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Vote Fraud – again.

Posted by Jeff Id on July 28, 2019

Reader 4kx3 left a link to Judicial Watch on voter fraud.   The discussion is interesting in several aspects and interested readers should consider reading the link.

One aspect which is also interesting is a specific case of an immigrant dumb enough to self identify as a non-citizen and got caught voting in Illinois in a federal election.

Without any serious effort on our part, we are now up to 462 cases from across the country, 742 criminal convictions. And that doesn’t include the most recent cases we’re going to
put in. Just three days ago, three days ago, I was sitting at my desk, and I saw that the Seventh Circuit, the United States Court of Appeals, so this is a court that’s just one step below the U.S.
Supreme Court, released a five page opinion about a woman, a Peruvian citizen, who was in the United States, and when she went to get her drivers’ license in Illinois, she decided to register to
vote and voted in the next federal election.
Now, what’s interesting about this is that she actually lied on her voter registration form. She checked the box saying, yes, I’m a United States citizen. She could have continued to vote
as often she wanted to in Illinois. She would never have been caught because Illinois does absolutely nothing to verify the citizenship of people.The only reason she was caught was
because she actually applied for citizenship. And it was during the citizenship application that it was discovered that she had registered and voted in election. This is on the same day, by theway, that another report came out of Texas, similar incident. A woman down there, not a U.S.citizen, who voted illegally in the 2012 or 2014 election.
These are stolen votes from actual US citizens.  These are votes which are widely understood to be typically leftist in nature and are in significant enough numbers to swing elections.
Jesse Richman – Political Science & Geography Professor at Old Dominion University studied the voting patterns of non-citizens.   Seriously, which other country would have such a thing?!!
He wrote:
In 2012, I looked at support for Obama. And among all non-citizens, about 80 percent supported Obama. Among non-citizens who cast validated votes, it was about 90 percent who said that they supported Obama. So there are a few who are supporting other candidates or didn’t express a preference, but, overwhelmingly, it’s support for Democrats, President Obama.
Overall, it is a good article.   It doesn’t take a math wizard to figure out that the numbers of illegal votes and voters are handing additional power to the left.   If the leftists had any understanding of or belief in the constitution, this wouldn’t be such a bad situation but every day we see congress and courts ignoring the constitution and instead choosing highly destructive paths towards socialism and corruption.   Our federal departments FBI,CIA,IRS,EPA, universities, public schools, courts and compliant media are now working together in concert for the destruction of our future – to be replaced with authoritarian style governance.  Each group of believers fighting for their own cause, environment, climate change, equal pay, energy production, free schooling on and on and on.  All to the same direction – to the destruction of America.
I very much fear for our children.

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I’m a Racist – oh my!

Posted by Jeff Id on July 21, 2019

Update:Now I’m dumb apparently. I have to say that one really hurts my feelings coming from someone as elite as Brandon.  Read at your own risk.

If You’re Not a Xenophobe, Why Are You So Dumb?

Apparently open death wishes are not sufficient punishment for my future person, now I’ve truly hit the big leagues. Racist!!!

Brandon Shollenburger has a new angry post up where he says some words that are not very entertaining or accurate.  It is a bit fun though, apparently I’m a racist,bigoted, xenophobe or some other blatant libel.  It’s like they need a new list similar to ‘LGBTQAI+’ maybe we could start with RBX and leave space at the end for whatever new words come into vogue…….  It would really shorten the articles on some blogs.

Brandon wrote a lot of pseudo-emotional words including the below (my formatting):

First, my words as quoted by Brandon [he removed my links]:

Liberal news papers love to make the claim that there is NO evidence of illegal aliens voting in large numbers — these claims are false.

[links were here]

You know when mainstream media speaks on political issues, there is a near certainty that you are being misled. Of the 15.8 million registered voters in Texas, how many of those weren’t dumb enough to self identify as illegal aliens!! These are literally the people who admitted to it in a government office!

What we have in Texas is evidence of MASSIVE fraud. Even if the number is only double what the idiotic self reporting illegals have listed, we have an enormous voter fraud issue.

Brandon then wrote:

I don’t know how anyone could believe something this ridiculous. To be frank, I think some form of racism/xenophobia is the only answer because there is no rational way to reach these conclusions. How can one believe tens of thousands of people were “dumb enough to self identify as illegal aliens!!”? It seems to me the amount of contempt for the people in question can only arise from some form of bigotry.

Even if one thinks that level of contempt could somehow be justified, these beliefs contradict every piece of evidence available.

Lots of other words follow in his post but there is something to be said for brevity.


My ‘beliefs’ contradict every piece of evidence, not that they seem to differ, or that they conflict at times with, but completely contradict EVERY piece of evidence.

‘every piece of evidence available’  — huh.

Later on Brandon writes:

Claims of voter fraud in Texas were horribly flawed.Within a week of them being made, it was already known, and confirmed, tens of thousands of names from the list of 95,000 shouldn’t have been listed

Not just flawed but HORRIBLY FLAWED.  In fact, FLAWED to the point of extreme emoting in the universal ether, aneurysms, sweaty palms, dogs and cats living together OR perhaps his excited statement might be a just a wee bit overblown.

I need to point out that there has been NO refutation of the original article in the Washington Post, nor has there been any indication that reports of large numbers of illegal votes in this exact case were inaccurate.  At no time, did I or anyone else claim every vote on the list was illegal as Brandon’s words falsely imply and with the obfuscation of data by leftist politicians, it would be impossible to expect a perfect result.   In fact, the situation now is actually worse than I had ever imagined it would be.  As of today, they were only able to identify 25,000 of these 95,000 registered voters as legal voters during the lawsuits that followed this initial report. From Brandon’s own link – which he apparently failed to read or maybe in his adjective-laden waves of emotion he didn’t want you to know the truth (my bold below):

In court, state officials said about a quarter — 25,000 — of the people on the original list for investigation were placed there in error and had already proved their citizenship.

That is worse than I had imagined.  This means that instead of 58,000 potentially invalid votes, it could be much higher.  But even if it is not more than 58,000 illegal voters, the whole event proved it is not zero.   Non zero illegal voting was the evidence found, and so we are left with tens of thousands of unvetted votes that still appear to be illegal. Tens of thousands of what at this point we could reasonably assume are ‘likely illegal’ votes remain untested, and due to lawsuits by democrats, the investigation of these voters has been effectively blocked. All investigation halted by Democrats apparently equals zero evidence to Brandon.

—–Why would democrats invest so much money to stop another voter investigation?  Hmm….

—–Why didn’t they want the data to be investigated thoroughly?  Hmm.. Hmm….

—–Shouldn’t a card carrying skeptic ask such questions?  Hmm… Hmm.. Hmm…

hahaha.  Good stuff.

But even worse for me, in Brandon’s world, I’m now a racist.  [Queue music] Dum, dum, dum!!!!

It is critical to note that the original article in the Washington Post which I linked said (my bold):

But without additional verification, one cannot say these individuals all engaged in illegal voting, said Chris Davis, the head of the Texas Association of Elections Administrators.

It only takes a moderately curious intellect to see that Chris Davis isn’t discounting the evidence, but is rather indicating that the numbers as presented didn’t represent a full and accurate count of the true illegal votes.  The statement read carefully also is clearly indicating that at that time there appeared to be a large number of illegal votes cast.   Nothing presented by me contradicts this.   In fact, from the evidence Brandon presents, it appears the problem is even more significant than originally reported because we have greater certainty that the remaining folks are illegally registered to vote — the opposite of Brandon’s false and emotion laden claims. When false statements are made with understanding, we call this lying.   I would rather assume it’s just another confused socialist emoting in Brandon’s case.  He clearly feels bigotry and we cannot should not rationally argue with a feeling.

I am tired of having my vote stolen by leftist fascist authoritarians who neither believe in the US Constitution nor understand it.  We have tied the hands of Immigration and Customs Enforcement such that we are now importing people from other countries putting them on buses, and rather than taking them back across the line, we put them far from the border and release them with money, clothes, medicine and welfare and without legal consequence.  In addition, the authoritarian socialists actively work to insure that government doesn’t know who is a citizen and who is not at the time of voting.  Leftists in city governments are so extreme that they are openly helping the illegals while illegally and dangerously subverting our own law enforcement organizations.  Simultaneously, even the main-stream left argues that it is literally racist to show any form of identification when voting.  Caravans, obfuscation of data, non-prosecution of illegals, yet observing these things is “against every piece of evidence available” – oh and it’s racist and bigoted blah, blah ,blah..

It is well known that states actively hide the critical evidence which would fully expose the magnitude of illegal voting.  Voter privacy is used as the excuse, yet the data required would not identify the voters.   In each and every attempt to investigate vote fraud, voter suppression are the first words mentioned, followed closely by racist, bigot and xenophobe  (Seriously RBX… really makes some sense for these folks). We need a campaign to “conserve electrons!!” or something.

Is the illegal voting sufficient to swing elections?  Sure it is, you only need a thousand votes in some elections to swing the ballot and there are tens of millions of illegal people in the United States.   In addition, the census as it will be done in 2020 without identifying citizenship, is literally designed to give equal representation in congress to illegal immigrants.  A real Constitutional question lies in there – for those who read the Constitution.  In total, the situation as it stands means that citizen influence is being diluted by a bunch of very often uneducated people imported from socialist dictatorial countries. Numerically, the Democrat strategy is incredibly obvious. The left has insured that are no real consequences to people for voting illegally simply because the required information is hidden from law enforcement while that same law enforcement is being actively subverted.  Why wouldn’t non-citizens vote if there is no consequence?   But ‘no evidence’ has been the mantra for decades as Brandon continues to represent.  The leftist voter information wall will obviously fall at some point (this was a big crack!!), perhaps a big data leak or maybe the legal system will accidentally function, and when it does, those on the side of massive authoritarian unconstitutional government hope it will already be too late.  Brandon will be wrong again, but he clearly doesn’t mind being wrong when the ends justify the means.

It is apparent to me that in Brandon’s world, we should continue to ignore actual evidence of voter fraud.  Ignore the blatant government obfuscation of the data.  We should call out people who critique the situation as racists and bigots.  We should ignore the systematic manner in which the leftists are actively and openly suppressing citizen votes while ironically accusing rational people of the same thing.  We should assume that voter ID is racist, and that those nice imported people aren’t something we can discuss – because it’s racist!!

Brandon humorously ignores the evidence in this case to the point where he flat out claims the evidence doesn’t even exist.  He made me laugh this time for sure .

Just to tweak him and further accelerate Brandon’s aging process – In this legal climate as described above, just the magnitude of the numbers of illegal residents alone proves with great certainty almost any claim of massive illegal alien voter fraud and I (and many others) have little doubt that Trump’s millions of illegal votes was accurate.

On a far, far, far more important note, perhaps even horribly far, shouldn’t ‘busing’ have two ‘S’s?  It doesn’t seem right.   Must be some kind of left wing authoritarian plot to make me bad at spelling.   Probably spying on me right now!!  Where’s my bible??!!!




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