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Pat Michaels Powerful Testimony

Posted by Jeff Id on July 23, 2015

Pat Michaels testimony at the Committe of Natural Resources was fantastic.  Very short but he really nailed it.  He mentions Nic Lewis who was a coauthor of our Antarctic rebuttal paper to Steig a few years ago.  Nic has been doing some of the best work on climate sensitivity for several years now.   He and Judith Curry released a paper which showed a much lower climate sensitivity is likely accurate, but more importantly, they narrowed the range of sensitivity.   It was great seeing it mentioned to congress.
Anthony Watts covered this yesterday at WUWT, apparently Dr. Michaels rewrote his speech right before he talked because of some denier rant by Congressman Lowenthal (D-NY) another left-wing know nothing, just before he spoke.

2 Responses to “Pat Michaels Powerful Testimony”

  1. George O'Har said


    Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention. The truly sad thing is that no one on the other side is listening. You mention Lowenthal. You know he won’t change his mind, nor will Obama et. al., and other scientists who have gone for the Kool Aid, lost their ability to distinguish between funding mechanisms and scientific truth. Listening to Dr. Michaels, who, as you said, hits the nail right smack on the head when it comes to modeling, gives me some optimism, since what he says is being aimed at decision-makers. But right now I feel that the damage done to science by the climate change jihadists, which is rapidly turning the physical and natural sciences into jerkwater flats like sociology, psychology, English, gender and race studies, is going to be with us a long time. In my darkest days, I worry that science won’t ever get back its senses. Remember when Richard Lindzen, in an interview with a British newspaper, said that only scientific second-raters went into ‘climate science’? Said second-raters, or their ilk, destroyed the social sciences and much of the humanities. They are now swinging for the fences in any discipline that touches on the matter of climate ‘control.’ Anyway, thanks again for this small ray of hope.

    • Gary said

      I don’t think the “second-raters” comment completely applies. I do think that climate science ™ has been dominated by physicists who don’t understand biology, chemistry, geology, etc. enough to see beyond equations in computer models.

      It’s good to see Dr. Michaels begin the defanging of the “-denier” label by applying it back against those who use it to club their opponents. I hope it’s still possible to destroy this meme by applying it everywhere so it no longer has meaning.

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