” estate. A mere mouthpiece of the fascists.

        • patrioticduo said

          Phil, your defense of the right is falling on libertarian ears and we don’t agree with what we hear. What we are living under is corporate statism and that is the direct enemy of individual freedom, liberty and thus, prosperity. The more time people like you keep apologizing and voting for conservative statists instead of progressive statist’s instead of libertarians, the longer we libertarians have to watch the relentless growth of leviathan. Left or right, it makes no difference. Both parties are the left and right wings of the Party of Corporate Statists. Only when we overturn that party will we ever be able to return to founding principles. And the only way to overturn it will be through fierce alignment with libertarians.

          • Patrioticduo – I do not believe I was defending either side. I was just pointing out that there is a distinct difference between those who build companies, and those who run them.

            And I think you are under a misunderstanding. Conservative is not a party. It is a philosophy. I am no republican, but I am conservative, and have voted libertarian almost as much in the past 5 years as I have republican. Republicans are no better than Democrats in the grand scheme of things. They just will run you over the cliff slower.

      • omanuel said

        I am less concerned that science was compromised by deceit in 1945, than

        I am concerned that world leaders became addicted to deceit, used it to rule the world, and – after successfully promoting falsehoods as scientific facts in nuclear, solar and theoretical physics for sixty-eight years (and who knows how many other disciplines  like economics, banking, etc.?) – cannot escape their ego-inflating addiction to get “right-sized”.

        1. Here’s AA’s 12-Step Program for recovery:

        2. Here’s a study guide for pp 1-164:

    • Oliver K. Manuel said

      Dumbing down the public was part of the 1945 plan for totalitarian control over mankind.

      This long-promised, but forever delayed, manuscript to members of the Space Science & Technology Committee of the House of Representatives was finally completed and submitted today for their consideration:

      The conclusion is just this: Two seemingly minor falsehoods, promoted as scientific facts to save the world from possible nuclear annihilation in 1945:

      _ 1. Neutrons attract neutrons
      _ 2. H-fusion powers the Sun

      Destroyed the integrity of science, education, research journals, the news media, and world leaders – and Creator-endowed rights to self-governance, as a virus living only in nerve cells might totally incapacitate an entire organism without leaving any visible outward sign of its presence.

      A copy of the manuscript was sent to others interested in this topic, and to the editor and publisher of Nature.

      Comments would be appreciated. Contact me if you are unable to open the link, and pdf or doc files will be sent directly to you.

      My research mentor, the late Paul Kazuo Kuroda, directed me to start research in 1960 that would finally reveal this information. Four others provided helpful information about events and emotions that elevated scientific models above scientific observations in the tragic ending of the Second World War: Fred Hoyle, David Snell, Robert Jungk and George Orwell.

      I regret that it took so long to complete that 1960 assignment.

      With deep regrets,
      – Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA PI
      for Apollo Samples

    • omanuel said

      A nuclear “holocaust” was avoided, nationalism and racism were reduced. So, . . . .who cares if :

      _ A. Neutrons repel neutrons

      _ B. Stars make & discard H ?

      Noble goals cannot be achieved by deceit, as consequences of the two 1946 falsehoods now confirm:

      1..Education was dumbed down to preserve deceit.

      2. Egos of world leaders have been dangerously inflated.

      3. Many seriously believe they can control Mankind & Nature.

      4. They are dangerously unaware of the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of Life – lurking beneath the Sun’s placid photosphere.

      5. Their technology depends on the reliability of mathematics and the physical sciences, but they destroyed the integrity of these physical sciences to avoid disclosure of falsehoods A & B:

      Astronomy, astrophysics, climatology, cosmology, nuclear, particle, planetary, solar, space and theoretical physics, for example.

      Today the whole world is a hell of a mess – precisely because leaders of nations and scientific organizations thought noble goals justified deceit.

    • omanuel said


      Here’s a link to the updated message to the Space Science & Technology Committee of the House of Representatives, first sent on 17 July 2013

      This shows that AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is the result of sixty eight years (2013 – 1945 = 68 years) of official deception that started in 1945 to save the world from possible nuclear annihilation.

      With kind regards,
      -Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA Principal
      Investigator for Apollo

  2. Jeff Condon said

    Everywhere I look it is the same nonsense. Complete stupidity sold as reality. The left is not the only group to blame, but they have the vast majority of the power on the planet and therefore deserve most of it.

  3. Jeff Condon said

    The only answer is to stop reading the news and start pretending it doesn’t exist.

    • kuhnkat said

      That only means you won’t be able to make plans for your business and won’t know when they are coming for you!! 8>)

      Really mess with your mind and read this:

      Evans, M. Stanton (2007-11-06). Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies (Kindle Location 11424). Crown Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

      Seems the US has been a mythological creation of the media and tenured historians for quite a while.

    • page488 said

      You know, your’re right. I quit listening to this stuff years ago. Just go out and live your life – deal with the gov’t as you have to. At worst, those of us who want to live for ourselves will go underground just like people have done in Russia, China, and who knows where else.
      Good luck, everyone

  4. Brian H said

    Jeff, it won’t surprise you to hear you’ve missed a few. E.g.:

    Some ridings registered votes for BHO in 2012 exceeding 120% of the adult population. With no consequences whatsoever.

    Ever single scrap of documentation of the Commander in Chief’s past and origins has been expunged or sealed or forged. With no consequences whatsoever. (So far).

    Etc. The guardians, having been corrupted and subverted, do as they will, in the sure and certain knowledge they will not be called for it.

    If you want to read a (non-mainstream) attempt to tell real news, check out And

    • omanuel said

      Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      Power is addictive, too. Having successfully promoted falsehoods as scientific facts in nuclear, solar and theoretical physics since 1945, what are the chances that

      1. World currencies and banking are uncorrupted?
      2. World leaders can recover from their addiction?

      There is a solution. I posted it on Ken’s “GOLDEN RULE”.

  5. George O'Har said


    I share your views. If I had to find a single term that captures what we are witnessing, or rather, experiencing, if only as bystanders, it would be irrationalism, a kind of lunacy that is made even more vexing by adherents who claim they are “evidence based” and “scientific” (Obama describes himself as the science president, when what he knows of science operates at a 3rd grade level; when it comes to science, Obama isn’t ignorant, he’s stupid). Program after program gets generated, regulation after regulation follows behind, multi-thousand page laws get passed: and no one bothers to look at the consequences.

    Take CO2. I’m beginning to think half the people in America think CO2 is a poison. When the EPA, in one of the most agenda-predicated, idiotic proclamations ever issued by a sentient body claimed CO2 was a “pollutant” at certain levels, my hope was that finally they had so obviously crossed the line into comedy that they would be forced by public mockery to revise or retract their stance. Not so. The EPA presses ahead with new zeal, committed to the destruction of all carbon-based forms of energy generation.

    The effect of all this–let’s call it wilding, because, in a sense, that’s exactly what it is, a pell-mell, madcap rush to the edge of a cliff–has been to make me (for the most part) ignore the news. Banks are hypothecating like mad, we are printing money like mad (devaluating our currency)–to end a crisis caused by hypothecating and extensive borrowing (bonds, credit cards) in the first place. Madness.

    The corruption you speak of exists, but the forms change all the time. What used to be mere nepotism has expanded into a kleptocratic-oligarchic system of simply fabulous riches and perks–and no one complains! I forget which California senator, Boxer or Feinstein, pushed big-time for the multi-billion dollar train to nowhere. But when word came out that the respective pol’s husband got the contract to build a good part of it, the silence was astounding. Harry Reid has three sons who are lobbyists. George Bush has a daughter with a fine job in the media (she’s brain dead); so do the Clintons. America is run by clowns.

    In the immortal words of Pogo: we have met the enemy and he is us.

    • Jeff Condon said

      I wish it weren’t true but there is little to disagree with in your should-be sci-fi post. Evil incarnate, like the id of old.

      • George O'Har said

        Any and all references to Forbidden Planet are apt. Sadly, like everything else that seems to be going down the tubes, new science fiction movies are presently being ruined by excessive gore and an overreliance on cgi (Ray Harryhausen rip). This Island Earth, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Them, Forbidden Planet.

        Those were the days.

  6. Old Grouch said

    Ahh, remember, they are taking care of us, we are too stupid to understand their enlightened views. Since they are helping us so much, obviously they are exempt from the controls placed on us little people.

    Karl M was a brilliant economist. As no one could understand what he wrote, he must have been smarter than the rest. Same comment for the current leadership. Everyone (including them) tells us how smart they are. Must be true, as we don’t understand them.

    (we really need a sarcasm font)

    And for the folks at NSA who read this: Just kidding, of course.

  7. Tim Irwin said

    Thank you Jeff for articulating what many people sense. This will end badly for most of us I’m afraid. The only question is when.

  8. steve fitzpatrick said

    Nice rant Jeff…. 😉
    The Union will survive Mr. Obama. But the more disturbing trend, for all who value excellence, toward cradle-to-grave government control/support, is more insidious and I fear unlikely to change in direction, only in slope. The sorry truth is that far too many prefer the warm teat and security of government handouts (and government control) to personal responsibility, vigorous effort, and the rigors of the marketplace. I don’t think this is terribly surprising, even while I find it troubling. Civilizations appear to self-destruct, seemingly unaware of what causes their demise.

    • Jeff Condon said

      Ya just gotta let it out.

      I haven’t blogged in a long time for a lot of reasons, starting with the burnout from my inexplicable need to explain basic thermodynamics to people. I want them to understand what they don’t seem to want. I must be dumber than shit in my opinion. Might as well beat my head on an anvil, ’tis equally useful.

      So in watching the destruction of America, I’ve not achieved the proper monetary shell to globally isolate my family as yet. I have too much self-exposure to the stupidity but that is coming to an end with maximum effort. The great thing about socialism is that those in power, do just fine. Considering my economic situation, the power liberalism offers is an irony of my “rants” – or it should be.

      • Mark T said

        As do the truly educated, i.e. those that have learned skills required by all forms of society. I suppose I am lucky in that regard, though I do no it feel so.


  9. Governments have a nasty tendency to become oligarchies but it is hard to predict who will be end up in the driver’s seat. Eisenhower warned us to beware of the military-industrial complex. (Apologies to “O Manuel” who usually cites this one):

    Eisenhower was right to warn us to fear oligarchies even though he failed to pick the right horse in the race.

    Jeff’s laundry list of horrid examples of the “Will of the People” and “Common Sense” being trampled is proof that the country is controled by oligarchs (the “Ruling Elite”). My problem is that I am having difficulty understanding who is in the driver’s seat. Is it lawyers, bankers, bureaucrats or some kind of unholy alliance?

    • Jeff Condon said

      Like AGW, conspiracies don’t require plotting other than at the most idealistic level.

      the rest will follow

      Nobody is driving.

      • stan said

        It’s like the IRS abuses. Perhaps they were following specific orders from the White House. Certainly possible. If so, it’s a horrible scandal. Or perhaps the overwhelmingly left-wing partisans which occupy the government bureaucracy simply took it upon themselves to harass and intimidate people. In that case, it’s a far, far more horrible scandal. The scariest and most dangerous “conspiracies” are the ones where people take it upon themselves to purge the world of heretics.

      • omanuel said

        You are exactly right, Jeff, “conspiracies don’t require plotting other than at the most idealistic level.”

        The very foundations of science were destroyed to save the world from possible nuclear annihilation in 1945.


      • You imply that there is no grand conspiracy. I buy that. What we are seeing may be simply the result of oligarchies working to increase their wealth and power.

      • omanuel said

        Fear and the survival instinct explain most if not all of the post-1945 deception.

        Mainstream science and propagandist news journalism have served the same purpose for the past sixty-eight years (2013 – 1945 = 68 yrs), since Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed in Aug 1945 and the UN was formed in Oct 1945.


        a.) To Unite Nations so there will be no more World Wars
        b.) To hide the source of energy that powered atomic bombs
        c.) To save the world (and its leaders) from nuclear annihilation

        See the message sent to the Space Science & Technology Committee of the US House of Representatives a few days ago:

        This is a review of the late Professor Paul Kazuo Kuroda’s research and post-1945 road-blocks to research.

        The message benefitted from my visit to Moscow in Nov 1980 to present a plenary lecture [“Heterogeneity of isotopic and elemental compositions in meteorites: Evidence of local synthesis of the elements “, Geokhimiya (12) 1776-1801 (1981)] that was translated and published in Russian.

        At that time, George Orwell’s book, “1984″, was banned in the USSR. ( It will be banned in the US if we fail to communicate information to the younger generation and to members of Congress.)

        Nuclear, solar and theoretical physics became a vast wasteland of nonsense after 1945, like 100+ channels of television programs.

        The universe itself is remarkably simple and could be understood by a child. I am in the process of identifying a writer and publisher of children’s books so the above information can be communicated to the next generation and to members of Congress and other politicians.

        A fanatic’s basic belief system cannot be changed by logic after 68 years of propaganda, but it may be changed by a well-written children’s book, with lots of pictures.

        That is why I am asking for help locating a publisher and a writer of children’s books who can convert the above information into a children’s book.

        With kind regards,
        – Oliver K. Manuel
        Former NASA Principal
        Investigator for Apollo

    • kuhnkat said

      “McCarthy would thus end his investigative career very much as he began it—up against a stone wall of denial. Truman had issued his secrecy edict of 1948, affecting all the early McCarthy cases, and Ike his even more stringent gag order of 1954 affecting the conflict with the Army. Truman had squirreled away State Department security records in the White House, and Eisenhower would follow suit with the Army phone transcripts. In both cases, McCarthy clamored for disclosure, but his protests availed him little. The wall of selective silence stood impervious against him.

      To all this there was an Orwellian sequel that can’t possibly be omitted. On May 31, 1954, two weeks to the day after issuing his secrecy order gagging federal workers and choking off information to the Congress, Eisenhower spoke to a Columbia University gathering in New York, a symposium on the weighty topic “Man’s Right to Knowledge and the Free Use Thereof.” On this occasion Ike asserted, to great applause, that “whenever man’s right to knowledge and the use thereof is restricted, man’s freedom in the same measure disappears.” It was, the media sages agreed, a clear, long-needed rebuff to Joe McCarthy.”

      Evans, M. Stanton (2007-11-06). Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies (Kindle Locations 11498-11506). Crown Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

      Yeah, Orwell…

      • Oliver Manuel said


        McCarthy hated communism. So did Joseph Kennedy, the father of John Kennedy.

        When John Kennedy started the Apollo program, that signaled his unwillingness to allow the USSR rule space, as they had since Sputnik.

        The Bay of Pigs invasion may have been a response to the first USSR man in space.

        Ending the Apollo program was one of the demands for getting “world peace” back on track after John Kennedy was killed.

        You may want to check to see if USSR missiles have replaced US missiles in all launches to the International Space Station.


        Sent from my iPhone

        • kuhnkat said


          Yes, JFK worked with McCarthy. JFK also allowed the Bay of Pigs invasion to proceed without the promised air support leaving the men on the ground to a sure loss. JFK did NOT hard ball the Russians on the Cuban Missile Crisis. He traded non-interference with the commies in Cuba (this was after the BOP), removing US missiles from Turkey and Eastern Europe, and possibly other concessions for that “win.” JFK’s 17 yo WH trollop claims that JFK stated he would rather have his children living under Communism than dead.

          It was not just JFK. It would seem Many politicians, especially after reaching Washington, become appeasers, if not actually promoters, rather than fighters of Communism and now Islam also.

  10. MrPete said

    This is all, sadly, quite predictable. In fact, when I studied the birth of our nation, I was surprised to discover a century-long discussion among leaders who looked back on the major empires (Rome, Greece, etc) and saw that they mostly self-destructed. Our founders tried hard to avoid that outcome… but were not at all sure they would succeed.

    I have often been bemused by Thomas Jefferson’s perspective: ” I think our governments will remain virtuous for many centuries; as long as they are chiefly agricultural; and this will be as long as there shall be vacant lands in any part of America. When they get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe.

    To me, there’s one very telling factoid that says it all: once upon a time, the national budget rose and fell along with economic outcomes. However, federal expenditures have only gone up for many years… since 1956 (before I was born.)

    • kuhnkat said

      Jefferson pointed out that most of the land in Europe was held by royalty, nobles, the rich and not used to produce anything. Little if any was left for use by the peasants to farm or otherwise use to feed themselves. Anyone else see the US locking up over 50% of the land as moving in the same direction and FORCING people into the ant heaps??? In other words Agenda 21.

  11. kevin said

    All empires come to an end sometime. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it from the brits, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. No point resisting. America seems to me to be falling apart at the seams more on racial grounds than anything else…at least that’s the way it looks from the outside looking in. The Zimmerman case in particular is shocking. How can a case like this cause such social mayhem? Clearly there is something seriously wrong here, though I don’t deny we don’t have similar issues in the UK. Only here it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as polarising as in the US. Frustating but not really alot you can do about it if history is anything to go by.

    • Tim Irwin said

      There are racial tensions to be sure but they are exaggerated significantly by the media. The obama administration and the mainstream media share similar outlooks. This case was deliberately kept in the news for two reasons (a) to keep the level of outrage high and thereby ensure maximum participation by black voters 2014 and (b) to keep the focus of attention away from the rest of the news which is a disaster for the obama administration. The economy stinks, the new healthcare law is a disaster just waiting to happen (indeed it is already happening), and the other scandals – IRS gate, the Benghazi debacle, Fast & Furious, etc….

      For the life of me I don’t understand how this case became the symbol of white on black violence. Zimmerman is an hispanic looking obama voter who had a black great grandfather. It speaks to the power of relentless repetition that he became a “white hispanic” and therefore simply white.

      I think there has been enormous racial progress in the past 35 years. However, the democratic party and the professional race baiters like sharpton and jesse jackson need the issue to continue so they can keep their media attention. Ultimately, the racial issue is merely a sideshow to the pending financial disaster. As someone once said, debts that can’t be repaid won’t be. We the american people have only ourselves to blame. We keep electing people who make terrible decisions. We will pay the bill at some point in time.

    • PhilJourdan said

      Kevin, race is the squeaky wheel, but it will not be the downfall. The hucksters will continue to promote it, but the reality is that it is not a big problem. most of the nation, black and white (and brown, red, yellow, and green) go about their lives every day, interacting with the other races, and never think about it. Indeed, the statistics bear it out.

      But the hucksters have a vested interest in promoting the meme. It is their power base.

      I agree with you except in that perception. And then I think your perception is greatly influenced by the hucksters selling their snake oil.

    • Tamara said

      As others have said, the racial angle is just a smoke screen. They are going to use it as a wedge to weaken the individual’s right to defend himself. Without strong self-defense laws, fewer people will seek to defend themselves (fewer conceal/carry licenses, fewer home-defense firearms). Joe Biden has already told us we don’t really need assault weapons. Heck, we don’t really need guns at all!
      It’s pretty hard to run a police state with such a well-armed populace.
      The sympathy angle didn’t work. Too many of us realize that law abiding citizens giving up their guns won’t prevent gun violence or school shootings. Threat of gun regulations didn’t work – guns and ammo flew off the shelves. So they will threaten us with imprisonment or expensive civil suits if we dare to defend ourselves.

  12. hunter said

    Our watchdogs have proven to be toothless lapdogs….if the focus of the problem is leftist, or could challenge the leftist tilt.
    However, if the topic, like George Zimmerman’s self-defense, can be twisted into a narrative to support the leftist agenda, facts are meaningless.
    As someone who came to age inthe Watergate era, to imagine a journalism so corrupt as to sit nearly silently while the NSA becomes an openly domestic spying agency is inconceivable.
    If someone had told me that the media was so biased and corrupt as to sit nearly silent sa the IRS is turned into the political tool of the democratic party to intimidate, do opposition research, intimdate and silence critics, I would have called tha person a kook. Yet here we are, with an IRS actively diong just this, and demmocrats in Congress seeking to silence the Inspector General. And getting away with it.
    And corruption in climate science is turning out ot be merely part of a general corruption in academia and intellectual efforts.
    We are in peril of dynamic changes that can literally blow our minds.

    • kuhnkat said

      Hunter, what most people fail to understand about Watergate was that exposing the gubmint was PART OF THE LEFTARD process to destroy our belief and to lock in their power. Nixon was not playing their game so had to be destroyed. The Domino Theory was believed by too many people so had to be debunked.

      Tell me, who or what did the Pentagon Papers actually show?? Not a heck of a lot, BUT, it was useful to LIE about!!! The leftists have been doing much worse since long before McCarthy, yet, they took down Nixon for, comparatively, a few indiscretions. Really messed with the Republicrap party though.

      There was no openness, just the careful exposure of what was needed to fill in the NewsReaders Propaganda Addresses. We have been living 1984 for decades.

  13. amac78 said

    Jeff, you seem to be discussing an idea introduced by blogger Mencius Moldbug — “The Cathedral”. Interesting writer but every post is impossibly tl;dr so no link. Here and here are perceptive Randall Parker (Parapundit) posts that comment on Moldbug. Google brought up this short post on the topic (I’m unfamiliar with that author).

    Related is the “Dark Enlightenment.” Here is talented writer “Education Realist” on his place in that corner of the blog world.

    The “Red Pill” (The Matrix reference) is another googleable term, relevant to your frustrations.

  14. redcords said

    I don’t pretend to understand America, but from a distance it appears to be full of Communists. In the land of the free that won the Cold War, how strange it is.

    • kuhnkat said

      Considering Reagan was fighting his own party to win what he did… The US has been a mélange of the political spectrum for a long time. People held up as Icons of Conservatism now were recognized as Progressives when they were alive. Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln, FDR, Wilson… Our history is rife with those who ripped chunks out of our Constitution and Freedom and are now idolized.

  15. Paul Matthews said

    Here is another example of the hatred, activism and attempt to suppress free speech, in the name of your president.

  16. Kenneth Fritsch said

    “When those poverty stricken voters lives end in failure, recent history teaches us exactly what consequences we should expect for the politicians who will have been handed 100% of the power by those same ignorant voters.”

    Jeff, it is not the voters who will change their minds first, but rather the intelligentsia that will have to change its general philosophy. The voters opinions are shaped very much by the intellectual powers that be. Their general philosophy is very much more statist than that of the general voting public. The intellectuals can evidently convince the voting public that “bad times” would have been even worse without government intervention. Media like the NYT and WaPost can spin facts to make their agendas appear plausible.

    I think the internet might provide the proper forum for those opposed to the current prevailing intellectual points of view to expose alternative views. I can remember when we had only the very non controversial and left leaning opinion of the 3 major TV networks and a news reader like Walter Cronkite was consider a god.

  17. omanuel said

    We are fortunate (?) to witness for ourselves a classic battle between the forces of good and evil.

    The loser of that battle will not be the Creator, Destroyer & Sustainer of Life, but it is difficult to remember that when we survey the combined forces under the direction of the UN: China, India, US, USSR, UK, EU, etc

    • omanuel said

      Here’s a copy of today’s message to members of the Space Science & Technology Committee of the United States House of Representatives:

      “Ooo waa
      taa goo

      Dear friends,

      Today’s news from Dr. Benny Peiser’s Global Warming Policy Foundation (below) means that leaders of nations and scientific organizations are about to learn to chant the ancient prayer to the God of Siam (above):

      Many will have to repeat the prayer several times before they get the message.

      What a sad, sad day for science and society.

      – Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA Principal
      Investigator for Apollo

      On Jul 24, 2013, Benny Peiser wrote:

      Sunspot Enigma: Will Inactive Sun Cause Global Cooling?

      We Really Don’t Understand Our Climate

      1) David Whitehouse: Will Inactive Sun Cause Global Cooling? – Public Service Europe, 24 July 2013

      2) Met Office Promises Global Warming Will Start Again … At Some Point In The Future – The Daily Telegraph, 22 July 2013

      3) David Whitehouse: Raptures Of The Deep – The Global Warming Policy Foundation, 24 July 2013

      4) Science Media Centre Spins The Pause – Bishop Hill, 22 July 2013

      5) Walter Russell Mead: We Really Don’t Understand Our Climate – Via Meadia, 23 July 2013

      6) More Scientists Join Global Warming Policy Foundation – The Global Warming Policy Foundation, 24 July 2013

      7) And Finally: Andrew Neil On Ed Davey Interview Critics – BBC News, 22 July 2013

      • I have not heard that joke in a long time! Thanks for a short trip down memory lane.

        • Oliver Manuel said


          World leaders need to hear the “joke” that will be their prayer.

          These would-be world tyrants “bit off more than they can chew” when they decided to hide The Creator, Destroyer &Sustainer of Life.”

          Until then, the rest of us need to be kind to one another and rest assented that the mighty will one day chant that prayer.

          Oliver K. Manuel

          Sent from my iPhone

  18. omanuel said

    Are Jeff Condon and E.M. Smith okay?

  19. Alan D McIntire said

    Since this thread is devoted to politics, I figure this is the thread to throw in my new presidential ranking system. Applying President Coolidge’s statement, ” The business of America is business.”, I decided to try ranking presidents by the increase in GDP per capita over the term of their administration.

    I used the data from this site

    Of course the figures could be quite unreliable, especially for earlier years. Also, low growth may not have been caused by government, but by unfortunate or fortunate external circumstances.

    Taking for example, Thomas Jefferson, president from March 1801 to March 1709, I figured the first year economy was due to the policies of the prior administration.
    Likewise, I figured Thomas Jefferson was responsible for all of 1809 even though he left office in March of that year.

    Taking the average over the full 222 years from 1790 to 2012,, the average increase in GDP per capita was 1.7% per year. A rating less than 1 implies a loss. Under q.adams, pierce, van buren, arthur, and hoover, GNP per person shrunk over their terms.

    Plugging in 1801 to 1809 for Thomas Jefferson, I got 0.14 % per year, below average.
    I used some judgment and finagling in cases where a president didn’t serve a full term, such as Lincoln-Johnson, Harding-Coolidge, FDR-Truman, and Nixon-Ford, where it’s hard to say whether the drop in GNP in 1946 should be blamed on Truman, or it was the natural result of demobilization, and FDR had just as much responsibility.
    Another problem with the GNP increase under FDR, and probably Lincoln, (and even the anemic increase under Wilson), was that the increases were due to military expenditures, and did nothing to improve the lot of the average citizen.
    The bottom 10 were
    t rosevelt 1901-1909 1.00417
    a johnson 1866-1869 1.00285
    jefferson 1801-1809 1.00275
    b.harrison 1889-1893 1.00203
    wilson 1913-1921 1.00047
    q.adams 1825-1829 0.99920
    pierce 1853-1857 0.99911
    van buren 1837-1841 0.99541
    arthur 1881-1885 0.99041
    hoover 1929-1933 0.91827

    Hoover, Arthur, Pierce, A Johnson are all rated poor by most historians. I was surprised to see T Roosevelt, Jefferson, and Wilson in the bottom 10.

    Here are the top 10

    hayes 1877-1881 1.06636
    fdroosevlt 1933-1946 1.06341
    harding 1921-1924 1.05408
    filmore 1850-1853 1.05387
    reagan 1981-1989 1.05196
    mckinley 1897-1901 1.04547
    ford 1975-1977 1.03949
    kennedy 1961-1964 1.03883
    jackson 1829-1837 1.03511
    washington 1790-1797 1.03390

    Some would be top 10 on anyone’s list, but I was astonished to see Hayes, Harding, Filmore, and Ford on that list. I’m going to start viewing historians on the same level
    as “climate scientists”. You can bet I’ll be going to the library to check out sympathetic biographies on Hayes, Harding, Filmore, and Ford and try and figure what they did right.

  20. omanuel said

    E.M. Smith resurfaced, but Jeff is still missing.

    Living under a police state now, many worry when an outspoken critic disappears.

    Belatedly I realized my research career was spent trying to uncover information the thought police decided to hide after the UN was formed on 24 Oct 1945.

    Read page 9, and study the information contained in references 33-39 of the message sent to the Space Science & Technology Committee of the US House of Representatives:

    Then you will know how absurd is the concept of H-filled stars and how close the truth came to “leaking” past the gatekeepers of knowledge in 1983.

    To prevent that the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1983 to scientists at Caltech and the University of Chicago for work based on Hoyle’s 1946 papers, but Hoyle himself was excluded from recognition.

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we started to deceive !

  21. Wuusan said

    The problem with trying to eliminate all that you see as evil,
    is that it gives the evil you don’t see free reign.

    • omanuel said

      I agree. It is not our role to eliminate evil, except the evil that exists in us. It is the evil in us that is most difficult to see.

      But we must each fight the battle of life – the battle against selfishness, self-centeredness – do what is right, and let go of the results.

  22. I really like what you guys tend to be up too.
    This kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up the good
    works guys I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.

  23. omanuel said

    The good news is just this:

    Invisible force fields from the Sun’s pulsar core keep every atom, life and world in the solar system connected to its Creator !

    That is essentially the same information known to mankind worldwide before the scientific and industrial revolutions.

    Would-be world tyrants are insane: Totally unaware of their dependence on the Sustainer of Life.

    Oliver K. Manuel

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