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Antarctic sea ice area anomaly – record high

Posted by Jeff Id on June 29, 2014

From Cryosphere Today:

Antarctic sea ice established a pretty dramatic spike in ice area anomaly apparently continuing its recent upward trend in rather pointed fashion.



Global sea ice continues above average for the year:[1]

Arctic ice is still holding in its lower level since 2007:



Please refrain from asserting nefarious intent for posting the data.   It is interesting to all of us after all.


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Antarctic sea ice – 2nd highest (Anomaly) in satellite records

Posted by Jeff Id on June 26, 2014


Antarctic sea ice extent- posted 6-26-14

Antarctic sea ice posting 2nd highest anomaly since satellite records began.  In the Antarctic continent on the bottom of the planet where apparently hot is cold and cold is hot.   😀

Is anyone else surprised at the nearly monotonic increase in the past several years.   Don’t worry alarmists, the trend will change someday.





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Nothing New Under the Sun

Posted by Jeff Id on June 18, 2014

I still regularly read climate blogs and occasionally drop a comment but a surprising thing has happened to me lately.   I am almost completely disengaged from climate science.   The mystery is gone for me.   I don’t care much which model said what, the latest Antarctic doom nonsense barely raises an eyebrow, sea ice melting not a drip of interest.   Stats are still fun at CA when they come up and I did mine a bunch of data from the government website.   Did you know we spent nearly 200 million dollars on climate education for minorities  – which means anyone not white male.  Well funded skeptics — Bah!! The political nonsense drives me crazy but when people cannot parse what is happening to Iraq, taxes or windmills, how can we truly be serious about climate discussions.   Even Steve McIntyre’s latest expose on yet another hockey Schtick paper isn’t enough to give me blog energy.  So the Air Vent languishes nearly unused.

Climate wars continue on but where is the fun in discovering yet another exaggerated conclusion in the latest, soon to be forgotten, climate publication.   I hope readers recognize that this era will go down in history as a dark time for climate science, rather than the progressive awakening that the populist text-messaging public perceives.  Bunch of morons IMHO.   A dark and ugly anti-scientific time, not that dissimilar from our ancestors whom we mock for believing in a flat Earth.    The vocal skeptics will not be seen in high regard either, for those who look deep enough in history to even find us.   Not because we aren’t already proven right but rather because we don’t have a big enough footprint on history to make an impact.   Mabye we could make a dent with a few billion $$ though.

I just wonder how people see the world sometimes.  Blank minds with full shopping carts is a terrible way to travel life.  In the end, the lack of understanding makes no difference to the climate.  Fortunately the populist masses, so intent on painted faux-images of a perfect green world, won’t be overheating their neurons to make decisions that actually change the weather and can rather waste their time burning their brains on the latest fads politicians and media dream up like corn powered cars, sex scandals and diet pills.


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