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Posted by Jeff Id on March 13, 2015

There is a certain psychological aspect to blogging which I find interesting.   It would be quite easy to write in a reporter style or as an unengaged author.   A take it or leave it approach.   A blogger loses credibility when engaging people like Cotton, Tamino or other trolls.   It is a no win situation for them.   Even when the blogger is right, all it does is drag down the anonymity of the personality.   I never cared either way — still don’t.

Imagine though what sort of internet personality you could build, if you had the intent.   What if you were trying to build a bigger than real life personality on line and your own opinions were subservient to that goal.   It has an appeal from a narcissistic aspect, and it really could do a lot of good for your ’cause’.  Done right, a large slice of the population would buy in.

A balance of push and pull with a definite edge toward anarchy.  Credibility maintained through lack of engagement and a bit of scorn.   How easy would it be?  I fully believe I could make it work —— were I of the mind to.   Easy as pie.

What if you were paid to do it?  Would you?  Would anyone?  What if the income were six figures?



5 Responses to “Loserblogs”

  1. corev said

    Cook, Lewandowsky?

  2. Jeff Id said

    I felt pretty good earlier today. Had a rather nice time at work but after reading a few news and faux climate stories, I left a solid rant at Curry’s and posted this mess.

    Better out than in I guess.

  3. hunter said

    This year we see a real campaign to carry out the ideas of the many marketing and communications conferences held to promote the idea of climate catastrophe and to justify the demands of the climate obsessed.
    This President has staff dedicated to shaping public opinion on climate, as well as to silence critics, and many like minded NGOs and media orgs are out to do just that. The Romm’s of the world could make good money this year. Many of them sold their souls long ago.

  4. jim2too said

    Sounds like you are defining “politician.” 🙂

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