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Antarctic sea ice area anomaly – record high

Posted by Jeff Id on June 29, 2014

From Cryosphere Today:

Antarctic sea ice established a pretty dramatic spike in ice area anomaly apparently continuing its recent upward trend in rather pointed fashion.



Global sea ice continues above average for the year:[1]

Arctic ice is still holding in its lower level since 2007:



Please refrain from asserting nefarious intent for posting the data.   It is interesting to all of us after all.


9 Responses to “Antarctic sea ice area anomaly – record high”

  1. M Simon said

    Please refrain from asserting nefarious intent for posting the data. It is interesting to all of us after all.
    Good to know there is no secret code.

  2. The Great Satan's Ghost said


    doesn’t get used enough

  3. steveta_uk said

    Several news reports out today about the threat to emperor penguins due to the changes in sea ice.

    But the reports acknowlegde that sea ice is currently as an all-time high. Apparently, any change, whether up or down, in the distance to the sea from the colonies, will result in a 20% loss of penguins by 2070.

    Ain’t modelling marvelous?


  4. HaroldW said

    Although the daily Antarctic sea ice area anomaly has now fallen back below 2 million sq km, I noticed this article on the subject. [I’ve got no idea how the article arrived at its figure of 1.312 million sq km “above its normal range”. That seems to be neither the ice area anomaly nor the ice extent anomaly, currently around 1.5 million sq km.]

    The explanation?

    Last year, team from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute found that the fresh water melting from the Antarctic ice sheets had a relatively low density compared to the denser salty seawater. This means that the water accumulates and freezes in the top layer of the ocean during the summer months, as reported in the Daily Caller.

    I don’t understand journalism at all. I mean, does the writer think that scientists were surprised to find that salt water is more dense than fresh water? What should have been discussed is that prior predictions were for a rapid drop in Antarctic sea ice, and (assuming the mechanism mentioned is the primary cause) why it was underestimated or overlooked.

  5. HaroldW said

    The Antarctic sea ice area anomaly has gone sharply south in the past week, being now +1.170 million sq km according to the The Cryosphere Today.

  6. Brian H said

    In later breaking news, it turns out the emperors are well used to this variation, and just move to better quarters.

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