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Posted by Jeff Id on December 12, 2013

There has been a ton of interesting activity in the climate world and I’m tired of missing out on it.   In case you haven’t noticed, Nic Lewis has established himself as a top expert on climate model performance. I don’t believe anyone in the climate community is turning out work to the quality and detail level that he is doing and eventually they will be forced to notice.  Just because this is a “skeptic” blog, don’t assume Nic will take any of the opinions here as his own, they are mine.  I’ve learned to trust his work though and that is admittedly the same problem much of the climate community suffers from, although their trust is based on something else.

In other news, NOTHING happened at the poles this year.  Stupid ice didn’t melt enough to drown a single penguin well enough to make the news.  Polar bears moved north and the polar bear waterwing emergency delivery from greenpeace fell from the plane onto hard ice.  SOB, life is tough for the six figure climate scientists.

The IPCC report fell on deaf public ears.  The complete failure of climate models was covered up by some nonsensical graphs and apparently the summary for “policy makers” (money takers) fell well short of Real Climate projections.  Astounding considering there were still plenty of falsely exaggerated climate prognostications written by the now sans-credit IPCC, but we all knew anti-scientific claims were still coming.

I spent 20 minutes explaining to my son today that we live on a peninsula surrounded by fresh water and that it is ok to run the faucet while brushing his teeth.   The water comes from the ground and goes right back into it.  Net zero.   Deprogramming is becoming a significant job as public schools, television and even scouts sells the same nonsensical message to the younglings.   I’m supposed to find ways to save energy as a goal!  Why would we do that when there is more energy than matter?   Shouldn’t we be conserving matter?  Hmm..   Well poop is matter and there seems to be plenty of that to go around.

Europe and Australia are beginning to wise-up that environmental and social costs can actually cause poverty in socialist style government.  It looks like the faux environment laws are the first casualty.   Who knew that if you took enough money from people, they wouldn’t have any left?   Amazing!

So then there is the stupid old denialist temperature.  That thing that won’t rise no matter how much Cialis the global government inspired UN-IPCC feeds the paper stack.  For those who already know the shtick, in recent years it is hard for the Goddard Institiute for Space Studies to update their temperature series to this actual decade.

I suppose we’re the satellite generation anyway:


From Dr. Roy Spencer UAH

Apparently the picoseconds of time for global temperature averaging required by Nasa supercomputers in the last 6 years was where sequester cuts were made!  I’ve used older and less amazing laptops than this one in the past so if Gavin would like me to do the work, I would be happy to calculate the graph for them.  They do have to ask nicely though as my vacuum tube is flickering.   Free work isn’t truly free – especially in government.

This is something I found very surprising.   Randy Schekman – THIS years Nobel prize winner for medical Physiology flatly stated that Nature and Cell and Science, are no longer up to par for consideration of his lab’s work.   Interestingly, Nature put Real Climate regulars Steig and Mann’s flawed work right on it’s cover.   For an “in-the-news-today” Nobel scientist with little  future need for money or fame, to take a public political stance against major journals, before even taking possession of his award —is unheard of.   The same Nobel organization gave the peace prize to Obama before he took office, is not well known for its apolitical or anti-establishment nature.  Wow!

Then climate science finally found a new (better) solution for climate models.       The ACTUAL science fiction world – Pure genius.



18 Responses to “In the News”

  1. It is encouraging to find that real scientists have noticed that the “Glossies” such as Nature and Scientific American are corrupt.

  2. omanuel said

    Thank you, Jeff, for all that you have done to expose the manipulated data behind the Nobel Prizes of Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC.

    You and other skeptics deserve a great deal of credit for giving a new Nobel Prizer winner courage to speak out about Nature, Science, Cell, etc.

    Jo Nova allowed me to identify changes at Nature in 1983 that prevented the collapse of false dogma on the formation of the solar system:

    Chapter 2 of my autobiography notes bias in values of von Weizsäcker’s “nuclear binding energy (B.E.)” that obscures neutron repulsion.

    With kind regards,

  3. Brian H said

    The BS is finally hitting the fan. Couldn’t splatter a more deserving bunch of people.

  4. Brian H said

    Block the carpet-bomber? Please?

  5. […] Who knew that if you took enough money from people, they wouldn’t have any left? Amazing! […]

  6. Your post reads like one of those Christmas cards you get from your cousin – extolling all the antics of the family for the last year. Guess there is not much joy in Climate Muddville – they seem to be striking out a lot. 😉

  7. Oliver,
    Allow me a chuckle for beating you to the punch. That may be a first!

    • omanuel said

      I must be getting old to be beaten by a galloping camel!

      As mentioned in the Conclusions, manipulating scientific information is a serious mistake that threatens the survival of mankind:

      “Homo Sapiens will hang together, and share information honestly, or risk sudden – but unexpected – death from natural causes.
      We have fortunately survived the last sixty-eight (2013 – 1945 = 68 yrs) years, . . .”

  8. hunter said

    Good summary of the AGW madness.

  9. Interesting to see that Middle Earth nonsense coming out of Bristol University in the UK. They have become the laughing stock of the academic world after employing Lewandowsky. Can’t believe his name didn’t appear as an author.

  10. omanuel said

    As noted elsewhere, deceptive science threatens the survival of us all:

  11. Manniac said

    It used to be- In Pravda there is no news, and in Investia there is no truth.

    Maybe it’s now, in Science there is no nature and in Nature there is no science.

  12. timetochooseagain said

    Jeff, minor point, but the Peace Prize is given by a different (Norwegian) committee from the others (Swedish).

    • Jeff Id said

      I realize that they were different people voting and used the term ‘organization’ to describe it. I thought that was right, is that inaccurate?

      • timetochooseagain said

        No, I believe that is right, although the distinction of different people voting does make an important difference: the Peace Prize is obviously much more political than the others are.

        • omanuel said

          My impression is that the US NAS, the Swedish NAS, German NAS, Norwegian NAS and the UK’s RS etc., etc., joined forces with world leaders in 1945 to save the world from nuclear annihilation by

          1. Forming the United Nations on 24 October 1945
          2. Hiding neutron-repulsion in cores of atoms & stars

          Chapter 1 of my autobiography described the start of my 53 year trek to the core of the Sun on meeting Professor Kuroda in May 1960.

          Chapter 2 used precise experimental data to provide clear and unequivocal evidence:

          a.) Neutron-repulsion is the source of energy in cores of heavy atoms and stars
          b.) The Sun made our elements, birthed the solar system and sustains our lives
          c.) Iron-56 is the most abundant and most stable atom in the Sun and the Earth

          Chapter 2 compares solar and nuclear science before and after the Second World War:

          1. Astronomers and astrophysicists believed the interior of the Sun was mostly iron (Fe) before the end of the Second World War, but after the Second World War ended they unanimously changed their opinions without discussion or debate in 1946 to conclude the Sun’s interior is mostly hydrogen (H)

          2. Scientific textbooks used F. W. Aston’s rigorously valid “nuclear packing fraction” to indicate nuclear stability before the end of the Second World War, but after the Second World War ended most textbooks replaced Aston’s “nuclear packing fraction” with C. F. von Weizsäcker’s deceptively convincing “nuclear binding energy.” The latter obscures neutron-repulsion with high values for the binding energy of neutron-rich atoms and low values for the binding energy of proton-rich atoms.

  13. omanuel said


    Thanks for posting this update on the performance of climate models. Unfortunately climate scientists followed the same gravy train of public funds that nuclear and solar scientists followed away from the scientific method after atomic bombs ended the Second World War in 1945 and frightened world leaders into spending public funds to deceive the public..

    As noted in Chapter 2 of my autobiography, von Weizsacker’s misleading graphs of “nuclear binding energy” replaced Nobel Laureate F. W. Aston’s “nuclear packing fraction” in textbooks after WWII. The false “standard solar model” of hydrogen-filled stars replaced the widely-held opinion among astronomers and astrophysicists that “iron is the most abundant element in the interior of the Sun and chemical abundances follow nuclear stability.”

    It is even possible that Japan’s flag during WWII acknowledged the source of “power beyond scientific fiction” at the core of the Sun that Nobel Laureate Francis William Aston described in the last paragraph of his 1922 Nobel Lecture.

  14. w.w.wygart said


    The basic ethic of ‘waste not want not’ is still worth teaching to your son, he may chase some pretty skirt to Las Vegas some day, by that time a childhood of letting perfectly good water good water run down the drain will be hard to change. Besides it takes valuable resources and Dad’s money to pump that water through the pipes! Also, in his old age he will revert to the habits he had as a child, good or bad.

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