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Is tax law complicated enough yet?

Posted by Jeff Id on April 16, 2015

What did your April 15 look like? This was ours.


It costs a hundred dollars just to mail first quarter taxes.   While these are all checks to various branches of government, it is of course the huge amount on them that matters.   I’m thinking that the huge stack of electronically filed paperwork, massive fees paid to people just to calculate the pile and the ridiculous multiples of my take-home actually paid into the government, perhaps even a liberal could see reason for tax reform.  ….. maybe… maybe not.

Four times a year.

11 Responses to “Is tax law complicated enough yet?”

  1. Sammyj said

    I only send our company’s tax forms to the IRS via certified mail, due to their past history of conveniently “losing” them and then hearing from them that “well, since you made your deposits electronically in time, I guess we can’t come after you”. The states and local yokels seem to never lose mail, so they get regular postage.

    I’m lucky – we’re small enough that it only takes a week for me to calculate/fill out/copy/mail/pay first quarter taxes (those that I refuse to pay my accountant to do). And that doesn’t account for the time we spend all year accumulating information for taxes. At my billing rate, I can take the accountant’s bill and triple it to account for lost income due to this nonsense.

    • Jeff Id said

      A week of your time lost to government compliance. Ouch!

      It is amazing how high a percentage of entrepreneurs peruse skeptic climate blogs. Perhaps, we have experienced the bite of reality enough times to recognize that feelings, wishes and wants don’t pay bills. Maybe it is because we want to be on the winning team.

      Good story though, thanks.

    • Jeff Id said

      Oh, and we also learned the hard way to send by certified mail. It’s cheaper than the fake hassles and fines when they claim they cannot find the checkS. (capital S)

      • Sammyj said

        Oh, and by the way the IRS “lost” one of my 941s even though it was sent certified and some flunky at the IRS signed for it. Turns out it somehow got routed from Cincinnati to another IRS center down south after they received it in Cincinnati. It’s probably gathering dust on some IRS porn-watcher’s desk.

  2. dukeofurl said

    In my country for most personal taxpayers, a tax return is optional. The trick is too virtually eliminate deductions or one sort or another. having a complicated tax system only results when you have the tax writers hostage to special interest groups.
    For those still filing, individuals mostly do it online, and pay that way as well. Various business taxes, especailly if its done many times a year, they can only be done online. Of course you still have to generate the internal paperwork to file online. The small business accounting software seems to do most of that and pulls together bank details ( most payments are online so have enough information there allready).
    But it takes good money to be spent on transforming the tax system, but not much hope of GOP releasing the funding.

    • Jeff Id said

      You lost me with the last sentence.

      • kuhnkat said

        I think he is claiming that improving the system so it does not take as much time will cost a lot of money which the GOP won’t fund.

        As usual, leftards ignore that the Dhimmicraps had both houses and the presidency and couldn’t be bothered to do it either.

  3. I’d have sympathy for you, but since I’m in the same boat then it’s empathy.

    • Jeff Id said

      I wonder what people who are skeptical of these claims would expect them to sound like. I am disgusted with the fact that my finances are being discussed on line. How would we sound if they were not actual problems? Tom Fuller aside, they assume I exaggerate or extrapolate, he is hardly alone in that. I’ve had multiple people come here over the years and explain why I’m wrong.

      Of course I cannot be wrong because I’m the ‘victim’ writing the actual checks.

      How the hell could I be wrong? Perhaps I suddenly turned over a new leaf and went Lewandowsky on you all. Not likely in my opinion because I am not sufficiently compensated for such nonsense.

      Thanks for the comment though. Misery and company etc…

  4. steveta_uk said

    In the UK we’ve switched over to fully electronic submissions. I use to hate all the paperwork.

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