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Bad Trump – Open Thread

Posted by Jeff Id on November 6, 2016

So She is a crook, an absolutely guilty criminal with behaviors beyond treasonous.  She has collected money from foreign governments, spent the money on her own family, she went from “broke” to a quarter billion in cash since her husband retired.  Clinton will be beholden to these foreign investors 100%.  Imagine if she doesn’t listen to Morocco, the KING will simply threaten to release her emails.  Quatar, Saudi’s, Egypt, Russia, on and on, it is so blatantly obvious, why people can’t figure that out, is beyond me.

In May, Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier plead guilty to and is currently serving a one year sentence in federal prison for violation of the Espionage Act, though no charge of espionage was ever filed. His crime, he used his cellphone to take 6 photographs while he was in a “classified area of a submarine,” the USS Alexandria.Fox News Insider.

She did so much more yet hasn’t been charged there are hundreds of examples of Saucier’s plight.  As an aside, Comey is complicit in this, he created it when he buckled to political pressure earlier this year and I don’t expect him to come through this time either.

Her husband is an accused rapist, molester and hasn’t changed course. She’s protected him and as a lawyer as an actual child rapist (she believed was guilty) so the argument that Trump is bad to women doesn’t make sense.  Make it here on this thread if you want.

My point is  — what about Trump.   I’ve heard people say how bad he is dozens of times yet they are completely non-specific.  What do people see that makes Trump anywhere near as bad as Clinton.

What I see is a man with a lack of detail.  I see someone who knows how to negotiate and it doesn’t start with — you are not paying for the wall — you must start with the extreme scenario and work your way to the middle.   Bomb them to hell!!!  etc..  Every position he has articulated comes from that perspective.  Most haven’t had the opportunity to negotiate anything serious that affects more than their own lives.  How are you supposed to act when facing something which affects jobs, the economy, safety etc… I get that he scares people but that is what negotiations do, they scare you into a better position for them.

It is interesting that we are so PC that our emotions have now taken precedent over actual acts.   Microagression is becoming a non-statute crime which has forced some from their educations.   They must conform or they lose (fill in random leverage based variable here). Where is the REQUIRED lack of confrontation going?

But beyond his inarticulateness, what I want to know is what people think is so bad about Trump that an absolute criminal is better!

I will answer questions only, when I have time.  Feel free to bash Trump to your hearts content.

14 Responses to “Bad Trump – Open Thread”

  1. mikerestin said

    I have never thought of Trump’s outrageous positions in that light.
    To that I now say “Well doh!”

  2. plazaeme said

    That’s a surprising opening. Though it is fair.

    So, what’s wrong with Trump to make him even worse than HC? I’ll say it with only one word which says it all. Trump is an unpresentable. (I had to look the word up, never heard it used in English)

    Well, being an unpresentable goes well beyond the details of any particular act he may have performed. It means not complying with any rules, any restrains, or any of those elements which assure civilization. Or just any complex society for that matter. When someone doesn’t feel bound by any rules, this makes him completely unpredictable and unreliable. Which means he is as dangerous as a monkey with a pistol — if he has any power.

    Does HC bend the rules frequently? Sure, but she tryies to hide it. So you know she is not going to murder you in front of witnesses, and you are more or less save under the light. I hope you understand the metaphore.

    The short answer to your question. The danger is what makes Trump far worse than HC. Or far worse than about 99% of living people, to be more precise. He could be a good chap inside a group of Neanderthals, I’ll admit.

    • mikerestin said

      I believe Trump grew up in the New England construction business.
      He was taught how to work in that area. You know, the guys that wolf whistle and make lewd comments as a woman passes. (A crime I and almost all of my male friends are guilty.) Most of the workers he was around would bust your balls in a heartbeat. They kidded, teased and harassed each other about their features such as their looks, race, speech, height, sexual proclivities, etc. Mick was Irish, Shorty was short and Jimmy-Three-Fingers actually had a birth defect.
      As Jeff has enlightened me, Trump is a tenacious negotiator who starts from a position of strength at the extreme end of the deal he wants to make. So I ask, where would one want to start negotiating?
      For close to 40 years these two have been in the limelight and now a few people are coming forward accusing Trump of bad behavior just two weeks before the election whereas, the Clintons, with the protection of Progressives, have had to defend their lies and bad behavior for most of the last 40 years.
      My problem with Clinton is trust. I’m afraid she’ll sell our country for her own gain.

      • plazaeme said

        I don’t care Trump being rude. Being inarticulate is more problematic because it usually means a very limited brain — if we are talking about a grown-up who can read.

        The problem I am pointing to is the spirit of a delinquent teenager bragging about being rules-less.

        I have no clue where do you get the idea of Trump as a terrific negociator. Nor do I care; you are not electing a negotiator, or a diplomat, etc.-

        So I ask, where would one want to start negotiating?

        In a position which will (probably) lead to a good outcome. Where “good outcome” does not mean half the population destroying the other half.

  3. […] Bad Trump – Open Thread […]

  4. Serioso said

    You would think, after all the investigations into the life of HRC, that some prosecutor somewhere would have brought a charge against her or presented some evidence against her to a grand jury. How is possible that nothing has been done? Could it be possible that Trump’s accusations are all lies? Could it be possible that HRC has done nothing wrong (except follow the advice of State Department amateurs when setting up her server)? Jeff, you’re full of hot air when you call her a criminal. To me it sounds more like the vast right-wing conspiracy that HRC talked about. Throw enough dirt and people start to believe something is there. Jeff, where do you get your news and information? TV? Breitbart? I much prefer the New York Times, which really does try to get the facts straight, but I look at other sources, too, and try not to lock myself in an echo chamber where everyone has the same opinions. Perhaps, Jeff, you need some fresh air in the vent.

  5. Anthony said

    If you haven’t seen specifics then you aren’t looking.

    Trump university
    Multiple bankruptcies
    Dishonesty – outright lies to lenders, investors, and tenants. Lies about charitable giving, his wealth, and business failures (claiming Trump water and steaks were still doing business).
    Use of government power to steal property for his own gain – Eminent Domain (sometimes successful sometimes not)
    Use of undocumented workers (ongoing, not just past)
    Refusal to pay contractors after they had performed the desired work
    Comlpete ignorance of the constitution

    Is that enough?

    I only require a good, decent, and honest person with a recognition of limited government principles. If the Republican party and their idiot elitists can’t provide that, then I will look elsewhere.

    • mikerestin said

      Go Gary Johnson!

    • Jeff Id said

      “Is that enough?”

      It’s a question so I can answer.

      Your examples are as undocumented as many of our voting citizens. The same citizens who you are claiming he shouldn’t have used. Let me ask you, if you hired 10,000 people in 100 different companies, how many would make it through your proper citizen screening process? Do you know how much trouble you get in if you ask national history questions which might lead to correct determinations on such matters? How many of those 100 companies would go bankrupt under your leadership? How many contractors would screw up and have to negotiate with you for payment? You are wrong on these things because you haven’t lived them.

      People don’t understand how the world works. I had a contractor refuse to complete their contract unless we paid 60% more than what they quoted – literally out of the blue last month. It was 60K above quote. We fought and settled for paying 15% more than their quote because it would have cost us 40% more to go in a different direction. Of course we won’t use them ever again but if they didn’t finish the contract, in the same situation, they would make the same claim against me — I didn’t pay my contractor… Even though he was in the wrong and had quoted a fixed price.

      Let’s keep it small, If the plumber doesn’t connect the plumbing and water pours on your floor, do you pay him? Do you pay your contractor?

      If you have a hundred companies, how often do you think you are going to get screwed over by the bad plumber —- PER MONTH! I wonder how worldly people think they are sometimes. Maybe I’ve been blessed with more troubles than most but all of this just looks like a day at the office to me. Negotiate with the contractor, state an extreme position to get to the middle, meh…

      • cdquarles said

        Dang straight. Does the questioner have any idea what an EEOC action can do to a business? For those who want to punish businesses for hiring illegals, would you provide them an affirmative defense procedure?

  6. Leo Leclair said

    Really. The King of Morocco will have his thumb on the coat tails of the POTUS, if HRC is elected. I am looking forward to the end of the campaign tomorrow, so I can try to extricate myself from the Everest of hyperbole that has been created about the breadth and depth of her imagined corruptions. I guess the taxing authorities are all asleep and the congress is heavily biased in her favor. I suggest taking a chill pill. Then, one can choose to add an extension to the underground bunker system and lay in more non-perishable food items, or conversely, get up early and watch the sun rise on another beautiful day. Take care all.

  7. Leo Leclair said

    Congratulations Jeff on your win. You were right on that one, and I was right about the sunrise this morning, it was beautiful.

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