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Another Day

Posted by Jeff Id on November 10, 2016

So the election went well for America.   For those who live outside of the  US, you won’t understand just how much regulation the largest government on the planet can inflict, nor will it be easily understood just how much tax is being paid by business.  There is a reason manufacturing has left the US in droves.   I haven’t looked up historic records of such things, but the loss of American manufacturing capability has to be the single greatest migration of business in human history.  Again, bulk math drives the situation.  When a situation creates pressure for action the people or businesses respond to those pressures in kind.   If the costs and regulations are higher in one area than another, like gas law, the business will flow from high pressure to low at a non-zero rate only slowed by the frictions caused by such movement.

And flow it has.  From America to the rest of the world.  To business friendly countries like China, Tiawan and now even VietNam.  Countries with leaders who understand math outweighs feelings and oddly enough – Capitalism.   These are people who understand that personal spaces and micro-agression are foolish in their very concept.  They laugh at us – literally! These are folks who get that a building is very unlikely to really harm the planet and far more likely to provide a service to the population.   They know that global warming is not a real threat but is an excellent economic business relocating pressure to use in against people who think it is.  You know, common sense things like that which America’s liberals generally fail to understand.

Despite this flow of business away from America, and in fact completely without regard for said flow, American liberals actively wish to destroy business.  The young generation has been taught that all business is greed and greed is a greater evil than not eating.  See we live in a country where people aren’t starving, they have grown up without even the hint of a day without food.  They live in cities and eat food transported to them from all over the world.  They go to schools where indoctrination and acceptance of liberal belief is primary, feelings are a close second and math and science drop way down the list as useful things to understand.  The acceptance of illogic is foundational to modern American liberalism.   Fakenomics, global warming doom, cow farting is destroying the planet for gods sake, are part and parcel of the system they unwittingly serve.

I’m extremely disappointed with the protests in the cities to Trumps election.   While it was often quoted by the fake media that Clinton’s supporters were more educated than Trump, what was nearly unreported was that Trump even won the now known to be inaccurate polling results among people who made more than 30,000 per year.  I personally define this group as functional people.  The protesters in the cities were obviously a young crowd, and were apparently really focused on Trump racism – because the media here spends much of its time telling people that republicans and conservatives are racist.  After the endless liberal media channels realized that all of their advertising for Clinton, all of their unpaid and unabashed  support for the democrats wasn’t enough to put a crook in office, that is when the lashing out began.   I heard them repeatedly discuss Republican anger and hate, it was the uneducated rural folk who voted, that their anger against the billionaires was the problem.  Never once in the first few hours following the election did they discuss that it was regulation, taxation, or of course the utter lack of common sense espoused by the current Democrat governance.  Certainly not the fact that Hillary was and is a face-palm obvious criminal.

Then there were the protests.  What was most disappointing to me about the protests was the fake claims of Trump racism, because I didn’t know of any examples.  I took a minute to search the internet for examples of racism that Trump has exhibited and quickly found the exact sort of illogical argument the liberals have been so well trained to accept with religious fervor.  From the Huffington post, an article titled – Here Are 13 Examples Of Donald Trump Being Racist.

  • Attacking muslim gold star parents.
    • Muslim is not a race, it is a religion.   The argument with them was an avoidable situation but it certainly cannot be characterized as racist. It is an unhealthy religion too but in today’s liberal-think I’m not allowed to have that opinion but as a sexist republican, I cannot accept a religion which treats women so badly and by its own tenants doesn’t allow them the choice to exit. I also recognize it as an authoritarian government structure rather than a religion. — But again, whether you can figure that out or not, it is not racism to have an argument with a Muslim.
  • He claimed a judge was biased because he was a Mexican
    • So, while making policy which is clearly against Mexico, it is racist to even argue that a Judge from that region might be biased?   I think even the slightest bit of common sense says otherwise.  Oh, and Mexico is a country, not a race so again the argument defies logic.
  • The justice department sued his company twice for housing discrimination.
    • Lawsuits are not racism.  They cannot be by definition.   In business, you get sued, you go to court, you have problems with all kinds of people, you are a continual target for the Federal government.  We don’t know the details of these suits and neither does the post.  Did Trump do something racist in 1972, maybe, but calling the lawsuit an example of racisim is completely bogus.

The article goes on and on with completely nonsensical claims, he didn’t hire ‘mostly minorities’ in one casino, the very definition of minority means less of them. The gave an example of one person who apparently made outrageous claims which the post didn’t even attempt to verify – even with a second opinion.  Trump didn’t disown David Duke quickly enough for them, Trump didn’t use the right politically correct language, he accused a Bridgeport casino of being run by non-Indians mafia types, on and on but outside of the unsubstantiated outrageous claims by some guy who was clearly not a Trump supporter and for all we know doesn’t even exist, they had no actual examples of racisim.

One of the points the article attempted was the condoning of the beating of a black lives matter protester.  Remember the apologies by the political left when they said ‘All Lives Matter’ and the backlash from the African community?  Boy I do.  And the backlash when people say blue lives matter..  Well the Post displayed a short video with the claims that the protester was being kicked on the ground.  Since that time we have learned that the ‘protesters’ were being paid by the Democrat party to deliberately incite violence at these rallys.   A crime for sure, but again the left-wing press is nowhere to be found when that absolutely damning video and email evidence of CRIMINAL activity by the Democrat party was produced.  It is not racism to disagree with these people.

The problem with an objective reading of the Post article, is that none of the 13 examples are Trump racism.  The language is inflammatory which you can tell from the title.  It probably makes readers feel a certain way, but it logically is not racism.

In direct contrast, the liberal party of America is openly racist.  Black lives matter might have started with a good thought but it is nothing but an anti-white hate group which is more violent, more popular, and more numerous than the also=evil KKK itself.  The group is openly anti-white, openly anti-law and represents an evil sickness within the African community.  The KKK and Black lives matter are equal groups in all things racist.  Images and video of white people being beaten, abused and attacked for the sole crime of being white are quite common, and instead of rejecting the hate, liberals embrace it even inviting them to the white house because it is a popular movement. And because white people have pale skin.

The liberal party of America is also sexist.  The LGBT community leads the way in this with anti-marriage, anti-male rhetoric of the worst kind.  What is worse is that the worst of these groups are openly supported by the liberal media as a solution to a problem which largely doesn’t exist.  While decrying Hillary’s loss as sexism, the media openly campaigned for a Woman simply because she was female and a black man simply because he was black.  While you may agree that we need a woman in the White house, the very statement is sexist BY definition!  While a black man is in the white house, promoting him simply because he was black was 100% racist, and much of the liberal media did exactly that in both cases.  I was raised that all people are equal under the law, not that some are more equal than others and that IS how I chose to live my life.

Why isn’t the goal simply finding the best person with the best qualities is beyond me.  Like all of my friends, we don’t care one whit what color a persons skin is.  We don’t care what sort of hardware they hold in their pants.  I liked Fiorina (a woman) first and then Carson a very smart doctor who, if you give a crap about such things, also happened to have black skin. Contrast that with the liberals in power promoted a woman’s candidacy over any shred of common sense simply due to the SEX she represented.  They wanted to repeat the feat they performed with a black man, so the so-smart yet math-ignorant elitists in media, who would control rather than report, espoused the virtues of A CROOK in public for nearly two years.   Hillary Clinton is a liar, a cheat, a theif and would sell the United States of America at the drop of a hat — because she already has.  The media directly cheated the public to do so as well, handing Hillary debate questions (we will likely find out more about that in the future), coordinating with the DNC on what questions to ask Trump, actively colluding to destroy Sanders.  All of which they did while holding their heads aloof and pretending that it was simply reporting.  It is not only CNN which has this problem.

So my Trump voting “problem” these left-wing fools can’t understand, is NOT sexist, it is NOT racist, it is not anger against billionaires, it is not the desperation of a failing middle class individual that drives our decision, and nor is it some confused hillbilly in a pickup truck with two teeth and a dog —– it IS logic.  A skill that the left-wing schools in America have successfully removed from the curriculum’s of our universities and high schools.  How that particular bit isn’t obvious to the media, is as shocking to me as not being able to point out the sun on a clear day at noon.

So watching those young folk storm the streets in protest makes me sick to my stomach.  The evils they represent are completely unknown to them.  They are oblivious to the hunger and anguish which will be created by a collapsing economy under the pressures of an all powerful central government.  The lassez fair shoulder shrugs they give when  you talk about manufacturing leaving the country combined with the angry vitriol over climate change doom when one is in evidence and the other is not, are just another symptom of their immense ignorance.  I very much fear for America because while we might have a supreme court with a bit of common sense in the future, we simply cannot overcome that much stupid in the long term.   When a crook can garner that much of the vote, what hope do we have?  When people have their heads up their asses, literally protest and cry as that same crook is not put into the highest position of the country, how can any other form of logic be expected to form within their minds.

It cannot.

But for now I will relax a little while understanding the really good news; that our supreme courts eventual transformation into the extreme court, that increased tax rates on the highest taxed businesses in the world, and that increases in the endless draconian regulation of the US federal, state and local governments

…… won’t be happening today!!




31 Responses to “Another Day”

  1. plazaeme said

    While I wouldn’t have voted for Trump (neither for HC), I have NOTHING against those who voted for him. I must confess though I don’t get the “economic logic” of Trump’s apparent plan. Yes, you are happy with less taxes, but if Trump implements what he says, he will only be able to do it with an enormous growth of the debt. And someone will pay the debt, one way or another.

    What I think I do understand is the “social logic” (moral, race, etc.) of voting for Trump. I have the feeling many whites have voted with the spirit of a minority. That is, in a sort of “identity self-defense”. And for a very good reason: the identity is being attacked; marginalized. In this sense, the “racist” Trump is an excellent candidate. It is not exactly racism, though.

    Of course, the same as race there are quite some more marginalized characteristics. Heterosexuals, theists, individualists, empiricists (anti-Kindergarten), against positive discrimination, and so on. The problem is when these characteristics, which should be no more relevant than simple variability, become “values”. A “value” is a moral operator, and morals have its own dynamic. If you think X “has to be” done, you think everybody has to do X. Value is not neutral. Morals are imposed, not chosen.

    The left discovered the strategy of moralizing politics. That’s why politics are becoming more and more polarized. And Trump decided to be openly immoral / against this particular morality. This is a message everybody understands.

    I thought Trump was the worst possible republican candidate. I was wrong. Utterly wrong.

    My take home message: Let’s get morals out of politics. If you don`t grab my eggs, I’ll loosen yours.

    • Joe Crawford said

      “… he will only be able to do it with an enormous growth of the debt.”
      He may have studied Pres. Reagan’s economics plan. Reagan started out with major tax cuts. But, once the economy got rolling he slowly added several taxes back into the mix to pay for his programs. Trump is most likely counting on the economic expansion caused by his proposed tax cut to pay for his spending programs.

    • gallopingcamel said

      Trump will cut taxes as John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan did. As a result the economy will grow rapidly and government income will rise. If you want to increase the amount of money flowing to the federal government reducing corporate taxation is the easiest way to do it.

      Raising taxes usually has the opposite effect to what is intended. For example, the UK raised “Taxes on the Rich” as Bernie Sanders advocated earlier this year. Bernie and others should take note of what that did for government cash flow:
      “In 2010 a new top rate of 50 percent was introduced on income over £150,000. A predictable result of this was for people to disguise their income and revenue to the Exchequer to go down.[11] In the 2012 budget this rate was cut to 45 percent for 2013–14, which was followed by an increase in the tax paid by additional tax rate payers from £38 billion to £46 billion. Chancellor George Osborne said that the lower, more competitive tax rate had caused the increase.[12]”


    • Horrors! A politician made claims that economists find doubtful. Well, gee, that makes Trump pretty mainstream. The guy in the White House the last 8 years didn’t just fudge numbers and make dubious claims, he outright lied his ass off about what he was doing.

      The most disgusting of all the liberal idiocy that we have had to put up with for the last month has to be their supposed outrage over fake news. The Left has gone insane. Not only are they not logical, they no longer even bother with a pretense of caring about logic.

  2. You wrote what I know and have said (but much more eloquently). The riots continue (they call them protests). But a new day is dawning. IN this town, 10 people were arrested. No warning, they blocked traffic, and were taken away (this city is over 60% black, as is the Mayor and Police chief). Some places will continue to accommodate the racists and their behavior. But most will bring this to a halt. It is not cops killing blacks. The “black lives” that matter are the ones being killed by gang members and drive by shootings.

    The racism of the liberals have set back the US 50 years thanks to the most racist president in modern history. It is time to heal. And if the liberal cannot tolerate it, there are other countries (sadly for them, Canada is not one of them) that would love to have them. I hear Venezuela would love their money! And it is their socialist paradise.

  3. ebnelson said

    Well stated. And it needs to be repeated, over and over.

  4. jinghis said

    This election was all about the PC racist meme and I think its usefulness as a weapon peaked.

    From here on out the proper response to the Racist PC enforcers is to “fuck off and die in your own bile.”

    Trump needs to drain the swamp.

  5. mpcraig said

    I just read an article that is a great example of what you are talking about:

    On Trump: “It’s tempting, then, for any child to view his win as a sign that bad behaviour is rewarded, says York University education professor Carl James.”

    I.e., no bad behavior from Clinton has registered. Or it has and cognitive dissonance has blocked it. Not only do these people live in their own bubble, they are helping their children do the same.

    Caution, this may offend some viewers:

    • Joe Crawford said

      The MSM and academia are both excellent examples of Robert Conquest’s 2nd law of politics:

      “Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.”

      When you surround yourself with only like-minded people you don’t even notice how your group slowly drifts toward the left. Typically you think of yourself as just another a moderate. New Your City and most of the California coast are also good examples. They actually believe that ‘flyover country’ is densely populated with nothing but uneducated, right-wing, gun toting religious zealots (i.e., HRC’s deplorables).

  6. Jeff Id said

    Last night I learned from MSM the time and location of a future “spontaneous demonstration”. They weren’t reporting that someone had announced it, they simply stated that a demonstration is scheduled for ….

    • Eric Barnes said

      At this point, I wonder if these staged events are counter-effective for the groups sponsoring them. They’ve already been exposed and it’s pretty common knowledge these events are put on by these neo-extortionist groups. IMO, they may cause a whiplash that completely sinks the Democrat party.

      I feel sorry for the people that live in these locations were protests are occurring. Eventually they will have to stand up as Obama, and the Mayors are not going to put an end to this. They have my prayers.

      • Once you unleash the idiots, it is hard to re-leash them. I am sure they did not want the snowflakes to continue once their backing was exposed, but they lost control of them, so now it is just anarchy.

    • Reminds me of Jesse Jackson telling a crowd in St Louis the night before an election that they were going to keep the polls open late into the night in St Louis. The next day the Dem party filed a lawsuit in the afternoon claiming some “emergency” had developed on election day and required polls to be open later. The Dem judge granted the requested relief. The extra votes won the Dems the Mo senate seat. The fix was in. Later turned out that there wasn’t even a real person as plaintiff for the lawsuit. The facts upon which the suit was based were false. Didn’t matter. The relief was illegal, the complaint was bogus, but the election was won.

  7. Jeff Id said

    I’m going hunting for about a week and will be unable to reply for most of it.

    Have fun! I will.

  8. karllembke said

    After Trump was nominated, everyone said the race was now Clinton’s to lose.
    Fortunately, she proved more than equal to that challenge.

  9. gallopingcamel said

    The three words we need to remember from this election are DRAIN THE SWAMP.

    However it won’t be easy and there will be many things that make it difficult to remain focussed…………..when you’re up to your a**e in alligators, it’s easy to forget you came to drain the swamp.”

  10. John B said

    “So the election went well for America. For those who live outside of the US, you won’t understand just how much regulation the largest government on the planet can inflict, nor will it be easily understood just how much tax is being paid by business.”

    Hardly trotting after what the EU does in scope, scale and cost. For example:

    “… there’re rules about when a supermarket can offer you free parking (that in itself will boggle the mind of many Americans, that parking must be paid for at a store?). If you go and buy whiskey, diapers and beef they can stamp your ticket, give you a voucher, and you get free parking. If your purchases include formula milk then they cannot stamp your ticket and you cannot get free parking. And yes, this is a result of an EU law. Must do wonders for adoptive mothers, those who simply do not produce enough milk and so on. But the entire ruling system of Europe thought this was important enough that there must be a law about it.”

    That bad in the USA yet?

    • steveta_uk said

      I’ve never seen a paid-for supermarket car park ANYWHERE in the EU.

      Where do you get this propaganda from? Breitbart?

      • kribaez said

        Despite your name, I guess you either don’t live in the UK or your wife does the shopping. Tescos, Sainsburys, Aldi, Morrisons all have pay-for-stay car parks. Most notorious retailer is probably TK Maxx, who hand out parking fines like confetti.

  11. jeremyp99 said

    Great article. Got to pull you on this though.

    ” For those who live outside of the US, you won’t understand just how much regulation the largest government on the planet can inflict”

    The EU are just the same. Their dogma. If it moves, regulate it. If it doesn’t move, regulate it. In all other cases, regulate it.

    Obvious really why this happens. No regulating, no jobs for bureaucrats. And after a bureaucracy reaches a certain size its purpose is to protect itself, not to serve those who fund it.

  12. I voted for Trump as well. Used to be that liberals argued for honesty and character as a reason to better the general condition. It is a bit perverse that standards should have been ditched for money.

  13. Bear said

    A couple of comments

    The judge that Trump was referring to is a member of La Raza (The Race) Lawyers. Sure he’s going to be objective. /sarcasm. Imagine a white judge being a member of a group called The Race Lawyers referring to white lawyers.

    Remember all the screaming by the Left over the Tea Party being racist and causing violence. The closest they could come to acts of violence were some words and claiming they got spit on. Yet to hear of Tea Party members causing a riot or destroying property or attacking people. OTOH a man was beaten by SEIU thugs at a Tea Party rally while handing out Tea Party leaflets. The man handing out leaflets was black. The Left are the violent ones.

    • True. The media when discussing lefty protests where there were attempted murders, rapes, assaults and robberies — “mostly peaceful”. Tea Party was regularly described as violent despite never having any evidence of it. At tea party rallies, the grounds would be left much cleaner than when they arrived.

  14. Ron Graf said

    Excellent post Jeff.

  15. Ghowe said

    Nice post per usual Jeff. Hope you got a buck. 2017 will be an interesting year for climate “science” eh. I want to see some of Steve Mc’s concerns addressed, then they can start down the list of the rest of you guys.
    The cancelled \delayed conf. In Atlanta was going to be one of the first for all the state’s climate action Plans. All the sharing of all that useful info the taxpayers have paid for, kapuutza.

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