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A Big Project

Posted by Jeff Id on February 11, 2014

Brandon Shollenberger is collecting a list of Michael Mann’s screwups.   I’ve thrown in a short thousand words myself.  I could have kept going but I’m showing more restraint in my old age….:D   If you have your own info to add, I’m sure he would be happy to collect it.

The list is intended as support for Mann’s defamation lawsuit – that I suspect may not go as well as he hopes.

A List of Mann’s Screw Ups

I think Brandon may need to pay for more drive-space before this list is over.

10 Responses to “A Big Project”

  1. I saw your typo!

    • Phil R said

      I did too!

      I’m a lurker because most of this is way above my paygrade, but I’m in favor of any information that may be useful to someone to be made available. I hope someone is taking note of this information. 🙂

      • Phil R, Mark Steyn mentioned this project in an article he wrote today. I don’t know how much attention he has or will pay to what I write, but at least he is aware of it.

        Interestingly, the link to my partial list only started showing up at sites after I wrote the first post for the list. It’s natural to begin with the introduction, but I hope some people read the actual discussions of the items on the list 😛

    • Jeff Id said

      which one?


      There were actually several.

      • That was the one that stood out to me as being changed. I thought there might have been others, but I didn’t know for sure.

        By the way, I’m not sure typo quite explains it, but I think you made a bit of mistake saying I’m intending to provide “support for Mann’s defamation lawsuit.” That seems the exact opposite of what I’m doing 😛

  2. Visiting Physicist said

    Mann’s screw ups start with this one single incorrect assumption, namely that the troposphere would be isothermal in the absence of greenhouse gases.

    Now I say that valid physics can be used to prove that an isothermal troposphere would be an impossibility in a gravitational field. But Earth presents a somewhat complicated scenario wherein the surface appears to be heated entirely by radiation from the Sun and then it is assumed that the hot surface sends its energy back into the atmosphere where it somehow “lapses” upwards to cooler regions and thence by radiation to space.

    I can demonstrate that this is not the complete picture by considering the Uranus troposphere, because it is simpler with no surface at the base (at altitude -300Km) and no significant input of energy below the methane layer which absorbs nearly all the very weak solar radiation near TOA. So if isothermal conditions are the expected state, then Uranus should surely exhibit such at around a temperature of 60K throughout its troposphere and in the thousands of kilometres below.

    The fact that Uranus does not exhibit isothermal conditions, but instead has a thermal gradient very similar to the -g/Cp value, proves that gravity does cause a temperature gradient, as the brilliant physicist Loschmidt proposed in the 19th century, and thus the models are wrong because they are based on a totally wrong paradigm. Greenhouse gases do not raise the surface temperature by 33 degrees. Instead gravity raises it by about 40 or more degrees and then greenhouse gases lower it back by a few degrees. That is the relevance of Uranus, and Venus is similar.

    • timetochooseagain said

      Wow you are going around spreading crankery everywhere, aren’t you?

      • Visiting Physicist said

        When you can explain how the necessary thermal energy gets down into the Uranus troposphere (and below) and your explanation is valid and differs from that in my book (which I’ve just learnt will take about 10 weeks in the production process) then I may be forced to admit that I could be wrong. But absolutely no one has come close to any alternative explanation other than the “heat creep” process explained in detail in the main two chapters of the book entitled “Why it’s not carbon dioxide after all.” And when it is published and available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and I have posted my budgeted $8,000 worth of free copies to influential people (on top of $2,000 production costs) then I am confident no one in the world will be able to debunk the main hypothesis. You’ll see. I put my money where my mouth is.

  3. stan said

    1. Mann’s first screw up was writing his own home-made code instead of using a standard, commercially available stats package. [Seriously, who would invest hundreds of billions of dollars (and incur a global hit to economic growth measured in trillions) on the basis of someone’s untested, home-made computer code? Bizarre.]

    The most basic problem with modern science, and one particularly acute in climate science, is the utter failure to employ anything resembling quality control. Apparently, scientists are totally incapable of thinking in terms of quality. Mann’s hubristic decision to write his own code is so emblematic of all that is wrong with this bastardized version of science. Think of all the quality steps that go into the preparation and marketing of commercially available software. Then compare the number of quality steps that Mann employed for his code before unleashing his monster on the world (zero, perhaps the number is negative).

    And, of course, he screwed it up. Big time.

    2. I think the easiest the thing for a jury (or judge) to understand in demonstrating shoddy, even fraudulent, science is Mikey’s use of photo shop to erase the decline of the proxies and sub in the temp record. And that is exactly how I would refer to it before a jury. Everyone understands that you can’t just erase the part of the graph you don’t like and photoshop some other unrelated graph that you like better.

    Photoshopped graphs ain’t science.

    • stan said

      Oh, and the other thing that juries would have no trouble understanding is Mann’s fraudulent self-description as a Nobel winner.

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