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Merry Christmas

Posted by Jeff Id on December 24, 2014

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  From a climate perspective, the year couldn’t have been more uneventful.  Nothing new from the advocates, nothing new from Gaia’s actual climate, no new admissions from climate modelers… frozen trees

All I want for Christmas is a reasonable climate model..

A reasonable climate model

A reasonable climate model

All I want for Christmas is….

Anyway, I’m having a wonderful time with the boys.  We chucked a ball up and down the stairs for an hour and played with an old slot car set I had for another hour.   Looking forward to tomorrow.

Merry Christmas all.

15 Responses to “Merry Christmas”

  1. timetochooseagain said

    Merry Christmas, Jeff. It’s probably too much to hope for a model that makes sense out of the academic institutions or governments, but perhaps with the many talented people out there an independent, private effort could achieve something? I’ve been pretty busy lately with other things so I’ve made little progress but I do have this project lying around, and a lot of the material I’ve gathered for it. Might be about time to revisit it.

  2. j ferguson said

    Merry Christmas Jeff and many thanks for your always informative posts here and comments elsewhere. You too Andrew,


  3. Merry Christmas, Jeff. I hear it’s great for snowmen there.

    “A reasonable climate model”

    They do many things well.

  4. John F. Hultquist said

    Merry Christmas.

  5. nzrobin said

    Wishing you a happy Christmas holiday. We’re presently enjoying rain, thunder and lightning in Sydney, just an hour after swimming in hot fine weather. Hope you have a fun and productive 2015 too.

  6. johnbuk said

    Merry Christmas Jeff, I always enjoy your writing so thank you for all you do.
    Slot car sets, best thing ever, my son got one as soon as he was born! But, no matter what one did, one car ALWAYS went faster than the others!

  7. page488 said

    Merry Christmas, Jeff.

    I’m not sure if you remember me, but I was on of the first people to participate in your website.

    My background was in biology and chemistry (with a good dash of physics thrown in there) – not statistics – so I learned a tremendous amount by hanging around here. I rejected the IPCC reports simply on the basis of the science I know but, learning the statistics here rounded out my knowledge! I just want you to know how much I have appreciated the knowledge you have freely given me.

    Have a Happy New Year. All the Best to You and Your Family,

    Page Ribe

  8. gary23902003 said

    Merry Christmas, Jeff. Have a happy new year! Thanks for everything you write on this blog, I’m a smarter person, thanks to you.

  9. RomanM said

    Hope you and your family had a good Christmas and will have a great New Year!

    My wife and I have traveled across the continent to LA to visit an offspring and his family.. I have reason to believe some golf may be in the offing over the next week. 😉

  10. omanuel said

    Merry Christmas, Jeff. Thanks to Climategate we have learned a great deal. There has been little or no joy in learning that selfishness, self-centeredness is as strong a force in the wold today as it was ~2020 years ago when King Herod was willing to kill all the newborn males in order to retain his official position of power in society.

    Climategate revelations also helped me accept Max Planck’s insight into the possibility that physical reality is a illusion maintained by powerful but invisible force fields that were historically mislabeled as spiritual forces before the scientific revolution began with the discovery that the Sun – not Earth – is the center of the Solar System!

    Today I suspect that the entire physical Solar System is an illusion maintained by powerful but invisible force fields emanating from the Sun’s pulsar core.

    Again, Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2015!

  11. stan said

    Merry Christmas Jeff!

    because of my return to moderation purgatory at CA, I’d like to post this here because I think it really is an important point that Steve may be wrestling with.

    …I don’t think Steve is focusing on the nature of the plaintiff so much as the nature of the speech underlying the complaint. The Supreme Court took the Sullivan case because of the applicability of the free speech clause of the first amendment. As with a lot of cases that end up with the Supremes, it comes down to a conflict between two important rights.

    I think Steve has pointed out something very important that is separate and apart from the nature or status of the plaintiff. And that involves the discussion inherent in issues of great public importance.

    I hope I’m not going far afield here, but let’s imagine that Peter Private is a scientist who doesn’t even work for govt or even take govt funds. He publishes a study on temps or polar bears or assault on college campuses or whatever that is seized upon by a special interest group or politician and becomes the key statistic used to demand wide-ranging changes in law. Opponents call the study or statistic “fraud”. Peter Private sues for libel. His professionalism has been impugned.

    Peter is not a public figure or even a public functionary. Yet, heated and robust debate in the public arena has to be supported. And those crying “fraud” may not even know his name or his role in the study which gave rise to the famous statistic. There may be all kinds of reasons why the special interest use of the study are wrong, improper, or even dishonest without the study itself involving the slightest bit of academic or research misconduct. [the study might be badly flawed in its assumptions, etc. but so are most studies]

    It would be bad public policy if Peter could chill public debate with a libel suit in this type scenario — for reasons that have nothing to do with Peter and his status, but everything to do with the use being made of his work in the public sphere.

  12. gallopingcamel said

    Too late towish you a Merry Christmas.

    May you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  13. A. Ames said

    Jeff: I enjoy your blog, and wish you all the best and a Happy New Year.
    Your tree picture is neat.

    As for climate models, since every definition of “climate” involves long term accumulation of weather, is it perhaps time to seriously question any climate model that cannot predict weather?

  14. Andrew McRae said

    Hopefully it is not too late for your Christmas present, Jeff. This may not be entirely “reasonable” yet, but presumably you would not scorn a gift climate model.

    The great thing about the word “reasonable” is that you can retrofit its precise meaning to be whatever is convenient. It means only what a court judge decides it means.

    Belated Happy New Year to the climate modellers of the world, amateurs and professionals alike, and may all your RMS Errors be minimised.

  15. There is neither an airport nor a train station in the
    town, so traveling to Livigno during ski season can be a challenge.
    In my culture it is the spruce and we call it Christmas tree.
    Children are eagerly waiting for the Santa Claus to come on this day.

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