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Posted by Jeff Id on October 28, 2016

So yeah…  I wrote in no uncertain terms that Hillary was a crook.  I wrote that Mann was a crook. I wrote that Lewandowski is a liar and crook.   I wrote that tree ring hockey sticks are nonsense. Yes I know it doesn’t make me Nostradamaus because — those of you born with common sense already saw the same thing. I do get points becaue I took the time to drive a stake in the ground and wrote it down.  Had I been wrong, I would be called out on it.

I also titled the last post in the terms that “SHE” was getting away with it……

So I will give you some additional common sense from the matter, because we are being led by the nose BY the media.  I’m unwilling to participate in the nonsense.  Hillary is alreayd 100% guilty of crimes NONE of us could possibly survive prosecution from.  The evidence is in and she IS guilty.

She is in fact— so effing guilty that the director of the FBI has re-opened investigation of her emails.

Comey, the same asshole who let her go just week ago despite the fact that she had her people DELETE subpoenaed evidence using server-wipe software, had preferential destruction of computer evidence IN A NOW RE-OPENED CASE!  The evidence has been wiped, her closest people protected by writ.

It’s nonsense to protect a heavily entrenched politician.


She was blatantly and illegally protected by those charged with following law.   Comey literally threw out a case so obviously and easily prosecutable that it was impossible to defend their rejection.  He literally stated that the problem existed, but he couldn’t show “intent”.    hehe. The mainstream media allowed it to happen with no critique.

SOO,  I keep being right folks.  I really do.  It is what we used to call— common sense.  Today it’s called ‘conservative’.

I’ll leave you with a quote from a comment here a couple of days ago.


Just to send a little cold air into this echo chamber of hot vented air — a few words from the best of the MSM: Read it and think!

So while I’m THINKING perhaps Sirioso, might want to re-think ZHE’s own position.

Read the link at your own risk.

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Smarter, you will not be.

11 Responses to “Unraveling”

  1. page488 said

    I couldn’t get past the second paragraph in the New Yorker endorsement. Sickening, isn’t it. She literally turns my stomach. Whoever wrote that must be an idiot, or blinded to the facts because the press is all into “firsts” and “communism” for the middle class. It’s bizarre. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a replay of the aftermath of the Russian revolution transplanted to this country, and playing out in slow motion, without too much killing yet, but with the annihilation of the country, as I have known it all my life, coming soon. Gosh, this is depressing.

    I don’t know why Comey didn’t recommend prosecution. Of course, had he, the Obama DOJ wouldn’t have prosecuted her, anyway. But, at least, he could have made that recommendation and it would be on the books. Maybe he’s afraid for his life. LOL (just joking…sort of)

    I’m tired of people asking me, “But don’t you want a woman for president?” Well, sure, but I certainly don’t want her. Why is it “her turn?” That concept has befuddled my from the beginning.

    Caught a little bit of an Obama speech, online, at some fund raiser. He was arrogant and snide – much more so than when he’s speaking to the general public. He literally oozes hate for the general, middle class population; it comes out of every pore. I’ve never seen anything like it. And, to journalists, that attitude passes for supremely high intelligence. Again, bizarre.

    I’m curious. I know that I’m afraid to speak my mind in really public forums. Does anyone else feel the same way? Is dissing Hillary or Obama a crime, yet? I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be someday.

    Have a fun Halloween, everyone. I think I’ll go have a good cry.

    • Jeff Id said


      I waited a couple of days to see if someone would answer. Our company has mostly women leadership. We chose them because they rock at what they do. We’ve fired bad ones and hired good ones and made several mistakes along the way. After sorting them all, the balance is in the female favor by a significant percentage. Our ladies do amazing things with people and we have a great company because of it. Accounting, supply, shipping, HR and Manufacturing all controlled by great people, compared with sales and QC and engineering by people of the male persuasion. By personnel, 80% of our company reports to seriously qualified female leadership. We are an equal opportunity employer, and if some ‘dude’ thinks he can keep up, our folk will be happy to allow him to try. 😀 The “boys” we work with are great too..

      I think that it will be a while before free speech is openly killed. I’m not a Trump fan, but most people say that before supporting him. The media has done a nice job lifting him up, and slamming him back down. He has a message that will help all of us, but you actually have to watch just one of his campaign events to hear it because the MSM hides it entirely. He has the right message for business as long as he takes a slower approach. Mathematically, hard shocks to the economy from sudden large-scale changes in cost OR profit will be incredibly damaging.

      • Serioso said

        Jeff, I’ve run an S-corp, I’ve run a C-Corp, and I’ve filed a schedule C. I’ve done the books for all (I, too, am good at math.) I’ve paid business taxes and dealt with regulations myself. This was mostly some decades ago; I have no doubt that things are worse for small businesses today, and I’m not at all sure who is to blame. The Republican party used to be the party of small business, but the tax system today is totally crooked, with huge breaks for multinationals and absurdly high taxes on growing businesses. [My accountant took advantage of the R&D tax credit, so my own corporate taxes were pretty minimal. Does it still exist? Can’t you use it?] Whose fault is the current tax system, R’s or D’s? Both, I think, but mostly the R’s, who have abandoned their small business roots and have been captured by megacorps. So have the D’s, for that matter

        I don’t see any danger to free speech. Free enterprise is another matter. As for Trump, he’s a con man. He understands very little about government, belittles the constitution (except the 2nd amendment), and has no qualifications for high office except ambition. At least HRC knows what she’s doing. Trump is too shallow to be leader of the free world; he doesn’t have the attention span or the required character or the knowledge. And why in the name of heaven do you think he’d be friendlier to small business?

        • Jeff Id said

          What are you doing running an S or C corp AND doing the books? Doesn’t sound like a significant company to me.

          Republicans are the only party for business these days. Kennedy was for tax cuts back when we physically paid less than today. Multinational corporations contribute over 90% to Democrats who create barrier style regulations and somehow they seem to benefit from the grants and international loopholes.. “US only” business tax loopholes are nearly non-existant. Our company has overcome much of the regulation barrier due to our size, and I will not suffer for money personally so the argument has little to do with me anymore. I’m far more concerned with our future. And since you brought it up, R&D expenses cannot even begin to scratch “profit” of a significant manufacturing group. It’s rather obvious that the amount spent on R&D cannot exceed profits of a non-speculative organization and you only get a fraction of that in tax writeoff. The credits are fractional and literally peanuts compared to our tax payments.

          Pay attention, taxes and regulation have been the greatest barriers to our success. Other massive barriers include being forced to work with international cultures that don’t respect law any more than Democrat extreme court justices, and an insane leftist court system which favors lawyers ahead of every plaintiff or victim.

          Oh, and Accounting is addition, subrtraction and multiplication. Find the optical minimum energy required from a non-point source to meet a requirement and I will agree that you know math.

  2. Serioso seems to want to run around to the blogs and taunt folks with the fact she is getting away with it. I suspect he will be silent for awhile.

    As I indicated, I do not expect anything to come of this. The cover up is too extensive and involves too many in this regime.

  3. chuckrr said

    Don’t get your hopes up. The Clinton machine, which includes most of the media, has been spinning these scandles succesfully for 30 years

  4. Serioso said

    I would rather vote for a corrupt or even criminal individual who understands our constitution and our government and our military and our national security than a bombastic narcissist who seems to have no understanding of government whatsoever and who says things are reckless, foolish, and dangerous.

    • Gary said

      ‘Cause understanding how to subvert the Constitution, corrupt the government, incapacitate the military, and compromise national security is important.

    • Jeff Id said


      You don’t understand what you are saying. Our government is vastly too far involved in controlling our lives for the protection of the powerful. HUGE C corps get away without paying taxes while small businesses struggle with regulation. Small C corps still pay but nearly universally their thousand employees don’t understand the corporate books. If you went crazy and voted for even 16 years of Republican presidents, it won’t stop the progression toward central control. The cancer is deep and ugly and your ilk will get your way. We will lose our rights to free speech, we will lose the ability for individuals to compete in business (mostly there already), we will lose the ability to teach our children real information instead of things like climatology and fakenomics.

      The corruption isn’t just Clinton corruption. It is the entire left-wing party and a significant chunk of the right. Your vote for Clinton is a vote to give the central government even more power. Why do you want that? Is the fed somehow ingrained with better ideas than the state?

      Trump is absolutely a narcissist who nearly matches Clinton’s own brand of narcissism. She is subtler about it, but it is really bvious that she will sell your ass for her own benefit with no consideration whatsoever.

      I get that you have convinced yourself, but if we don’t reverse the problem of big government the corruption will absolutely grow. Clinton’s existence is a symptom of an “evolution style” mathematic progression created by incentivization of those who are empowered. Survival of the fittest works well in evolution. Survival of the most empowered, is antithetical to what we need for the people.

      I like bulk math results, it fits thermodynamics which totally confuses people like Cotton. It’s why I had high score in my few econ classes – bulk mathematics or limit based calculus or gas movement. It’s also why things like multivariate regression are natural for me, a feel rather than hard letters, not that a few others don’t get it also. Many of the old Air Vent readers know exactly what I’m talking about, because my understanding attracted them. Yup, I’m that cocky…..but it’s true and it is NOT my fault. Some people play music easily, and I’ve done better than most, but it is very difficult and I’m not giving up soon. I do better than some in music because I work really hard at it! However, math is easy for me and bulk math, evolutionary math, gas-law style math, is the key to functional government. This math is what drives population instead of the individual.

      The world of govenrment success is absolutely the world of math and what I’m saying is that you Serioso, are the actual cancer. You hear words and expect free-ness, but you are doing the opposite. You feel that you can be FOR your neighbors, for the people, for your friends but in my not-too-humble opinion, you don’t understand a whit about your own world.

      So when I was in college, I told people that NAFTA absolutely had to lower wages. It’s the function of the agreement. It wasn’t a popular opinion at the time but it was my understanding of the math. It’s rather obvious what would happen and I was rather disappointed in who voted for it. I was a kid though and didn’t worry too much about such things.

      Please consider the depth of your knowledge in business tax before you disparage it. If you have the ability, where did manufacturing go.

      As a manufacturer, does it mean anything to you when I say regulations are a TAX, and a big one? Does it interest you at all? Have you ever paid 55K for fire-hydrants? Or been told that the legal code doesn’t matter because it is the opinion of the local govt which will prevail?

      As a hypothetical, if businesses were being overtaxed, what could they say to convince people of that problem? What could I possibly write to sound more convincing?

      An additional hypothetical, if buisinesses were over-regulated, what would they say to convince people of that?

      If we then assume that businesses do not have full, unfettered access to the press……. What would you hear of these issues IF they happened to exist?

      Oh,and where did manufacturing go in the highest taxed country in the world.
      The previously largest manufacturer of the world.
      The one with the freedom

      [self snip]

    • All you have demonstrated is that you would vote for a corrupt crook. You have not demonstrated any enhanced understanding of either this country or international politics. But then when your only concern is to lie down with dogs, you only result will be to get up with fleas.

    • cdquarles said

      That describes your choice to a T. I’ll take Trump over Clinton in a heartbeat, warts and all, over a known sleaze would-be tyrant.

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