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A Solution to Success

Posted by Jeff Id on September 8, 2015

America is voluntarily shutting down its energy production after only a little more than a century since the industrial revolution.   In fear of a nearly undetectable amount of warming from CO2, in the face of massive and well known benefits of this particular gas in the atmosphere, we have decided that fear of the unknown will dominate and destroy our progress.

In 2008 I started this blog after looking at the nonsensical political intentions of global warming activists.   I knew full well before I began, that even if global warming were as dangerous as they claimed, the alarmists socialist solutions were a far more immediate danger than anything we could do to the environment.   I knew that I would let science drive my own solutions, no matter the direction it took me, but socialism is only a solution to success.  I have learned more than expected about climate science and I am more disappointed in the science than I ever imagined possible.   Taken as a whole global warming is simply not science.   The field of climate study is so severely polluted that I cannot even read a paper on oceanic acidification without a jaundiced eye.  The money, the political money, and corresponding pressures from big government, the printed, fake, borrowed, stolen, redistributed money is far too great for any science to overcome.

Climate models do not match observation — tell that to Bart Verheggan and watch the fireworks fly — they do not match, they have failed and no amount of left-wing sophistry can help them.   That does not even slow the rampant decision making by our government.   No amount of common sense deters the power mad or the good feeling scientists.   It’s all about limitation, all about reservation, and it is falsely labeled as progressive.

As I write this, America is literally shutting down its primary energy production with no replacements intended.  We do this on the basis of an imagined problem, which can already be proven did not happen.   Scientifically proven to not match models.   The problems of warming DID NOT happen, yet we are destroying – literallly – the energy releasing devices which gave us freedom from poverty, sickness and oppression of numerous dictatorships.   Coal powerplants have been regulated out of existence and it is under one year before demolitions begin.  These plants must be not only deactivated or idled in case of need, but slaughtered into dust, such that property taxes aren’t paid on unused buildings and equipment.  Machines, technologies and equipment that took us centuries to build, that have no replacement coming in the near future, destroyed and pounded into dust to make idiots “feel better” about trees which ironically eat the same output gas we are eliminating production of.   When you are cold, poor, unemployed and impoverished in only FIVE years, will you reach your feeble hand out to the government for the pittances they will offer.   Will you accept their checks to “support” you, as we slide ever further into the poverty socialism offers.

My answer is yes, yes you will.   We have added tens of millions to those very roles in only the last 6 years of Obama socialism.  You are reading here so you are probably not one of the currently impoverished as free computers are not yet part of the government handouts.  When it comes time, you will have hands out, begging for help from the very people who caused the problem.   People you may have voted for, perhaps even to save the planet from the fabricated threat of a tiny bit of warming.  Except that you didn’t vote for the rules themselves because nobody did.  Our government is so big, so powerful, that even the unelected thoroughly leftist EPA is making its own law, its own crimes against the ecosystem, which when we are deemed guilty of we can be punished and our lives ruined for.  And as they are unelected morons, NO American vote can change them.  These same fools are intentionally destroying the most important thing America has – low cost energy production.   Their goal has nothing to do with your economic security, nor are they saving the environment.

There is no ‘renewable energy solution’ in existence.  What is worse, there NEVER will be.  We use too much power today for exaggerated science of ‘renewable energy’ to actually solve the problem. In the future we will need dramatically more energy, not less.  Renewable in today’s terms means incident solar power or geothermal and our required energy needs cannot be rationally met that way.  It is a pipe dream which will not exist.   Nuclear can solve the problem, as can gas, oil and coal while we continue to improve our nuclear technology.   Solar, wind, biofuel, geothermal, can never do it.  They WILL never do it.   The watts don’t exist in the required density, nor does the technology.  I’m just an engineer so you should listen to your stupid green feelings instead, or perhaps that know-nothing jorunalist with a big smile who looks great in a short skirt or whatever you like.  I will just continue to see you as a moron until you change your mind and you will then achieve the prestigious label of one of Id’s previously ignorant.

Of course we can pretend.  We can try to feel good while wrecking balls crash through our fully operational and very clean, perfectly functional powerplants next April.   The lack of smog and brown skies in one of the highest energy producing countries on the planet are proof of their cleanliness.   Of course if it makes you feel bad, we should recycle the remains of the power plants, throw some topsoil on their now green carcasses, fill in a few mines with water and fish and plant some trees.

I am thoroughly pissed off that America would even consider this, let alone let it happen.  I’m so beyond scared for our children when we turn off their heat and lights on f…ing purpose and tell them that “conservation” can replace usage, it is difficult to describe.   While I want to say this is only a symptom of the obviously bigger problem, it is like saying your leg fell off is a symptom of gangrene. The single most abundant factor in this universe is energy, and even Einstein can’t teach us to use it.

We deserve the monkey-like herd deaths which will come, because as a population we are NOT smart enough to deserve the gifts the energy rich universe gives us.  When suddenly the environmentalists proclamations that we will not be able to feed ourselves become true, because of our growing population, it won’t be for any other reason than that we adopted limitation of progress as a ‘progressive’ policy.  We have stayed ahead of their wildest imaginations with respect to food output, in large part due to availability of cheap energy. While they sound smart sometimes, none of these limitation folk are smart enough to attach their own actions to the cause, and considering millions of years of evolution it took to get us here, when we reach the point of starvation, they won’t be any smarter about cause and effect than they are right now.  History has demonstrated that the left will literally starve us en-masse, as Chavez did, as so many socialists have done to their populations. Examples are across the globe.   It didn’t stop Hollywood from actually making a movie to actually celebrate Chavez!  Socialism is still good!, and Chavez is a hero to the now starving, sick, broke, dying, powerless and impoverished people of a once nearly functional society but he isn’t the cause, he is the hero??!!

They will continue to preach to us the benefits of central control while our children starve in the streets.   We will die by the hundreds of thousands, and we will stick our hands out for the food lines, for the medicine lines, for the government chits, whatever brand of paper they conjure.  Yet die we will.  And we earned it, because we allegedly want to try and prevent our sub-fraction of a couple of degrees Celsius warmer weather– which we will ironically fail at.

We need coal for several more decades or at least until we fully implement something else.   That we can even imagine shutting it off cold, is a sign of failed minds.




13 Responses to “A Solution to Success”

  1. omanuel said

    Thanks, Jeff, for your efforts to save the integrity of science and our society. My research mentor – a nuclear geochemist at the Imperial University of Tokyo during WWII named Dr. Kazuo Kuroda – also tried to preserve the integrity of science over his research career.

    Kuroda was the first scientist sent to inspect the ruins of Hiroshima in August 1945. For the next fifty-seven years (1945-2002), world governments did not know Kuroda secretly retained private possession of Japan’s successful design for atomic bombs, probably because he realized while standing in the ruins of Hiroshima, that the destruction of Hiroshima was just like the beginning of the world. In 1960 Kuroda assigned me a research project that confirmed his 1945 insight and also revealed spirituality and science as separate paths to the same reality.

    Thanks to Kuroda’s assignment, precise experimental data and observations

    1. Assure us the pulsar-centered Sun controls the solar system, and

    2. Fear is a tool of tyrants pretending to control Earth and its climate

    • omanuel said

      The above are tiny url links are to articles published by ResearchGate because . . .

      the AGW-driven destruction of science and society cannot be stopped without an open, permanent forum, like ResearchGate,” where supporters and critics of research findings, and editors of mainstream research journals, the news media, leaders of federal research agencies and the scientific community can DOWNLOAD, READ & RESPOND in public, affirming or denying precise experimental data and observations that indicate:

      The pulsar-centered Sun made our chemical elements, birthed the solar system five billion years (5Ga) ago, sustains every atom, life and planet in the system today and cannot be ignored in any realistic studies of, or policies to mitigate, climate change: or

  2. Jeff Id said

    I could have written about a dozen idiocies being perpetrated on society, the national debt deserves more time for instance. This elimination of functional working power generation is beyond reason however.

  3. Gail Combs said

    Thank you Jeff.

    You describe my despair and angry far more eloquently than I.

    PLEASE PLEASE send this to Breitbart for mass publication.
    You could send a link on their tip sbmit (right hand of columns) or here is James Delingpole’s contact from his website:


    The demolition is already taking place. The Cape Fear power plant in North Carolina has been blown up.

    The repercussion of substituting Wind and Solar for that NC power plant has also begun. A power surge caused the transformer on the street to explode, my computer surge protector to burst into flame and toasted my microwave, refrigerator and deep freezer. EMSnews at Stevengoddards reported the same recently happened to her in upper New York state.

  4. Gail Combs said

    Jeff, do you have a source for the dismantling of the closed coal plants as of next April?

    It certainly makes sense from a rather nasty perspective.

  5. omanuel said

    Gail & Jeff: I don’t know what’s happening. Is a battle approaching for control of the world between:

    1. Selfish human forces that have been identified in the past?
    _ a.) Capitalism versus communism
    _ b.) Fascism versus communism
    _ c.) Zionism versus Muslim religion
    _ d.) Christian versus Muslim religions

    See: Stalin’s Consensus Science and/or

    2. The benevolent forces of nature that control the whole Universe?
    _ a.) The Benevolent Universe
    _ b.) Assurance

    • omanuel said

      Professor Curry posted this copy of a letter from twenty climate “scientists,” including several members of the US National Academy of Sciences, trying to end the debate they failed to win:

      Click to access LetterPresidentAG.pdf

      What a sad, sad state of affairs for science and all of society, worldwide.

      Conclusion: Big Brother cannot accept REALITY – The pulsar-centered Sun is the Creator & Sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system and still controls many events in our everyday life, like your next heartbeat!

  6. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    H/T: Dr. O. Manuel, Ph.D.
    Thank you, Doctor, as this is, a wonderful article.

  7. Gail Combs said

    Her is a bit more on destroying of old coal plants:

    Tricky Business: Taking Down Old Coal Plants

  8. page488 said

    Only when the public really begins to suffer will they notice what’s being done. That’s tragic, but it’s true!

  9. omanuel said

    Tonight there’s HOPE! Today I happened across AGW promoters that endorsed the need for rigorous honesty in science:

    Other issues can be resolved if we can agree Stalin’s lock-step science is flawed and must be corrected.

  10. Alf said

    Not to mention the loss of food production when we go 100 percent organic.

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