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Another Day

Posted by Jeff Id on November 10, 2016

So the election went well for America.   For those who live outside of the  US, you won’t understand just how much regulation the largest government on the planet can inflict, nor will it be easily understood just how much tax is being paid by business.  There is a reason manufacturing has left the US in droves.   I haven’t looked up historic records of such things, but the loss of American manufacturing capability has to be the single greatest migration of business in human history.  Again, bulk math drives the situation.  When a situation creates pressure for action the people or businesses respond to those pressures in kind.   If the costs and regulations are higher in one area than another, like gas law, the business will flow from high pressure to low at a non-zero rate only slowed by the frictions caused by such movement.

And flow it has.  From America to the rest of the world.  To business friendly countries like China, Tiawan and now even VietNam.  Countries with leaders who understand math outweighs feelings and oddly enough – Capitalism.   These are people who understand that personal spaces and micro-agression are foolish in their very concept.  They laugh at us – literally! These are folks who get that a building is very unlikely to really harm the planet and far more likely to provide a service to the population.   They know that global warming is not a real threat but is an excellent economic business relocating pressure to use in against people who think it is.  You know, common sense things like that which America’s liberals generally fail to understand.

Despite this flow of business away from America, and in fact completely without regard for said flow, American liberals actively wish to destroy business.  The young generation has been taught that all business is greed and greed is a greater evil than not eating.  See we live in a country where people aren’t starving, they have grown up without even the hint of a day without food.  They live in cities and eat food transported to them from all over the world.  They go to schools where indoctrination and acceptance of liberal belief is primary, feelings are a close second and math and science drop way down the list as useful things to understand.  The acceptance of illogic is foundational to modern American liberalism.   Fakenomics, global warming doom, cow farting is destroying the planet for gods sake, are part and parcel of the system they unwittingly serve.

I’m extremely disappointed with the protests in the cities to Trumps election.   While it was often quoted by the fake media that Clinton’s supporters were more educated than Trump, what was nearly unreported was that Trump even won the now known to be inaccurate polling results among people who made more than 30,000 per year.  I personally define this group as functional people.  The protesters in the cities were obviously a young crowd, and were apparently really focused on Trump racism – because the media here spends much of its time telling people that republicans and conservatives are racist.  After the endless liberal media channels realized that all of their advertising for Clinton, all of their unpaid and unabashed  support for the democrats wasn’t enough to put a crook in office, that is when the lashing out began.   I heard them repeatedly discuss Republican anger and hate, it was the uneducated rural folk who voted, that their anger against the billionaires was the problem.  Never once in the first few hours following the election did they discuss that it was regulation, taxation, or of course the utter lack of common sense espoused by the current Democrat governance.  Certainly not the fact that Hillary was and is a face-palm obvious criminal.

Then there were the protests.  What was most disappointing to me about the protests was the fake claims of Trump racism, because I didn’t know of any examples.  I took a minute to search the internet for examples of racism that Trump has exhibited and quickly found the exact sort of illogical argument the liberals have been so well trained to accept with religious fervor.  From the Huffington post, an article titled – Here Are 13 Examples Of Donald Trump Being Racist.

  • Attacking muslim gold star parents.
    • Muslim is not a race, it is a religion.   The argument with them was an avoidable situation but it certainly cannot be characterized as racist. It is an unhealthy religion too but in today’s liberal-think I’m not allowed to have that opinion but as a sexist republican, I cannot accept a religion which treats women so badly and by its own tenants doesn’t allow them the choice to exit. I also recognize it as an authoritarian government structure rather than a religion. — But again, whether you can figure that out or not, it is not racism to have an argument with a Muslim.
  • He claimed a judge was biased because he was a Mexican
    • So, while making policy which is clearly against Mexico, it is racist to even argue that a Judge from that region might be biased?   I think even the slightest bit of common sense says otherwise.  Oh, and Mexico is a country, not a race so again the argument defies logic.
  • The justice department sued his company twice for housing discrimination.
    • Lawsuits are not racism.  They cannot be by definition.   In business, you get sued, you go to court, you have problems with all kinds of people, you are a continual target for the Federal government.  We don’t know the details of these suits and neither does the post.  Did Trump do something racist in 1972, maybe, but calling the lawsuit an example of racisim is completely bogus.

The article goes on and on with completely nonsensical claims, he didn’t hire ‘mostly minorities’ in one casino, the very definition of minority means less of them. The gave an example of one person who apparently made outrageous claims which the post didn’t even attempt to verify – even with a second opinion.  Trump didn’t disown David Duke quickly enough for them, Trump didn’t use the right politically correct language, he accused a Bridgeport casino of being run by non-Indians mafia types, on and on but outside of the unsubstantiated outrageous claims by some guy who was clearly not a Trump supporter and for all we know doesn’t even exist, they had no actual examples of racisim.

One of the points the article attempted was the condoning of the beating of a black lives matter protester.  Remember the apologies by the political left when they said ‘All Lives Matter’ and the backlash from the African community?  Boy I do.  And the backlash when people say blue lives matter..  Well the Post displayed a short video with the claims that the protester was being kicked on the ground.  Since that time we have learned that the ‘protesters’ were being paid by the Democrat party to deliberately incite violence at these rallys.   A crime for sure, but again the left-wing press is nowhere to be found when that absolutely damning video and email evidence of CRIMINAL activity by the Democrat party was produced.  It is not racism to disagree with these people.

The problem with an objective reading of the Post article, is that none of the 13 examples are Trump racism.  The language is inflammatory which you can tell from the title.  It probably makes readers feel a certain way, but it logically is not racism.

In direct contrast, the liberal party of America is openly racist.  Black lives matter might have started with a good thought but it is nothing but an anti-white hate group which is more violent, more popular, and more numerous than the also=evil KKK itself.  The group is openly anti-white, openly anti-law and represents an evil sickness within the African community.  The KKK and Black lives matter are equal groups in all things racist.  Images and video of white people being beaten, abused and attacked for the sole crime of being white are quite common, and instead of rejecting the hate, liberals embrace it even inviting them to the white house because it is a popular movement. And because white people have pale skin.

The liberal party of America is also sexist.  The LGBT community leads the way in this with anti-marriage, anti-male rhetoric of the worst kind.  What is worse is that the worst of these groups are openly supported by the liberal media as a solution to a problem which largely doesn’t exist.  While decrying Hillary’s loss as sexism, the media openly campaigned for a Woman simply because she was female and a black man simply because he was black.  While you may agree that we need a woman in the White house, the very statement is sexist BY definition!  While a black man is in the white house, promoting him simply because he was black was 100% racist, and much of the liberal media did exactly that in both cases.  I was raised that all people are equal under the law, not that some are more equal than others and that IS how I chose to live my life.

Why isn’t the goal simply finding the best person with the best qualities is beyond me.  Like all of my friends, we don’t care one whit what color a persons skin is.  We don’t care what sort of hardware they hold in their pants.  I liked Fiorina (a woman) first and then Carson a very smart doctor who, if you give a crap about such things, also happened to have black skin. Contrast that with the liberals in power promoted a woman’s candidacy over any shred of common sense simply due to the SEX she represented.  They wanted to repeat the feat they performed with a black man, so the so-smart yet math-ignorant elitists in media, who would control rather than report, espoused the virtues of A CROOK in public for nearly two years.   Hillary Clinton is a liar, a cheat, a theif and would sell the United States of America at the drop of a hat — because she already has.  The media directly cheated the public to do so as well, handing Hillary debate questions (we will likely find out more about that in the future), coordinating with the DNC on what questions to ask Trump, actively colluding to destroy Sanders.  All of which they did while holding their heads aloof and pretending that it was simply reporting.  It is not only CNN which has this problem.

So my Trump voting “problem” these left-wing fools can’t understand, is NOT sexist, it is NOT racist, it is not anger against billionaires, it is not the desperation of a failing middle class individual that drives our decision, and nor is it some confused hillbilly in a pickup truck with two teeth and a dog —– it IS logic.  A skill that the left-wing schools in America have successfully removed from the curriculum’s of our universities and high schools.  How that particular bit isn’t obvious to the media, is as shocking to me as not being able to point out the sun on a clear day at noon.

So watching those young folk storm the streets in protest makes me sick to my stomach.  The evils they represent are completely unknown to them.  They are oblivious to the hunger and anguish which will be created by a collapsing economy under the pressures of an all powerful central government.  The lassez fair shoulder shrugs they give when  you talk about manufacturing leaving the country combined with the angry vitriol over climate change doom when one is in evidence and the other is not, are just another symptom of their immense ignorance.  I very much fear for America because while we might have a supreme court with a bit of common sense in the future, we simply cannot overcome that much stupid in the long term.   When a crook can garner that much of the vote, what hope do we have?  When people have their heads up their asses, literally protest and cry as that same crook is not put into the highest position of the country, how can any other form of logic be expected to form within their minds.

It cannot.

But for now I will relax a little while understanding the really good news; that our supreme courts eventual transformation into the extreme court, that increased tax rates on the highest taxed businesses in the world, and that increases in the endless draconian regulation of the US federal, state and local governments

…… won’t be happening today!!




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FIB says Clinton Not Guilty — Id’s Predicted November Surprise Comes True!!

Posted by Jeff Id on November 6, 2016

Just one post ago. Like Nostradamus.

Hell, I was having fun because for a short time the other day I couldn’t find a different angle as to why Comey would have the FBI working in shifts.  It seemed real enough to be crazy but so is everything else.  Despite the fact that he only had 30,000 emails before and it took months to come to conclusion, with 650,000 emails the FBI reviewed them in a few days.

Comey has decided that Hillary doesn’t deserve charges — better than a pardon and it just happens to have occurred with 2 days left.

hahaha.  My Id is smarter than the FBI.

The shortest investigation in history….AND SOON THE 100% COMPLETE EXONERATION OF CLINTON PER COMEY!

Watch the id..

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Bad Trump – Open Thread

Posted by Jeff Id on November 6, 2016

So She is a crook, an absolutely guilty criminal with behaviors beyond treasonous.  She has collected money from foreign governments, spent the money on her own family, she went from “broke” to a quarter billion in cash since her husband retired.  Clinton will be beholden to these foreign investors 100%.  Imagine if she doesn’t listen to Morocco, the KING will simply threaten to release her emails.  Quatar, Saudi’s, Egypt, Russia, on and on, it is so blatantly obvious, why people can’t figure that out, is beyond me.

In May, Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier plead guilty to and is currently serving a one year sentence in federal prison for violation of the Espionage Act, though no charge of espionage was ever filed. His crime, he used his cellphone to take 6 photographs while he was in a “classified area of a submarine,” the USS Alexandria.Fox News Insider.

She did so much more yet hasn’t been charged there are hundreds of examples of Saucier’s plight.  As an aside, Comey is complicit in this, he created it when he buckled to political pressure earlier this year and I don’t expect him to come through this time either.

Her husband is an accused rapist, molester and hasn’t changed course. She’s protected him and as a lawyer as an actual child rapist (she believed was guilty) so the argument that Trump is bad to women doesn’t make sense.  Make it here on this thread if you want.

My point is  — what about Trump.   I’ve heard people say how bad he is dozens of times yet they are completely non-specific.  What do people see that makes Trump anywhere near as bad as Clinton.

What I see is a man with a lack of detail.  I see someone who knows how to negotiate and it doesn’t start with — you are not paying for the wall — you must start with the extreme scenario and work your way to the middle.   Bomb them to hell!!!  etc..  Every position he has articulated comes from that perspective.  Most haven’t had the opportunity to negotiate anything serious that affects more than their own lives.  How are you supposed to act when facing something which affects jobs, the economy, safety etc… I get that he scares people but that is what negotiations do, they scare you into a better position for them.

It is interesting that we are so PC that our emotions have now taken precedent over actual acts.   Microagression is becoming a non-statute crime which has forced some from their educations.   They must conform or they lose (fill in random leverage based variable here). Where is the REQUIRED lack of confrontation going?

But beyond his inarticulateness, what I want to know is what people think is so bad about Trump that an absolute criminal is better!

I will answer questions only, when I have time.  Feel free to bash Trump to your hearts content.

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The November Surprise

Posted by Jeff Id on November 2, 2016

So each election for president in the last several cycles has include revelations by the liberal media that the conservative has done something bad— in the last 3 days.  Romney apparently hates dogs, Bush had a DUI etc…

You would think that they would bring this crap earlier but it isn’t as effective when a person can explain what actually happened.  I was expecting another rough Trump tape – nothing compared to William Clinton.  I was expecting some tax thing or whatever, what I wasn’t expecting was an immediate and unqualified exoneration from the FBI.

However, I just learned that the FBI has “chosen” people working in shifts to look through these NEW emails.

IMO, it, that, zhe, she, whatever, will be exonerated falsely again before Tuesday next week.    Comey is still clean in that case and Clinton gets the final push.

Why else would the FBI work in shifts?


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