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Getting Away With It

Posted by Jeff Id on October 27, 2016

My bold below.  Clintons folk could even figure out why she did it.

From Fox News today and the department of – you couldn’t make this stuff up:


Podesta also wrote to Tanden airing his concerns on March 2, the day the story about Clinton’s private email account broke.

“Speaking of transparency, our friends [attorney David] Kendall, Cheryl and Phillipe [Reines] sure weren’t forthcoming on the facts here,” Podesta wrote.

Tanden replied, implying that keeping the email setup a secret was likely Mills’ doing.

“This is a Cheryl special,” Tanden wrote. “Know you love her, but this stuff is like her Achilles heel. Or kryptonite. She just can’t say no to this s—. Why didn’t they get this stuff out like 18 months ago? So crazy.”

Tanden added: “I guess I know the answer they wanted to get away with it.



6 Responses to “Getting Away With It”

  1. And they will. The sheer criminality of the democrats will go on as the republican establishment has stated they will not prosecute it. There is no law left in the land. Our only hope – and it is not a great one, is that Trump does convene a special prosecutor and the crimes are prosecuted.

    No other republican would do it. And Trump may not either.

  2. Trump for President, Hillary for Prison – 2016

  3. page488 said

    …………….and the hits just keep on coming. It’s a shame, but most of the country won’t find out much about this until the press gets pissed off at her (if that even happens) during her administration, should she win. Meanwhile, my puny individual health insurance cost will sky rocket next year with the press still cheering that Obamacare is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Get your money out of the country, if you can. I think all hell’s going to break loose in the next year or so.

  4. Jeff Id said

    NOT getting away with it!!

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