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Media Corruption Impacts Election

Posted by Jeff Id on October 23, 2016

Update:  Reader Lynn Clark added this link to the comments– along with a fair critique of my post.   I rarely watch video to get information because it comes to slowly.   In this case, I watched the whole thing.  The title is stupid, the rest is not.


The media is more than stinking up the joint this election.  Even the pseudo-conservative Fox news has made it clear that they will not back a political outsider.  I seriously wonder how many people are aware that Hillary has been caught (smoking gun) trading American interests for her own personal gain.   Do voters even know that she sold 20 percent of Amercian Uranium directly to Russia in exchange for millions of dollars in contributions to her charity, the one she claimed contributed 90% of its money to good causes — a complete fabrication at the last debate which went largely unchallenged.  The media not only didn’t question her once during the entire campaign about this quid-pro-quo Uranium deal but didn’t even bring it up in the debates.   In addition to the millions, Bill Clinton was given another half million right after the deal for a ‘speaking’ engagement.  Instead of talking about Hillary helping to arm a totalitarian superpower in exchange for money for herself, they talk about Trump being unstable.

You probably don’t even know that Podesta owned huge amount of stock in a Russian business, only that Russia hacked the emails and Trump must be their friend.  Of course  you also don’t know that there is no actual evidence on public record that Russia had a thing to do with the hacked emails?

Do you even know that the Hillary campaign and the DNC have been caught red handed in video and documents using illegal aliens to vote in multiple states to RIG the election?   The media has only brushed this point but long time activists with strong contacts to the white house have been forced to resign.   All that people could ask about the incident, and all that was news, was to ask Trump if he would support the election results.  No mention made of WHY the results would be questioned by anyone.  No reporting of the seriousness of the wide spread allegations and video evidence of election tampering by the Democrat party.  It’s as though discussion of such things is a Lewandowsky-like conspiracy, BUT WE HAVE IT ON TAPE!!  It isn’t a stretch to imagine why they would ask the question and then act like Trump is crazy when he doesn’t give in to their stupid reaction.   It was a scam folks and it worked because you probably don’t even know about what caused it.

Are you aware that there are literally dozens of quid pro quo examples released in the Wiki emails, including the use of the actual words by Clinton’s own confidants in reference to foreign and other money.  This is the biggest story of corruption in the history of America, and the media only wants to talk about women Trump is accused of — well I’m not sure how to describe it.  Did you hear that the King of Morocco spent 12 million for access to Hillary. Did you hear when the media asked her what the King expected to receive in return for that cash payment? — No you didn’t, because they didn’t ask!

You may say the latest porn star sex accuser is fair game, but are you even aware that Bill Clinton has been accused of rape and Hillary accused of threatening her to silence.  Did you know that a new women came forward and accused Bill of forcibly using the back of her head as a rubbing post.  The detail she used was completely disgusting and I couldn’t finish the video, but the MEDIA won’t report it.  Actual rape and actual assault, while the accuser actually pleaded with him to stop which he did NOT do.   Instead we have BOLD HEADLINES that a porn star was offered money for sex with Trump and she said no.   A claim Trump denies of course, but the two events are orders of magnitude different from a moral perspective.

Did you know that Clinton attempted to give the FBI significant support that they wanted in important positions, in exchange for changing the ‘classified’ status of a critical email right at the time she was telling the public that there WERE NO CLASSIFIED emails.

Do you even understand that the REASON for the private server was to hide the quid pro quo Hillary was working as Secretary of State, from the public eye and government control.   Without a private server, her crimes would be totally visible.  That is what the scandal is about, it had little to do with protecting confidential information — as the media keeps telling you. Hell, conservatives were talking about the reason for the servers existence well before the ‘classified email’ problem was discussed.  It’s like climategate, they got the public focused on the wrong issue entirely avoiding the real problem.  That is the purpose of controlling information, but it is impossibly hard for the general public to figure out these things if the MEDIA won’t report them.

Did anyone even tell you that the Podesta emails were not disclosed to the FBI for the investigation.  These were held back by Hillary, even though they were highly related to classified emails as they included discussion with the FBI about classified emails.   Yes this means that the FBI had emails in their possession which proved Hillary did not comply with their discovery order.  Instead, these same emails were instead deleted and scrubbed from her server using Bit Bleach, a program which overwrites the same area of the harddrive until the data cannot be forensically recovered.   How would you know if ABC,CBS,CNN, NBC and even Fox don’t report it as part of their normal news.  There was 10X more evidence of Hillary quid pro quo in Podesta’s emails sent to Hillary’s server.  YOU and I should have no doubt as to why she destroyed the other 30,000.

Even the fact that she deleted emails protected under subpoena was lied about.  The podesta emails have recently proven that she was completely guilty of the charges and the coverup and the content of the emails demonstrates the INTENT in their destruction.  She HAD previously claimed her lawyers only deleted personal emails, but we only have seen a section of the Podesta thread which proves that she was bribing the FBI to remove classified emails while simultaneously lying to them about the emails existence, and at the same point in time her team was actively deleting  incriminating emails.   Did you know any of that?

Were you aware that the FBI gave immunity to the key people involved in the quid pro quo scam.  The one in front of them that they were NOT investigating, instead focusing on the obviously mishandled classified emails.   That’s not the half of it though, they actually agreed to DESTROY THE COMPUTERS of the people who had been given immunity.   I know CNN didn’t bother to report any of that.  Why would the FBI agree to destroy the evidence of what we now KNOW for an absolute FACT from the Podesta email release was felony level criminal activity by these people.  What power and money were they offered in exchange for the destruction of those computers.

And the media didn’t report that either.   In fact the only way to find these things out is search the internet endlessly and piece the bits together.  A bit of talk radio doesn’t hurt either.

Did you know that the majority if not all of the contributions from the Clinton foundation have been to her husband’s other foundations as well as to grease palms of people allegedly helping other countries.   This hundreds of millions of dollars is not for Charity — instead we get news of a Trump foundation exceeding a paltry 25,000 limit and not filing correctly in New York.  Well done MEDIA, well done indeed!  The two issues are again, not comparable in magnitude or criminality but you probably heard about Trump, did you hear about what Clinton really did?!!

Have you understood that the Democratic party is funding violence at Trump rallies such that the media can paint Trump as violent.   Did you know that was Clintons intent when she spoke of the violence during her campaign and the media was instructed to pile on?  It was a setup that some of us believed, but now we have video and written proof.   The individuals were literally paid and trained to go to these events and try to get in fights.   They were also paid to incite violence at the anti-police demonstrations.  People are being injured and even killed and the Democrats are caught red handed on video funding and training people to make the situation worse.  That has to be a felony of some sort, but you sure don’t hear of it from CNN do you..?

Are you aware that the media has been caught red handed organizing, approving and delivering scripted messages for the Hillary campaign for this entire election cycle.  Smoking gun, red handed crooked collusion, just like climategate, — which incidentally they also did a horrible job covering and most people aren’t aware of that event either.  Her fits of rage with them when they ask her questions she didn’t like.  Did you know she was fed questions before the democratic debates by CNN?   Before proof of that became public, I watched the first presidential debate between her and Trump and my friends will tell you I fully believed Clinton was fed the cyber security question which quite transparently avoided the FBI investigation of her now proven CRIMINAL activities.

These emails, videos and other evidence have proven beyond a doubt how corrupt Clinton and the Democrat party are.  No I’m sure that the Republicans do some bad things but we all know there is no equivalent on the other side of the fence.  In fact, you can tell which Republicans like power more than doing the right thing, because they know all of these facts SO they are likely the ones attacking Trump as well.   In the greatest magnitude, one party owns this mess, the authoritarian faux-Democrat, vote-stealing party is following the exact pattern that the conservatives have warned you of for decades.  They are stealing your votes, they are stealing your money and property, they are giving away your children’s future, and you know damned well, once you’ve given you aren’t getting it back from Hillary.  If you can’t figure her personality out from her other actions, you can tell that by how her ‘foundation’ gives back alone.

So do you know what I think when I see people supporting Hillary, I think they are morons.  I think that in many cases, their ideals of government have corrupted their own thought processes to the point that they cannot see truth.  I also see tremendous ignorance of what is going on due to concerted efforts by liberal media groups.   I’m afraid of what it means for America to support this evil person, and the evil totalitarian organization she represents.

The government-media complex has grown the critical mass the founding fathers warned you of.   Mind control is completely unnecessary when you have full complicity and collusion of the media.   There are very big stories in this election that are not being covered, and very small stories being painted as big events.  America is being attacked on all fronts, the elections are being rigged, non-citizen undocumented voters are being allowed to vote with only a drivers license, video and written evidence has shown that they are being funded by the Democratic party to provide fake jobs, transportation and registration to vote in multiple states – with full knowledge of the Clintons and whitehouse.

Again, I know I’m not changing anyone’s vote, but you at least owe it to yourselves to be informed by something other than the canned bullshit being peddled by the networks.   Try Breitbart for a start but there are a lot of other sources as well.  Today we learn that Trumps latest accuser — a porn star mentioned above — is launching her new on line sex company at the same moment she accused Trump of an unverifiable claim that she was offered money for sex with Trump by a third party.  Free advertising?  Noooo!, couldn’t be true.  She claims she said no and instead got money for sex with other people.  I bet you won’t learn about the timing related to her company on other networks though, only the big HEADLINE of the accusation.  You have to come to an old climate blog to even find out about it.  Where was the headline for Clinton’s use the back of an unwilling woman’s head as an orgasm post.

Did you know that several of the Trump accusers accounts have been rejected by witnesses?   Probably not because MSNBC doesn’t want to tell you about that.

I’m not buying any of the bullshit from the networks, and I am buying that Bill Clinton did assault the woman on the tape recently because her story was disgustingly detailed, and unlike Trump, Clinton has a history of rape and sexual assault (dramatically immoral) and unlike Trump, Clinton has been forced to pay hundreds of thousands to get out of trouble with women.   See — not the same thing at all!! and NBC doesn’t even talk about it, only accusations of Trump chasing ladies are news.

All of that, and I’m still not a huge Trump fan.   He will negotiate a better deal for the US and you cannot buy him with a few million bucks because he flatly doesn’t need it.  He lacks detail and doesn’t communicate well.  Still, the prospect of an outsider in the job is one which I am very much interested in at this point.  These corrupt bastards in the FBI and all across our government need to be purged with extreme prejudice.   We could probably kick out all of the drug addicts from our jails and refill the whole things up again with Washington insiders and be a hell of a lot better off.

Pay attention folks, because you are about to get horrifically screwed by the media and the Clintons.   Juanita Broaddrick can tell you personally from her own experience that it’s not fun to be forcibly screwed by either of them and she was by both.


10 Responses to “Media Corruption Impacts Election”

  1. jinghis said

    The South seceded because the Northern Industries succeeded in protecting their financial interests at the expense of the South through protective Tariffs.

    The American people are in a very similar situation to the South vs the Globalists.

    We need to be smarter this time

  2. Lynn Clark said

    Fox News Channel is my “home” channel. If I’m awake and at home — which is all the time unless I’m out buying groceries or mowing the lawn or some such — it’s on. None of what you wrote about here is news to anyone who watches FNC.

    Contrary to what you claim, ALL of this has been reported on Fox News many times. I do not see the anti-Trump bias on FNC of which you speak. Trump gets a LOT of time on FNC both in the news programs and in the commentary/analysis programs, all of it fair and balanced, I would say. He’s been on Hannity and The O’Reilly Factor many times for extended discussions with both. Hannity is a rabid Trump supporter. He’s also been on The Kelly File (*after* the debate where he got into the “bleeding from wherever” dust-up with Kelly).

    By contrast, Hillary has appeared ONCE on FNC, on The O’Reilly Factor; not because others haven’t invited her to come on their shows, but because she won’t appear where she’ll be asked difficult questions. ALL of the Clinton scandal/behavior has been reported a LOT on FNC.

    Having said all of that, you’re definitely correct about Clinton corruption. Here’s a former federal prosecutor detailing the level of corruption of the Obama Department of Justice, Department of Treasury (IRS), the FBI director, and the Clinton machine:

    (click on the video at the top of the article; it’s 26-1/2 minutes)

    • Jeff Id said

      I watched the video in its entirety. I’ve added your video link to the head post. Thank you, truly awesome!

      I rarely watch Fox because video is too slow a medium to get information, and more recently because Kelly did a terrible job after the last debate. I’m seriously tired of her antics. I’m sure CNN mentioned some things too, just not in detail and not with the proper certainty. The debate Wallace ran was the best one, it still didn’t address enough real issues and there could have been 4 Wallace debates to get through them. Not enough tough questions for Hillary, because we’ve already heard Trump answer everything.

  3. Fox is damned if the do, and damned if they don’t. Fox has always had a conservative commentary, but I do not look to them for biased news coverage. I look to them for getting the news the rest of the media does not show. Which means sometimes it is against the conservative. So I am not disappointed with their coverage. In Print. I do not watch talking heads so do not “watch” any news. I read it on line.

    This is the only chance we have to arrest the decline of the country. If the media succeed in electing the most corrupt person to ever run for the office, the American people might as well bend over and take it. Because they are no longer relevant.

    • Jeff Id said

      Hillary’s ‘Friend’ gave a half million dollars to the top of the deputy director of the FBI — while she was being investigated.

      I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that the FBI let her go though. A half million for a Senate campaign is pretty big money. I wonder how many other Senators received that kind of money from her friend.

    • Joe Crawford said

      Phil & Jeff,
      There is a hilarious article in US News titled “Study: Is Fox Too Balanced?” that talks about “… a first-of-its-kind study in the authoritative International Journal of Press/Politics of how Fox, CNN, and MSNBC cover the issue of global warming.” The last paragraph of the US News article is a riot:

      “The study acknowledges that Fox was the most balanced from the numbers perspective, but the network still gets an F. The reason, it says, is because viewers are influenced by what they see, and seeing more critics of global warming makes more viewers critics. …”

      Equal time reporting both sides of an issue isn’t considered ‘balanced’. I guess you can only be balanced if you only report the proper side of an issue.

    • gallopingcamel said

      Fox only has Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity making any sense. Once those two are fired Fox will be in lock step with the “Main Stream Media”.

  4. As it relates to the election-news-cycle topic of this discussion:

    FOX and ClintonNewsNetwork are right next to each other on my cable network. Bias? Switch back and forth, it’s a lesson in dialectics – but without any evolution or progress. CNN…it goes without saying. FOX, on the other hand, had Hannity and O’Reilly’s noses so far up Trump, it was a televised colonoscopy. (Megan Kelly has been relatively fair and balanced, along with “Brit Hume”, “The Five” and “Red Eye”) Having said that, I’m not convinced many FOX voters will suddenly become baptized progressives, and join the “⇑m With ⇓er” congregation. FOX really isn’t quite America’s mainstream anyway, more of an arroyo.

    Let’s face it, Hillary is the worst we’ve ever seen, at least since there’s been national campaigning. Corrupt to the core. And Trump…well, the lesser of two evils is still…evil. The framers of our constitution intended that the three “powers” be separate and equal, with the checks and balances to carry us through a time when we literally have no choice. Yet, we must still vote. Vote down ballot to protect what is looking to become a fragile balance. It is up to us to protect the foundation when so much unwanted remodeling is happening. Vote constitutionally conservative – do some research on the candidates (and the ballot measures!)

    Do not let Clinton’s machine steamroll the constitution. This is not the Chelsea Morning Joni Mitchell envisioned.

  5. Jeff Id said

    And they lied about the emials being fake.

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