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Donna Brazile’s Lies Continue… Clinton Corruption Also Continues

Posted by Jeff Id on October 31, 2016

It seems obvious that the data the FBI has from Weiner and Huma is absolutely damning.  Comey had to come out with it now or he would be culpable.  Otherwise he could just duck the issue until later.  It was already obvious and were WikiLeaks not releasing details behind the scenes, we wouldn’t have enough data to know how corrupt Hillary is and how corrupt the Democrat party is.

On that issue, I fully beleived that in the first debate Hillary was passed the question about cybersecurity.  She was too quick on the answer and her answer fit the question too perfectly considering the major criminal issues she faces already.   I literally cringed that the moderator asked something so biased in Hillary’s favor but it was the tailoring of the response that made me duck.

Then we had Democratic National Committee boss and former CNN contributor Donna Brazile’s name come out in the Wiki releases stating that she shared the questions.  She denied it 100%, then we learned that the checksum for the email was perfect so we know Donna is a liar!!  She made no comment but today, we find out that she did it another time and actually offered additional questions in the future.  Her email is here where she replies that she will send more along with the death penalty question already discussed.

Hillary’s group could have denied the questions being offered.  They could have responded that it wasn’t fair to the other candidates.  Hill is in on this one too, not just crazy Donna.  CNN is also guilty because they were intentionally sharing questions with what we know was their favorite candidate.  I for one am certain that this behavior continued throughout the debate cycle — at least until Fox.

The renewed FBI investigation couldn’t happen to a nicer person.   If she gets elected, we could go right into an actual constitutional crisis but that doesn’t stop the nut-jobs I heard on the radio claiming that climate change was so dangerous we HAVE to vote for a crook.    They literally claimed that climate change was more important than criminality of the candidate.

Love it!




8 Responses to “Donna Brazile’s Lies Continue… Clinton Corruption Also Continues”

  1. Jeff Id said

    And Donna got fired.

    But she was only the delivery girl, what about the rest?

  2. Apparently Comey had to re-open the investigation as the FBI was bleeding big time!

  3. page488 said

    The hits just keep on coming. Any rational person would have ditched Hellary (misspelling intentional) by now, but her legion of followers are devoted to her. I still think she will win – it’s just too difficult to overcome the megastates.

    Nat Geo is even trotting out Leo Dicapprio with a special on AGW. Don’t you just love it when he tweets from his private jet about all the sacrifices he expects the rest of us to make? No plans to watch at this time.

  4. stevefitzpatrick said

    The comedy of Brazile’s denials is not getting nearly enough play: When Megyn Kelly points out that the emails prove she was feeding debate questions to the Clinton campaign… the reply was essentially “How dare you ask me about something from a stolen email!” My evaluation of the woman’s intelligence dropped by a factor of 5. It is as if she imagines nobody understands she is corrupt.

    • It is not disbelief in thinking that people know she is corrupt. It is the echo chamber she lived in of the MSM that basically reported as fact any excuse she came up with in the past. What she cannot understand is why they do not continue to do that. And the reason is because it is not an allegation. It is a fact.

  5. Jeff Id said

    The media and the Clintons are trying to claim that Trump is connected with Russia now. I know good and well that they will come up with some form of claim 3 days before election day. It’s in the plans and the media will make it the biggest thing in the world. Then later it will turn out to be bullshit. Think Bush DUI, Romney Dog on car, etc… Maybe another Trump tape they are sitting on.

    It will happen though. And after it turns out to be bunk, the media will pretend that they didn’t do anything wrong.

    In the meantime, the Clintons ARE connected to Russia, because they sold a huge chunk of our Uranium to them and both Bill (directly) and the foundation received major quid-pro-quo payments.

  6. clipe said

    We can thank a British tabloid for exposing (pun intended),however inadvertently, this whole Clinton charade.

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