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YES – Illegal Voting is Rampant and is a Form of Intentional Voter Fraud by Democrats

Posted by Jeff Id on January 27, 2019

Texas has 15.8 million registered voters of which 58,000 had at one point provided identification that showed they were not citizens.    This equates to 0.36% of the voting population which self identified as a non-citizen at some point and still voted.  During the process, they discovered that 95,000 of the same group had actually registered to vote or 0.6% of Texas registered voters are actually self identified as illegal aliens.

Liberal news papers love to make the claim that there is NO evidence of illegal aliens voting in large numbers — these claims are false.







You know when mainstream media speaks on political issues, there is a near certainty that you are being misled.  Of the 15.8 million registered voters in Texas, how many of those weren’t dumb enough to self identify as illegal aliens!!  These are literally the people who admitted to it in a government office!

These fake media outlets loved jumping on Trumps now-disbanded voter fraud commission as one member used the words – lack of evidence. This lack of evidence was stated by Matthew Dunlap secretary of state of Maine in no uncertain terms.  He is of course a Democrat.  His claims were denied by other commission members. In addition, Dunlap decided the voting data for his state was not something he could share even in redacted version.  Some reports indicate that 44 states refused to comply with data requests of the commission so of course if a data analyst can’t access the data it is simple to conclude that there is no evidence of voter fraud.  Of the data the commission collected they did discover 8400 cases of double voting however.  In fact, Dunlap got cut out of some of the communication in the commission as a result of bad blood between himself and the other commissioners and he filed a lawsuit demanding all communications between commission members be given to him as well as any draft reports .  This led in large part to the disbanding of the commission.  None of that deterred Dunlap to proclaim (with no data) that there was no evidence of voter fraud discovered.

What we have in Texas is evidence of MASSIVE fraud.  Even if the number is only double what the idiotic self reporting illegals have listed, we have an enormous voter fraud issue.

Look at this map of voters by county.


Snap 2019-01-27 at 08.27.01.png

Just the spatial correlation with Mexico is enough to see how immigration has effected the democrat vote, now we know that a significant amount of that immigration is illegal and right along the border.

A map of the border wall is fairly interesting as well.   Compare the difference where a wall exists with spaces that don’t have walls.

snap 2019-01-27 at 08.32.55

The tip of Texas is completely unprotected and strongly blue.  Coincidence?  I don’t believe it.

Anyway, legal immigration is perfectly fine and we can discuss all day how much of that we should accept, however I’m tired of my vote being stolen by illegal immigration and blatantly obvious illegal voting.    All claims of no evidence are now flatly false as most people already knew.  Of course if you don’t check citizenship, you won’t know about it and it is high time that Democrats are called out for their obfuscation of this issue.

The theft of my vote is not acceptable.

A lot of good folks died to give me the right to vote I’m told.  The caviler attitude by the left with giving my vote to folks who have no right is beyond disturbing.  It is in fact a line where violence begins to make sense.  70% of these illegal immigrants end up on welfare, stealing my money.  They vote in vast majority for Democrats who promise them free everything – again stolen from those of us who have earned what we have.

Worse, fake activist Democrat judge Judge Jesse M. Furman the Democrats have now blocked the Citizenship question from the 2020 census despite it being regularly included up to the year 2000.   It is insane not to include it but again hiding the problem is another method of DEMOCRAT VOTE FRAUD as it creates representatives for the illegal immigrants in the states they are in – again primarily Democrat states.  Again, this is absolutely illegal activity which results in the direct theft of my legal representation.

So we are allowing masses of poor people to rush across the southern border, receive immediate, long term and free access to government welfare services and those of us who actually contribute and actually understand the constitution of the United States are forced to give our personal belongings and income in exchange for losing our own representation by our own government.

So I’ve heard the argument that more people overstay their visas than cross the southern border.  I will counter that statement with the fact that our government has vetted those people for a history of crime making them much less likely to be in gangs or drugs.  They also are far less likely to be horribly impoverished and they have registered themselves properly making voting for them more difficult.  Most end up leaving in the end anyway but compared to a gang member shipping prostitutes and drugs across our southern border, or economic immigrants looking for free money, they are an entirely different class of people.

It’s quite easy to see why Democrats support such obvious nonsense.  They want the votes.  Without the illegal immigrants, they are much less likely to control the government as a much higher percentage of mainstream Americans have generally figured out what Democrats are doing to destroy our country and constitution.  It doesn’t stop too many of them from supporting illegal voting with a recent poll showing that 31% of US voters think illegals voting is a good idea.   Can you guess which party they come from?  It is a shockingly high number people who should be completely embarrassed of their own stupidity, but there you have it.

I’m truly tired of having my vote stolen by these evil manipulative politicians.  They lie to us almost as much as the Media.  Now that Texas has released its data, we know for sure that illegal voting is absolutely wide spread – not that I’m surprised.

When you don’t check for citizenship, of course you get non-citizen votes.    In California for instance as far back as 1996, Loretta Sanchez won an election due entirely to illegal voting.

1996 Election – California

One of the most extensively documented cases of illegal voting was in California in 1996. Loretta Sanchez, a Democrat, defeated Republican incumbent Robert Dornan by 984 votes. Dornan called for an investigation of alleged illegal voting by noncitizens. According to Congressional Quarterly, a Washington, DC newspaper that focuses on developments in Congress, “Task force Chairman [U.S. Representative] Vernon J. Ehlers, R-Mich., said investigators had found concrete evidence of 748 illegal votes by noncitizens, not enough to throw Sanchez”s victory into doubt.”

I say she won due to it, if you found 784 votes who were certainly illegal, you know damned well there were more.  You also don’t need proof to know which way they primarily voted.  My guess is that when they hit 784, they quit before the election results were changed. Can you guess how many were deported or sent to prison?

Recently 23,000 Californian vote registrations were ‘accidentally’ botched by employees. It was caught by a Canadian who reported the problem on his own license.   If they know of 23,000, there are absolutely more.

In additon, in Cali, not only do you NOT have to provide an ID to vote, you can do it remotely without providing ANY identification whatsoever.  This link is very informative on the matter.

If you don’t check for illegal voting, of course you won’t find it.  If we ever see the actual data from these states, it will be a simple matter to prove it out.




7 Responses to “YES – Illegal Voting is Rampant and is a Form of Intentional Voter Fraud by Democrats”

  1. Pouncer said

    Phrase the issue differently during polling and watch the results change.

    “Should illegal immigrants get two votes each, one in the U.S. and another in their nation of origin?”

    I live in Texas also and the big problem, more than bogus registration or bad photo ID, is absentee balloting. Especially when “assistants” can collect ballots, see who the ballot supports, and decide whether or not to turn them in for a count.

  2. Paul In Boston said

    This is a replay of the debates at the first Constutional Convention in 1787. The slave states wanted to count all the slaves for the purpose of apportioning the number of representatives in the House, effectively giving them a lock in the House. The northern states didn’t want to count the slaves at all. The eventual notorius compromise was to count a slave as 3/5 of a man.

    If we don’t know the true count of citizens that will give states with large populations of illegals representation they don’t deserve. We’ll all be slaves of the Democrat party.

  3. Matthew W said

    Illegal immigration isn’t just about direct voting, it’s also about reshaping the electoral college. Getting millions of illegals officially counted in the census means redistricting and more districts for blue states, weakening the red sates.

  4. Tom in St. Johns said

    I have wondered why someone has not filed a federal suit stating that their representation in congress is diminished by illegals voting and being counted in the census to apportion the US house.

  5. Because it appears there was no pingback, and I believe in being up front:

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