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Dead Ice

Posted by Jeff Id on August 13, 2015

The Antarctic ice is melting and is well below average for the first time in 3 years.  Global sea ice is also below minimum. It looks like the death spiral has come to pass….

From Cryosphere Today


Except that it is winter there and that means it is simply not freezing at a typical rate.   It still spells doom though, I’m just not sure how.

10 Responses to “Dead Ice”

  1. A C Osborn said

    What do you think has happened to all the Ocean heat required to bring about that melt?
    The Ice is around -20 C most of the time so there is a lot of energy being drawn from the Oceans and Atmosphere.
    Take a look at the Antarctic on NuSchool’s earth.

    • Jeff Id said

      Actually, it is just freezing less but I get the point. I need to see how much of the extent loss is related to simple compression due to wind/current also. Sometimes it isn’t really less ice but this is a pretty major shift so that seems unlikely. It looks like it may be a current flow change bringing some warm water in contact with the ice..

  2. gary23902003 said

    Jeff, I don’t really know how to read all this “stuff” I found, but there may be something to it. You might understand it better than me. Sea ice data used to be recorded using something called Goddard. This is the first year data source is listed as NRTSI-G. Here: down at the bottom of the page. Then, there was a problem with the satellite reporting the sea ice data HERE: There may be more dominoes yet to fall.

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