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Selection 2016

Posted by Jeff Id on October 17, 2016

So the Air Vent has been radio silent for a long time.   This blog was born during the first Obama election.   My very first article was to point out the Russian reaction to missile defense in Poland had nothing to do with the actual missiles but rather the range of the insanely powerful radar system on their border.  I was proven right over time.

I spent most of the blogs formative years on climate change.  Climate Audit, WUWT and the Blackboard blogs were key drivers in my writings.   I am extremely grateful for those blog owners direction and trust.   This blog grew steadily for years until Climategate broke in 2009 with the Air Vent at ground zero.  I was at about 5000 views per day and when that hit, it jumped to 35,000.  Probably a normal day at WUWT but it dwarfed my hometown newspapers views at the time.

Today we are faced with a new election and I have to say, an easier choice has never been possible.  We have one candidate who is inarticulate, a billionaire, no criminal history, no known acceptance of foreign money for political favors,  no driving record problems, a non-drinker, didn’t want the Iraq war, and is not part of the political class.  We have a second candidate who is known to take money from foreign countries for undisclosed reasons, who has dealt in classified information on unsecured computer systems, who is known to have attempted quid-pro-quo negotiations with the FBI to change classification of emails, who has attacked the women her husband has been involved with, while vigorously prosecuting her husband’s victims, who has disallowed help to Americans in life ENDING situations ” ‘what at this point does it matter’ “, who has taken millions in speech money from every world-class business,  who has been protected by a compliant media, who was fed debate questions from CNN, who was given a pass from the FBI through obviously corrupt governmental agencies for uniquely poor handling of government documents-which was being done for the reasons of HIDING THE OPERATIONS of HER TAX FREE fake “non-profit” organization which happens to be set up in a manner in which the FOREIGN donors are not disclosed to the US tax payers.

See, the scam is easy, you set up a non-profit in Canada which at this point has not been required to disclose its donors to public, and then you set up a non-profit in the US who is required to show its donors – who are the Clinton group.  What is she going to ‘give’ for the money.   Why are these also rich people, willing to cough up millions?  The answer is as obvious as the response, the Clinton foundation stated that they will stop taking foreign money AFTER she is elected.  In other words, if you want access—– Pay now!

I can’t wright enough to cover her sins.  My fingers will fall off.  She is as guilty as Mann.  She makes hide-the-decline look like girl scout cookie price inflation!!

None of these people are perfect, none of them are my choice.  I liked Fiorina and Carson, yes I am an evil Conservative — because I do understand business and those of you who aren’t…. don’t.  It’s not my fault that you haven’t handled US taxes.  When you wonder where manufacturing went, I told you already so it is your fault for thinking you understand it better than me.

Other countries citizens are exempt from my critique because you cannot understand what we face.  For the rest of you, if you were paying those taxes, you would likely understand the damage to our economy and likely change your mind.

Especially the readers of this blog.

Trump is inarticulate, which doesn’t work well for conservatives.   Bush was quite articulate, despite his gaffes, in case you don’t recall.   He was easy to tease for the left media but much sharper than he was ever given credit for – by the left.  I doubt any of my normal readers could handle the rigors of the daily microphone as well as he.  I couldn’t.  I was one of the few conservatives in my circle who didn’t like the 2nd Iraq war.  I din’t want it, but as is often the case, Nobody asked me.   — I don’t feel sorry for them though.  War is evil, but so is extreme Muslim.  Yup, it is – sorry Brandon.   But that lack of quality Trumpian prose is an easy to slam problem.

So today, we have an incredibly successful businessman, being played by the media as an apparent accidental idiot billionaire.  He speaks of lower taxes, reduced regulation, proper energy production, WINNING DEALS with other countries, directing, controlling and TEACHING the world what it means to be free.   It sounds like cheer-leading, but I’m not there.  Fiorina is much better, but Trump will win the stupid deals because with the right leader, we hold the cards.   Unfortunately, he is in competition with a blatantly corrupt politician being bought out at every possible corner.  Even the RINO’s like her over the un-buyable Trump.  Money from every country for her campaign.  Even Iran.   Even UAE.  Muslim Brotherhood.  Hell the communist party of the united states has endorsed the monster over their own.

Ask yourself why Iraq, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Libya, the United Arab Emirates or Libya would pay money to the Clinton campaign?  Why would any foreign government be allowed whatsoever. What do they want in return.   It USED to be a crime.  Apparently it is all good when you are  a liberal.   Imagine the uproar if roles were reversed.

Tough call?

You will vote as you do no matter what I write.   I know that.  We don’t get the choice for what we actually want in a candidate, but I have to say that this is literally the easiest election decision I’ve ever made.


35 Responses to “Selection 2016”

  1. Titan 28 said

    Nice to see you back, Jeff. I’m with you on this. You articulate the situation perfectly. I expect this election will be a plebiscite on the media, the oligarchs, leftist plutocrats, greens, academics, Hollywood and all the other frauds. Either America has had enough, and will vote for the flawed vessel (Trump), or we will vote in HRC, ushering in 4 more years of profound corruption and abject irrationality. I’ve started rereading Atlas Shrugged.

    I add this for your amusement:

    Don’t give up!

  2. gallopingcamel said

    Thank you for summing up so many of the reasons for choosing Trump over Clinton(s).

    IMHO we will owe Trump a great deal even if he loses this election. The GOP managed to suppress the TEA party but in doing so they created the movement that Trump leads. While the TEA party had no leader, its successor (Trumpism?) will have a clear and popular Manifesto which means it will survive no matter what happens to Trump himself.

    If the GOP manages to suppress Trumpism they will only create an even stronger backlash that will become a new political party that will crush the GOP (remember the Whig party?). I still hope the GOP is capable of transforming into a more democratic organization that represents voters rather than the donor class and elites (banks, academia, trade unions, media etc.).

    Imagine a new GOP where the officials at district level are chosen by lottery. Anyone who registers as a Republican will be eligible to be chosen as a district representative. Each local representative will be limited to one term. Terms should be at least four years but not more than six years.

    District officials will be allowed to nominate one person who they consider best able to represent their interests for state level positions. State level representatives will be chosen (by lottery) from these nominees.

    State officials will be allowed to nominate one person who they consider best able to represent their interests for the national GOP positions. National GOP level representatives will be chosen (by lottery) from these nominees.

    The point of such a process is that it will provide leadership that reflects its membership (ideally “We the People”) rather than leadership that is acceptable to the “Donor Class”.

    A national leadership that is chosen in this way will have the moral authority to impose discipline on its membership. For example one might expect that failure of a party official at any level to support the GOP’s nominee for president would result in automatic expulsion from the party. This would put an end to the unseemly antics of the current GOP “Leadership”.

    • Good point GC. People in power never want to accept responsibility for their actions, but you are correct. The Tea Party was born of the socialism of Obama, but it was the GOP that tried to kill it and gave us Trump. I have no hard data on who his supporters are, but I suspect many are like me. Conservative, but now that we have Trump, we see at least someone who will fight. Who is NOT establishment. I like Jeff’s choices as well, (although my #1 was Cruz then Carson), but I am all in for Trump.

      I will be so bold as to make a prediction. If Trump loses, we will never see another non-democrat elected. The trashing, totally without merit, has reached a level of sophistication that precludes anyone but a democrat from winning.

      But one thing is for sure. The GOP is dead in its current form. Trump wins, and it is out with the old. Trump loses, and they lose their base.

      • gallopingcamel said

        My preference was Carson #1, Fiorina #2 and Trump #3. If all of them had dropped out I would probably have been able to hold my nose long enough to pull the lever for Cruz.

        There is no way I could vote for an “Establishment” candidate. In 2004, 2008 and 2012 I voted for Boris Johnson (write in candidate).

  3. Jeff C said

    From your mouth to God’s ear as they say, an easy decision for us too. It’s fascinating how this election has split the Republican elite from the base. Those of us paying attention long ago realized those running the GOP don’t care about conservative values but they simply see an election victory as their turn to rake in the spoils. Hillary is clearly corrupt as the day is long, but the GOP establishment would rather see her win than lose control of the party. Burn it down and start over. If it takes Trump then so be it. And as you point out, the guy has accomplished a few things in his life.

    Good post Jeff, nice to see you writing again after a long absence. Miss the days of RegEM and parsing remote sensing data. Our best to you and your family.

    Jeff C.

    • Jeff Id said

      Thanks Jeff. It’s great to hear from you. I had very little when we first started working together and a lot more time to play but it exploded on us. We’re building a new office now — our 7th new building since tAV was created, and putting a new ERP system in place at work and the conversion was not managed well. Considering my position, that means I’m to blame. Last time I changed systems it was very smooth. This time…. not so much. I tried to turn over too much responsibility.

      I’m glad you picked up on the split because that is the biggest message I tried to convey. The power mongers can’t stand Trump, not for his policies, which are theirs, not for his beliefs, which also match theirs, but BECAUSE THEY CANNOT BUY HIM!.

      Sorry for the caps, it isn’t for you, you already figured it out. Why would Clinton announce that her organization wouldn’t take foreign contributions until after the election? If they were not a problem, she could continue forever. If they were a problem, which they clearly are, you should stop immediately. If people are stupid and you WANT the money, you say — after the election I will stop (using money drugs)– and oddly enough that maximizes her cash. Huh? I must be a moron.

      Anyway, we ought to shred a paper for fun someday soon. I’m still not a big fan of Trump but my decision is made. This lady has to go.

      • Jeff C said

        Congrats on the business expansion Jeff, I’m not surprised things have taken off for you. As to delegating, it’s the perfectionist engineer’s curse, no one can do it quite as well as we could. I’m still at Boeing, unfortunately doing far more managing that hands-on tinkering these days. Someone’s got to do it I guess. My boys are 12 and 9 now, two future engineers based on their aptitude.

        I agree, she’s got to go. The IBD/TIPP and Rasmussen polls both had it tied up today, though they are clearly outliers. We’ll see. As to the Breitbart O’Keefe link, CNN had a story on it yesterday that started with, “Discredited Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe….” These guys are shameless.

  4. omanuel said

    I am with you. I highly recommend Jon Rappoport’s latest blog on Fakery.

  5. jeff

    An excellent piece, well done

    I suppose those from this side of the pond are aghast at how the American political system can throw up two people of this kind when you have a pool of 320 million. So obviously something strange is going on that perhaps we in Britain are uniquely qualified to observe.

    A large part of the Brexit vote was intimately tied up with the elite political, educational, business and cultural classes simply not listening to ‘ordinary’ people and setting an agenda that suited them.

    A referendum on the anti democratic, corrupt and incompetent EU bureaucracy (not European countries themselves) was a unique opportunity for us to protest against the world the elites have constructed, largely for their own benefit.

    Trump of course is the American Brexit Candidate personified. Although living a charmed life himself he does seem to articulate the hopes, fears and frustrations of ‘ordinary’ people in a manner that no other candidate did in the primaries, who just didn’t ‘get’ what Trump represented.

    It is unfortunate that Trump is ‘inarticulate’ and often seems a deeply unpleasant public person. However, whether a more ‘credible’ i.e. conventional candidate, would have reached out to those discontented with the status quo is another matter.

    Clinton is a weasel who represents the very worst of what is dragging America down, mired as she is in corporate and institutional greed, self interest and questionable morality.

    I suspect that-like Brexiteers-there are a number of people who will vote for Trump but won’t admit it. In the UK that was around 5%.

    I don’t want Clinton to win, but on the other hand does Trump have the intellectual or moral capacity to ‘make America great again’ and take on the mantle of leader of the free world that Obama has so carelessly cast aside during his Presidency?

    Good luck with your decision, whatever it is. For my part I can only look on aghast as the Presidential car crash continues apace and just hope that whatever driver walks away from it is capable of running your country fairly and for the benefit of everyone, including your allies.


  6. Thx for yr summation, Jeff Id.
    There’s a UN /Brexit situation here,
    choices must be made.

    Say, what goes around
    comes around in
    the long war between
    open and closed societies,
    one messy-innovative,
    no guarantees, the other
    top-down divine-right of
    kings and bureaucrats –
    ‘we’ll tell you what to think,’
    – the Inquisition, U.N. or
    Clintons’ closet imitation
    of the Goebell’s messaging
    machine and the stifling
    of free speech.


  7. Thanks Jeff, you have written down the impressions I have gathered about the situation in US. As an Aussie I do not appreciate everything that occurs in US but we also have a problem with so called conservatives backing the global politics of Obama & crooked Clinton while the other side are socialists being dictated by corruption unions ( although union membership is down to about 15% of those employed). At the last election there was a considerable vote for independents who are sick of the major parties. The other thing which Obama and the EU bureaucrats do not get is that China, India and Russia are playing games particularly with pretend “climate” and “energy” policies to destroy the economic power of US and EU. The three of these countries are very savy in IT. If Clinton gets voted in see China and Russia really putting pressure on USA. Trump could hold up the US for some time but I feel the history is speeding up with better communications and the US empire will fade away just as did the Roman Empire, the Spanish, the Dutch, the Austrian and the British empires. In the next 50 years there is at least some hope of sanity with India having a semblance of democracy.

  8. None said

    Sorry to see you backing Trump. He’s not just inarticulate, he’s stupid and a nasty person. Being successful in business (if you can call a string of very large bankruptcies successful), does not mean he’s smart. As a Scot I’m keenly aware of the whole Michael Forbes issue, where after having failed to get a local landowner to sell his land, Trump tried to get the local government to FORCE him to sell it to Trump’s golf club project. To “top” it off, after a yearly poll sponsored by Glenfiddich voted for Forbes as “Top Scot”, Trump attempted to force Glenfiddich to give it to someone else despite the vote, threatening (and presumably eventually going ahead with) banning of Glenfiddich and all products from the same firm from all his hotels and resorts.

    • #1 – 4 is hardly a string. And he used the law to his advantage
      #2 – You do not become a billionaire by being stupid.

      You are free to believe what you want. You are not free to make up your own facts.

      • None said

        Yes sorry one bankruptcy. I should have said one immensely large bankruptcy plus multiple large business failures, frequently leaving others in the hole.
        I did not say you become a billionaire by being stupid, I said Trump was stupid. Being extremely rich I’d hazard a guess is a cross between luck, hard work, and some business savvy. The only people I know who have become extremely wealthy (not billionaires of course) lost it again trying to reproduce their success in other businesses. Other extraordinarily intelligent people I have known who worked incredibly hard still failed to become even moderately wealthy (yet). Intelligence is not required and is probably in many ways detrimental.

        At least we are agreed on the nasty person part though.

        • You still have it wrong. It is 4 Bankruptcies. And the reason the laws are in place is just for the reason Trump used them. Or are you used to demanding laws that will never be used?

          And you calling Trump stupid is exactly what I pointed out. He BECAME a billionaire. He earned it (which is more than 99% of those in politics can say). So you not only backtracked so fast you left your shoes in front of you, you tripped over your own feet doing so!

          You might want to actually start learning and stop repeating talking points. But that is just a helpful suggestion. As I said, you are entitled to your own opinions – but try to make them at least intelligent ones.

        • Jeff Id said

          None, who has posted before….

          I know it is extraordinary important to look at the binary choice we have. We can pretend that bad stuff is always equal, but we have an absolutely bad person running for the most powerful position on the planet. Self-serving is a machine at the gas station, this is a self-first person of the highest degree. Bankruptcies happen and creditors to those companies get screwed, Our company has lost hundreds of thousands over the years to bankrupt companies — some of which were complete scams. Most were people who just blew their cash and couldn’t find a way out. Trump’s success isn’t anywhere near the accident level and as a “still” successful manufacturer in the US you should damned well pay attention to that.

          I’ve not met many stupid successful business owners. In fact, I can name exactly zero. My advice to you, should you chose to take it, is to pay attention to the minutia. There are subtleties to how Trump speaks and if I were negotiating, we would be speaking the same language — although I would attempt to complete my sentences in a far more accurate way. For example —- if you want Mexico to change their policy on exportation of people — which they do on purpose — you threaten to build a wall. Then you tell them they will pay for that wall. Do you actually need the money to buy the wall — no. Do you actually expect them to comply? You could force it, but if you understand the Mexican govt position, you can get something in return for your own position. If you start with, “meh, you don’t need to pay”. Just what the hell do you ever expect to get?!!

          Not one damned thing if you have a brain on your shoulders.

          Hillary though, is completely immoral, as is the left. They have no center, no direction for society, no hope for future prosperity, only mass welfare. It’s clear from the results of the past 8 years, and it will probably be very clear for the last 12 after she is elected and we have another 4.

          Highest business tax in the world, probably the highest exodus of manufacturing in the world over the last 20 years, probably the highest change in employment sector as well. Meh…. we really shouldn’t think to much. The Clinton news network, ABC, NBC, CBS, AP, BBC, NY Times, Huffinton post, LA Times, on and on and on and on … all have our best interests at heart.

          So go ahead and think that a couple of bankrupt businesses outweigh massive welfare and destruction of manufacturing, the jailing of innocents while breaking numerous laws. Just don’t sell it to me.

    • gallopingcamel said

      Glenfiddich 12 year old is my #1 scotch. Thanks to Trump more of it will be available.

    • page488 said

      None – what kind of work do you do? Have you ever owned a business of your own?

  9. Go Canucks!! said

    Presidents are not dictators. The country is run by or with advisors and I would like to see the presidential advisors changed. That why I prefer Trump. He doesn’t have to be all knowing. To me, Democrat advisors are air heads.

    • Dan Kelly said

      I think you are absolutely correct that Trump will delegate the details of running government to others. His mode of operation in business has been to throw out unusual demands to the people he is negotiating with, throwing them off guard responding to them, while his subordinates take care of the details.

      I don’t think he wants to govern as much as he wants to be president so he can flap his arms around, spout nonsense, and be the center of attention. Reminds me of Capt. Peter Peachfuzz of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle. Here is a primer for those of you not schooled in the classics:

      Peggy Noonan wrote in Saturday’s WSJ, quoting a conservative intellectual this week who wrote “I’m for the venal idiot who won’t mechanize government against all I hold dear”. I have looked for the origin of that quote but haven’t found it. I think it sums up this election’s choices. I find Trump disgusting, but believe Moose and Squirrel will take care of things so he will do the least damage of any of the candidates.

    • gallopingcamel said

      I think you failed to notice what is going on in the USA. Barack Obama is running the country by fiat. One usurpation piled on another.

      1. Making treaties which are not subject to senate approval (e.g. Iran).
      2. Executive amnesty in defiance of court decisions.
      3. Taking over police departments.
      4. Controlling every little detail in our schools from “Common Core” to restrooms.

      There are plenty more examples so Obama is a dictator who becomes bolder each time the GOP rolls over.

  10. ghostwhowalksnz said

    “Trump is inarticulate, which doesn’t work well for conservatives” Thats the only place I have read this as of course it cant possibly be true. he would never have made a so so TV show a success if he was ‘inarticulate’. if you compare the two, its Clinton who is wooden, rehearsed and prone to mumbo jumbo – ‘go to my website’. Trump is totally at home with TV , radio, social media and on stage is the consummate performer.
    The fact that Trump talks rubbish is because he hasnt worked on the issues/details that sort of thing. His previous tax guy said Trump was never interested in his tax returns, unlike his father who wanted to know a lot of details. Even his wife at the time asked more questions.

  11. Joe Crawford said

    Thank you for your clear description of the choices in this election. My concern with Trump is that he appears to suffer from a strange combination of both egomania and insecurity. I have had the misfortune of working for both in my (now past) career and insecurity can be the most dangerous. With insecurity one perceived slight, many years in the past can have a devastating effects on the future. I just hope Dan Kelly (above) is correct and that Trump will appoint competent people and let them do their jobs. Regardless, he is still the better choice (though maybe only the lesser of two evils) and might actually surprise everyone and hopefully become a good president.

    As far as fixing what is wrong with our current system of government, while electing Trump might be a start we still have to figure out how to get rid of the career politicians. To me this would require term limits, a balanced budget amendment and gross restrictions on the Interstate Commerce clause. But, good luck on getting any of these into the constitution.

    Our system was designed around the idea of a citizen legislator that goes to Washington a few day a year to decide and vote on what is best for the country and the people within it, then returns home to his day job. There was to be no money involved other that expenses, and no way to enrich yourself or your supporters through legislative action. You can blame the Supreme Court for the gross expansion of the Interstate Commerce clause that has opened the door for man’s natural tendencies of greed and self-aggrandizement. You can blame the career politicians in Congress, more interested in reelection than governance, for abdicating their power to the Presidency so they don’t have to vote on contentious issues. And lastly, you can blame voters for not paying attention, for letting their confirmation bias overrule situational awareness and logical reasoning.

    I fear that a few more years with the Democratic Progressives in charge and we will soon become a socialist totalitarian democracy. On the positive side, at least for me, I probably won’t live long enough to see our total downfall.

    • Jeff Id said

      Thanks Joe.

      I think quite similarly. I’m also very concerned that Clinton voters have become completely uninformed. We had a new woman today, describe in ugly detail how Bill used her neck as a rubbing post. We had more detail as to how the Clinton machine is attempting to incite riots at Trump rallies and how Soros is actually funding fights. Compared being caught red-handed bribing the FBI to change the classification of an email right at the moment Clinton was claiming there were no classified emails!! and the negative stories are “Trump”? Makes watergate look pretty small.

      But you won’t even know about it if you don’t look.

      • page488 said

        So very true, Jeff.

      • Joe Crawford said

        Between the emails and the videos one could see a similarity with the initial rise of the “Brownshirts” (Sturmabteilung or SA) in the ’20s. As described in the Wikipedia: “Their primary purposes were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of opposing parties, …”

        If you can believe the current polls, it is starting to look like H.L. Mencken might have been right when he said: “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars: the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

  12. cdquarles said

    I only partially disagree with you about Iraq. 1. There was a cease-fire, and when a cease-fire is violated, the war is technically back on. 2. We should have ousted Saddam the first go-around and worked to get Islam to reform itself. 3. Islam has been at war with the rest of the world from its inception. Forget that at your peril. 4. Don’t forget that there were multiple violations of the cease-fire agreement (how many resolutions from the feckless UN (17?) plus our own 1998 Iraq Security Act. 5. The “MSM” blatantly misled the public about realities (something they’ve been doing for a very long time). 6. I am the son of a veteran. I have a son in the Navy. Iraq had to happen, though (like Vietnam, or Viet-nam ;), if you will) what our Democrat politicians did was worse than the military action.

    • Jeff Id said

      Should have ousted Saddam the first go around — I agree if we take over without apology and make it a territory or dump it on its head. I’m done with the idea that the people are ready to govern themselves.

      Actually, I’m ready for Putin to rule us because the people can’t make a choice. Lousy candidates, but compared to Hillary, Trump is superman. That even one moron would chose her is beyond real and that is the beast that will rule us for the next 4 years at least. It will destroy the supreme court. Destroy our economy. Destroy our rights. Take our property. Take our prosperity. Run the debt even higher and what will we get? The next left-wing moron to replace it in the next election.

      Fox went on and on about Trumps alleged women problems, and completely ignored that Leslie Millwee described in detail how Bill used her head as a rubbing post — repeatedly.

      I’m so tired of the stupid. Economics, Negotiation, Regulation, Efficiency, Trade deals…. on and on.. Easy call.

  13. gallopingcamel said

    Hillary Clinton is downright dangerous. Thanks to her we are on track for a “Hot War” with Russia that could escalate. Russians are already being re-patriated:

  14. Serioso said

    Just to send a little cold air into this echo chamber of hot vented air — a few words from the best of the MSM: Read it and think!

    • It is the best mouthpiece that the democrats have. But it also does nothing to the content. Or are you just a millennial that education failed?

    • cdquarles said

      Ha ha ha ha ha. You’re out of your friggin’ mind. Look in the mirror, bub, for what you say about us applies to you and your fellow travelers in spades.

    • Jeff Id said

      Jeezus.. I can’t believe anyone could read that drivel and even for a moment find either truth or information in it. The thing paints the biggest criminal in American political history as a statesman with ‘experience’ and the ability to do the job, while painting a self made billionaire as a bumbling moron. Boggles the mind that someone would believe any of it, let alone link it as though it were informative. It’s propaganda from the in-the-tank media, nothing more.

      It is clearly you who needs to do a lot of thinking and hopefully a hell of a lot less voting.

  15. […] Serioso on Selection 2016 […]

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