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UN Attempting Quatloo Trading Scam

Posted by Jeff Id on October 26, 2014

In the middle of climate model failure, the socialist party of the UN is getting close to a global agreement for cap and trade emissions costs.   A pure mechanism to assign value to something with no inherent cost.   The dollars per unit they will assign will be related to popular politics rather than anything physical, the failed climate models will be ignored, the damage to industry that was their actual goal can be carried out at will.

Imagine futures trading and how it can be gamed by a politician with the right clout.  Hey buddy, we are going to announce X this spring, buy/sell.  There is no “performance” metric that controls the result and no insider trading law preventing the comment. Imagine the amount of money which can be stolen from the production centers (industry) that feed the globe.  Huge new costs resisting their output of product in favor of the multinational corporations who can influence policy. The same multi-national companies the socialists claim to hate, they empower willingly.   For the same ends, as money and power drive them, although the unwitting population seems to follow without notice. Why is it that these companies are so willing to join?  Are they stupid or are they interested in improving profits?  Why are so many voters unable to think logically?

Subjugation, starvation and poverty will be the future of the human race, for they are as blind to the dangers as a mouse stepping into a mousetrap.

And the scientific predictions of global doom failed…but this wasn’t really about science.

11 Responses to “UN Attempting Quatloo Trading Scam”

  1. Jeff Id said

  2. kramer said

    And what is the purpose of this cap and trade scheme?
    1) It’ll enrich banksters as the estimated global cap and trade market is $20 trillion a year. Not to mention, they already have carbon derivatives ready to go and they were created by some of the same idiots who created the ones used in the subprime bomb.
    2) It’s a method of transferring wealth from rich nations to poor nations. The end goal from what I see is that they want to get women working in underdeveloped countries so that they are too busy to have kids.

    The final solution is going to be a massively regulated and heavily controlled world with big brother watching and listening to virtually everything we do. But we’ll all be equally poor so it’ll all be good. We will enjoy our lives in our crowed cities and high density housing as the rich elitists jet and high-speed rail from city to city and live the life of luxury.

    Meanwhile, our country is being gutted and fucked by these globalists who are picking us apart and taking the pieces to their countries. So what do we do?… We print money to keep everybody fooled that things aren’t that bad.

    (Sorry for the eff bomb…)

    • Jeff Id said

      Kramer, you may know that I run a company when not blogging. It isn’t terribly small and we manufacture in the US whenever possible. I can tell you that our business will stop adding more jobs here if they keep raising costs. It is a delicate balance we hold between mfg here vs overseas and it is easy to fix if costs here become a problem. I’m just one example but I’m effing pissed at what the liberals are doing to us for compliance, taxes and environmentalism. eff bomb fit my mood just fine.

  3. omanuel said


    After watching five years of official excuses for irrefutable evidence of data manipulation in the Climategate emails that surfaced in late Nov 2009, . . .

    I finally realized that the greatest threat to the survival of mankind is an unreported decision in 1945 to forbid public knowledge of “THE FORCE” that generates all food, fuel and energy in the solar system:

    Thank you for your role in releasing the Clinategate emails and for allowing me post opinions that are unpopular in the consensus science community.

  4. CO2 Global Warming OR Global Cooling is impossible. Water Vapor dominates control of the Earth’s temperatures both as the 97% dominant Greenhouse gas, but also because water vapor changes to and from water while releasing or absorbing vast amounts of energy. This is called “Changing Phase”. Water does this in normal temperature ranges. CO2, only 1% of greenhouse gasses, can only change state at minus 191 degrees Farenheit, and it has no liquid state.

    Since CO2 is powerless to change weather, then HUMANS are powerless to change the weather.

    The dominant control of the Earth’s temperature is the Sun, but by indirectly controlling the amount of Clouds. Clouds radiate vast amounts of heat into space. Clouds reflect vast amounts of Solar Heat into space. When the Sun is inactive, as shown by fewer sunspots, more clouds form on the Earth, and the Sun’s radiant energy is less effective, so the Earth Cools. This mechanism appears to be responsible for Ice ages.

    This trend in the weather will become more and more obvious as the weather continues to get colder and winters get longer due to a Solar Miniumum similar to the Maunder Minimum and Dalton Minimum that occurred about 400 years and about 200 year ago. These periods were so cold that millions of people have died from starvation and freezing. This current low activity is now called the Landscheidt Minimum, after the man who predicted it back in 1989.

    This global cooling will be obvious in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, etc, with the bottom not until 2030 or later.

    Carbon Credits only make sense for the sellers of Carbon Credits. As the weather gets colder, there will be few, if any buyers for them.

    Sell all your carbon credits now, and do not buy any more. The Sellers of Carbon Credits know what is happening.

    For more on the dominance of the Sun and Water Vapor in the Earth’s Climate, see

  5. page488 said

    At this point, I doubt that the American people will wake up to much of anything until they really begin to suffer. Even then, it’s likely that they will turn on each other (class envy, justified or not, has been firmly established) instead of the government or the UN. It’s a sad state off affairs.

    • Jeff Id said

      After Hillary’s recent comments regarding – you didn’t build it – which I flatly assert she does not believe, I’m afraid you are right and the politicians know it.

    • omanuel said

      Thanks, Page 488, I agree with your assessment. But I can’t criticize others because I also slept through almost five decades of evidence my government was promoting falsehoods as consensus science before Climategate emails in late Nov 2009 – and the incredible official responses to clear evidence of data manipulation – finally awakened me to a harsh reality: Consensus science is government propaganda !

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