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Donna Brazile on CheckSums

Posted by Jeff Id on October 24, 2016

Since the beginning of digital transmission, something I call checksums have been used.  We used to get them with downloads to correct EXE files before they were run and unexpectedly crashed. Today we use them to write to hard drives because 1 in 10^15 bytes is wrong or some crap like that, even when the drives are good, stuff goes wrong and checks are used to retry data transmission.  In the electrical engineering world, things aren’t perfect and a bad EE doesn’t recognize this, a good one spends her or his life looking out for the problems.

Transmission of 1’s or 0’s or whatever base is being used needs to accurately differentiate between states.  If you want to maximize your transmission rate, an absolute law of physics for return on investment of data transmission — is that you push it to its absolute limit of resolution.  And you then provide a checksum- for each packet of information transmitted.  The check could be very simple, add the digital value of each byte and transmit that.   Take the lowest order of the added value of each byte…  Sounds complex but it isn’t.  Take the highest order of each byte value – same result…. But Donna is a moron and that is what she gets.

The bottom line is that the checksum doesn’t contain the full information of the email and it is impossible to put together a readable combination of characters which would lead to the same checksum.  If you put a single extra space…..  An extra period… delete a character, change an apostrophe, let alone a changed idea,  the checksum doesn’t agree anymore.

So since nobody but Donna disagreed, Donna didn’t like her own emails. She was embarrassed by what she wrote!  Enough to lie about it, or all of the hacked email folk would have disagreed.

Pay attention folks, it’s just the data.

2 Responses to “Donna Brazile on CheckSums”

  1. gallopingcamel said

    You have to love Donna Brazile for saying that her lies must be believed because she is a “Christian Woman”.

  2. I just made the same statement about Brazile on another thread. Although what I think happened is that some of the Clinton camp tried it as a trial balloon to see if it would float, until the crypot-analysis proved it would not. However, no one told Brazile so she openly lied about it. But then that is where we are today. Democrats have no fear of prosecution for illegalities, so they openly and brazenly lie. And you can bet that their useful idiots are going to parrot the line.

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