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Climate Science Industry — Negotiation

Posted by Jeff Id on June 7, 2016

I don’t have much time as the company continues to grow.  This article is about the fact that the field called Climate Science has changed in a manner which is not openly recognized by those who have not been immersed in the papers.  Global warming is real, but it is absolutely not dangerous.   It is not a problem, and there is no evidence that it will be anytime in the foreseeable future.  Yes I’m that tired of it, but there is an interesting aspect to the changes in the climate discussion.

I’m tired of the climate BLOG pedantary. That’s what the Sci3nc3 discussion has turned into.   It is hard to be concerned with the nonsensical details of too many government-funded climate doom papers.  I likely am not going to live long enough to see Gavin Schmidt et whomever to be internationally recognized as serial climate exaggerators, and were I to live for those several decades, the now overly obvious proof of such would not bring me greater happiness.  These morons will continue to scream at the top of their lungs no matter which observation proves their inaccuracy or more succinctly — confederation.  ——Queue international conspiracy paper in a psychology journal…

The world of business is far quicker to resolution and it picks winners with rather colder equations than present day government science.  Business is far from easy, despite the popular imagination.  It’s the modern idea that business is something given rather than earned.  That it is friends or gifts or whatever that makes sales, profit margins or results.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, but the concept that our “Bernie” might potentially be someone who could run something as grandiose as a hotdog stand, is beyond reason.  Not that it matters what I write, after all, liberals know that I’m no Bernie.

I’m trying to be interested as to whether north pole sea ice will re-continue to melt, or whether the atmosphere will show enough warming for any reasonable person to see it as a problem.   It is really a hard sell in comparison to things like the economy, which actually feed us, clothe us, warm us, heal us, etc.. (well used to heal us, now it is the government)  Our public has decided to shut down a huge fraction of our power grid this summer in the US.  Maybe not enough to see brownouts, but quite possibly enough.  We shall see.  Certainly if warmists are right, we have SIMULTENEOUS unprecedented AIR-CONDITIONING doom!, but again —- whatever.  I’m going to buy 4 generators that burn coal, wood or dung in them 24/7 so that I can remain comfortable.

Then there are the Losers in their loser suits, telling us how to be more like them, and using their lawsuits to make it happen.  All in the name of freedom.   Sounds incredibly familiar and is a hallmark distinguishing attribute of deployed socialism, although it is most often discussed in opposite terms.

Our company is constructing a new building and I’m not sure that it is a good idea before the election.   It is a tiny thing though, not even a few acres, but I learned last week that we are NOT allowed to use Light Switches, we must use motion sensors.  It’s a good thing I’m not a lighting expert who built energy efficient lighting or I would explain to the morons with the laws how little difference that their ordinances make or how inconvenient we find them but again, we should bow to the Schmidt’s and Mann’s of the world who hold the true knowledge.

Doom and disaster of the sandwich board folk aside, I simply don’t have any excitement about our atmosphere.  Still love a good storm.  Still enjoy the SAME weather I had as a kid, despite the imaginations of the new generation of emotionally educated Illuminati.  It would actually be nice to have an interesting bit of science to bite on but “cover up the model problem” seems to be the idea in climate science these days.  Meh..  It simply isn’t interesting to be continually arguing with climatologists when the side you are arguing against is nothing but paid shills.

Well, unfortunately for me, I’m an engineer and an entrepreneur and I suppose even a reluctant businessman.  In other words, pure evil, or for the more pragmatic, a producer of services.  One thing I recognize in this world is a negotiation, and these people are not scientists at this point, on the whole they don’t really understand yet that they are not scientists anymore, but in a transition phase.  They have entered a pre-negotiated settlement between models and observation.

This is not a scientific negotiation.

Some in the climate science industry have understood.  Some are in the process of reducing model trends, and increasing observed temperature trends. All the while emphasizing uncertainty.  In climate science, and often in business, uncertainty is the moderating unknown factor.   Uncertainty is the heralded helper.  The cover for incoming reason and the industries only remaining protection from common sense. Barrages of questions as to why the ice caps have not melted, and extreme weather has not increased have only uncertainty as an answer.  Yet the pragmatic among us must realize that after decades of extreme doom climate science, we have been surprisingly left ONLY with — uncertainty.

This is a business transaction, and their side has the money, the power, the influence.  The skeptics have the science which is not an insignificant card.

Keep in mind, in business, the middle ground has nothing to do with the correct ground.  It has to do with value and result, and eventual cash in the negotiating players pockets.

We just have to be smart enough to recognize when the negotiations begin.  They are coming whether either side likes it or not.  What is worse is that no matter the outcome, the lawyers will without doubt win this transaction. The governments of the world literally cannot lose — they can only gain more or less.  The tobacco industry has proven quite well how hard it is to kill a multi-hundred billion dollar industry and the negative effects of climate science industry are far less personal.








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