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Weaponized “Science”

Posted by Jeff Id on August 10, 2013

I don’t have much time today unfortunately, but there was a minor kerfuffel in the news about a study (a term very loosely used) which according to the media reporters (also loosely used)  shows that Fox news watchers are being tricked by Fox into “distrust” of climate scientists.   The study, which I read, is available on line but before you click on it, IT WILL COST YOU IQ POINTS!   I accept no responsibility for neurological damage caused by individual failure to follow my warning.

Some headlines:

Fox News and conservative US media blamed for ‘decreasing trust’ in global warming denial

The Five Ways Conservative Media Keep Trying to Trick Us About Climate Change

Conservative Media Cultivates Distrust of Science in Right-Wingers

You can see the basic conclusions from the title, it is also interesting how many media outlets covered the story considering that only ONE has bothered to cover this little gem:

IRS official who oversaw Cincinatti exempt operations office during scandal gets promotion — Liberalism does breed corruption folks. How many times do we need to see government power repeated before we catch on.

Problems from the core hypotheses  assumptions of the study:

H1: Conservative media use will be negatively related to certainty that global warming is happening.

H2: Non-conservative media use will be positively related to certainty that global warming is happening.

H3: Conservative media use will be negatively related to trust in scientists.

H4: Non-conservative media use will be positively related to trust in scientists.


H5: Trust in scientists will be positively related to certainty that global warming is happening.
H6: There will be a negative indirect effect of conservative media use on certainty that global warming is happening through trust in scientists; that is, the negative association between conservative media use and certainty that global warming is happening will be explained, in part, by the negative influence of conservative media use on trust in scientists, which subsequently dampens belief certainty about global warming.
H7: There will be a positive indirect effect of non-conservative media use on certainty that global warming is happening through trust in scientists; that is, the positive association between non-conservative media use and certainty that global warming is happening will be explained, in part, by the positive influence of non-conservative media use on trust in scientists, which subsequently increases belief certainty about global warming.


Ok, so I think from the basic hypotheses we have ‘learnt’ that there is only conservative bias and ‘the rest’.  Even MSNBC is specifically named as the “rest” in the paper.

For example, several content analyses have revealed that Fox News and conservative radio programs (e.g.The Rush Limbaugh Show) cover issues and events – from the Iraq War to the campaign for the US presidency – in a way that is more supportive of conservative and Republican interests than CNN, MSNBC, and the national network news programs.

“the national network news programs”  – Don’t we all enjoy proper Vulcanesque clarity of unbiased climate science.

Of everything in the paper, this quote makes me warm:

 Consistent with previous research (see Boykoff, 2012; Nisbet, 2011), our results show that global warming continues to receive a moderate amount of media coverage, with spikes occurring around important events (e.g. the December 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark).”


Why are these people paid to write papers you ask?  Simply look to the donor list.  I looked up every single one, and their connections to government.   If you take your own time, you might find a few interesting connections yourself:

Rest assured that none of the funding came from extreme “non-conservative” associations having any indirect relationship to our current presidential administration.

No, we will not spend any time at this blog deconstructing any of their statistics.  We have limited time and this one doesn’t make the cut.

36 Responses to “Weaponized “Science””

  1. Brian H said

    I am a CAGW denier.
    I periodically watch Fox News, and very little other current affair TV.
    I have never heard climate change mentioned on Fox.

  2. omanuel said

    Thanks, Jeff, for this post.

    “The study” confirms that those promoting the AGW fable as science are now seriously worried they might lose this battle for the control of mankind.

    I can assure you they will: Ultimately, “Truth is victorious, never untruth” [Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.6; Qur’an 17.85; etc., etc.]

    Official deception has been promoted for sixty-eight years (2013 – 1945 = 68 yrs) about energy (E) stored as mass (m) in cores of atoms, planets, stars and galaxies, including the Milky Way and the Sun – “The Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of Life:”

    Click to access Creator_Destroyer_Sustainer_of_Life.pdf


    1. In 1945 scientists and world leaders refused to accept that the destroyer of lives in the cores of U and Pu atoms over Hiroshima and Nagasaki is, in the core of the Sun, also the creator and sustainer of all forms life on Earth.

    2. Today the members of Congress, scientists and members of the public are all equally powerless against the combined forces of world leaders that united to take control of the world in 1945 to save it and themselves from nuclear annihilation.

    3. Speak the truth, as you understand it, relax and watch the outcome of this re-enactment of a classic battle between falsehoods and truth with detachment – absolutely confident of the eventual outcome.

    • Science has long been “weaponized,” both figuratively and in actual practice.

      See The Internet Post, “Nuclear Power, Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear War

    • omanuel said

      All forms of life on Earth compete for the energy that sustains life.

      Social insanity arises from arrogant ignorance of empirical reality:

      1. Life is an energy consuming process.
      2. All life is connected to the Creator and Sustainer of Life.
      3. If alive, you are connected to the Sustainer of Life, whether or not know it.
      4.Conscious awareness of that reality was historically acknowledged in
      _ a.) Religions: “Give us this day our daily bread,” i.e., energy.
      _ b.) Government: “We are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights”
      5. In 1905 Einstein noted mass (m) is stored energy (E), E = mc2
      6. In 1945 atomic bombs revealed the destructive power of E = mc2
      7. Frightened world leaders arranged to hide the basic source of all energy
      8. It became politically incorrect to acknowledge in consensus science, religion, society, government that our lives depend totally on the Creator and Sustainer of Life.

  3. Fred from Canuckistan said

    Lewandowsky . . . The Stupid is very strong in that one.

  4. It looks like the link to the study broke. I went to some of the articles and their links have vanished as well.

    I suppose that future readers will see the media conclusion and not the supporting nonsense.

  5. RomanM said

    The link to “The study” is corrupted with a spurious “http://” at the end. When that is removed, it works.

    However, you are right. The analysis is Lewandowsky style SEM on discrete variables where results have no meaningful predictive content. Junk statistics supporting leftist propaganda.

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  7. I don’t watch Fox News Channel but I do see mindless drivel on “Climate Change” from PBS and the Beeb.

    For factual information I rely on the Discovery cannels or the History channel. While you still see a great deal of Alarmist bias, opposing views are often treated fairly. My personal favorite is “Litle Ice Age….Big Chill”. Apologies for the Greek sub-titles. Enjoy!

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  9. Mark T said

    Except Discovery seems to think Plait is a legitimate scientist.


  10. steveta_uk said

    Why do the “researchers” equate mistrust of climate science with mistrust of scientists in general?

    For example, there are numerous scientists who work for oil and gas exploration companies who will tell you that fracking is safe.

    There are numerous scientists who work on genetically modified food who will tell you that the product is perfectly safe, and in many ways very beneficial.

    There are numerous scientists who work on nuclear energy that tell you that it is one of the safest methods of energy production.

    There are numerous scientists who will assure you that crystals do not aid healing and health, and that homeopathy is pure bunkum.

    So why do so many on the “left” seem to accept climate science as absolute (well, at least 97% proof) truth, and yet would reject all these other areas of science?

    Why dont these researches investigate these issues as well?

    • Jeff Condon said

      I could write a whole post about the anti-science left at this point. The claim is so regularly made against the “non-leftists” of the world it seems worthwhile.

  11. Kenneth Fritsch said

    I see these efforts (which I no longer bother to read or pay much attention to) as a strategy or approach by the more partisan media as one of avoiding a discussion of the merits of science or economic findings and instead zeroing in on those whose POV they oppose and attempting to discredit them. I see this more prevalent on the left than the right currently and this may be due to the left not wanting to discuss the Obama administration’s policies and activities but rather would prefer to attempt to discredit those on the other side of the issues.

    Jeff, where you would say anti-science left, I would say non-science left of some of these media types – as I do not judge they really are particularly interested in knowing the true depths of the science. It kind of goes like this: There is a scientific consensus that humans have caused warming . Now you take that consensus, that just about every informed person would agree with in its general sense, and add in your political leanings and obtain findings that are not supported by the science , or at least well supported by a consensus, that just about every detrimental climate event is caused by AGW ( and, of course, ignoring any beneficial effects). The Cook survey, with its 97% consensus on AGW to something on close reading to which would be agreed to by almost all informed people, was aimed at producing something of this approach where the political blanks can be later filled in at your leisure. It is difficult to condemn this type of thinking because these people see it being practiced every day by our President and willing accepted without question by the prevailing intelligentsia.

  12. kevin king said

    My test for symptoms of an intelligent rational human being are quite simple ;

    1 Did Lee harvey Oswald, beyond reasonable doubt, assassinate John Fitzgerald Kennedy?
    2 Is it reasonable to assume the american government was responsible for the 9/11 attacks?
    3 Do you believe man-made carbon dioxide is leading humanity to the verge of extinction?

    If you answer yes to any of the above you disqualify yourself automatically from being rational and skeptical.

    • omanuel said

      Consider the possible validity of this quote:

      “To know that you do not know is best;
      To pretend to know what you do not know is a disease.”

    • DeWitt Payne said

      Re: kevin king (Aug 15 14:52),

      My test question would be: If you have read Gerald Posner’s Case Closed and still doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK, then you fail the intelligent, rational test. If you haven’t read Case Closed, your opinion on the assassination is probably not based on all the evidence.

  13. gallopingcamel said

    Many thanks for your brilliant posts over the years. Your blog is withering away because you have triumphed. The Emperor (the IPCC) has no clothes and nobody with a brain can deny it.

    Thanks for you wit and wisdom.

  14. Fear initiated the corruption of science on 6 August 1945, when the nuclear scientist that would become my mentor in 1960 was a young faculty member at The Imperial University of Tokyo:

    See this one-page synopsis of an autobiography in progress:

    Click to access Synopsis.pdf

    First summarized in messages to the Congressional Space Science & Technology Committee:

    Click to access Creator_of_Life.pdf

    The autobiography began in 2003 as: “My Journey to the Core of the Sun.” By that time the best available data and observations left no doubt the Sun:

    _ a.) Made our elements,
    _ b.) Birthed the solar system, and
    _ c.) Sustained the origin and evolution of life.

    The social implication of opposition to factual information remained unclear until official responses to 2009 Climategate emails revealed the mess that all of us are now in together.

    The title of the autobiography was changed to: “A Journey to the Core of the Sun: How an angry arrogant atheist discovered the Creator scientists tried to hide after 1945.”

    The book will be published on-line, as written, beginning with the one-page synopsis so access to the story will not depend on publication of the entire book.

    Comments on the synopsis would be helpful.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

  15. hunter said

    I am a wicked skeptic. I do not watch Fox- do not even have cable.
    This paper is a waste of paper and ink.
    It is not a waste of thought because there was no thought put into it.

    • Jeff Id said

      You were fairly warned about the paper. hehe.

      I wish there was time to blog. There is so much stuff going on that needs to be fully recognized.

  16. omanuel said

    The release of the new IPCC report gave me courage to complete a one page synopsis of my research career: “A journey to the core of the Sun.”

    The climate scandal is the result of sixty eight years (2013 – 1945 = 68 yrs) of deception about Earth’s heat source, the Sun.

    In 1960 Professor Paul Kazuo Kuroda, the first scientist from the Imperial University of Tokyo to investigate the ruins of Hiroshima in August 1945, persuaded me to undertake research on the “Origin of the Solar System and Its Elements.”

    Kuroda knew the horrors of war, the hopes for the future in forming the United Nations on 24 October 1945, and the inherent Orwellian danger of hiding information from the public to avoid possible nuclear annihilation. Kuroda probably also knew his assignment would reveal this forbidden information:

    The source of energy in the cores of uranium atoms that destroyed Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 is the source of energy in the core of the Sun that created our chemical elements, birthed the solar system five billion years (5 Ga) ago, and then sustained the origin and evolution of life over the past three and a half billion years (~3.5 Ga).

    FEAR of death from nuclear annihilation separated humans from a new reality that might have replaced historical superstitions with knowledge of mankind’s connection with his Creator: The Sun’s pulsar core and powerful, invisible force fields emanating from it.

    Official responses to 17 November 2009 Climategate emails showed the supernova birth of the Solar System, the Sun’s iron-rich interior, and neutron repulsion as the source of energy in cores of atoms, planets, stars and galaxies were discoveries that frightened world leaders and scientists had purposefully hidden from the public after 1945.

    On 4 July 2013 – the 237th birthday celebration of this nation – the Space Science and Technology Committee, US House of Representatives was informed of misinformation they had received for the past sixty-eight years about energy (E) stored as mass (m) in cores of atoms, planets, stars and galaxies. Sixteen pages of documentation were sent to the Committee on 17 July 2013, another on 18 July 2013, and three concluding pages were sent on 8 August 2013. They will be attached as the last twenty pages of this one-page synopsis.

    The deep historical roots of climate change banality are visible in Kuroda’s autobiography [1]: From the lecture by William Francis Aston on 13 April 1936 to the announcement of the Nobel Prize award on 8 December 1983 for research supporting the standard solar model of Earth’s heat source as a giant ball of hydrogen.

    With kind regards,
    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    1. Paul Kazuo Kuroda, My Early Days at the Imperial University of Tokyo (1992) 69 pp.

    Click to access PKKAutobiography.pdf

    • omanuel said

      Please accept my apology if the above message offended.

      Thanks to helpful comments from colleagues, any words of religious language have been removed from the central message in the one-page synopsis of my autobiography,

      “A Journey to the Core of the Sun.”

      Click to access Synopsis.pdf

      Someone noted that powerful force fields from the Sun’s core vanished in 1945-46 flags of Japan:

      That is a strange coincidence!

      All is well,
      Oliver K. Manuel

  17. omanuel said

    AGW is the weapon that backfired, the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Here’s the rest of the story:

    • omanuel said

      The reason for Climategate and the Collapse of Constitutional Government have been exposed and will be explained in the autobiography now being written, “A Journey to the Core of the Sun.”

      Author, Mr. Bill Streifer, his co-author, Russian reporter Irek Sabitov, and Stanford physicist Kenneth N. Ricci will be acknowledged as the source of information about USSR troops finding a facility to produce deuterium (H-2) in the Japanese nuclear bomb production site captured in Aug 1945 at Konan, Korea.

      A summary of those historic is already posted here:

    • omanuel said

      The first chapter of my autobiography is finally completed and posted below.

      Important information is typed in red and highlighted in yellow on both:

      1. This one page synopsis of my research career: “A Journey to the Core of the Sun”

      Click to access Synopsis.pdf

      2. Chapter 1 tells the history of meeting Professor Paul Kazuo Kuroda in May 1960.

      Click to access Chapter_1.pdf

      This information is being posted as written with the conclusions first because frankly I do not know if I will be around to write or you around to read information that our government wants to hide.

      Thank you, Jeff, for allowing me to post this information here.

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