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Vote Fraud – again.

Posted by Jeff Id on July 28, 2019

Reader 4kx3 left a link to Judicial Watch on voter fraud.   The discussion is interesting in several aspects and interested readers should consider reading the link.

One aspect which is also interesting is a specific case of an immigrant dumb enough to self identify as a non-citizen and got caught voting in Illinois in a federal election.

Without any serious effort on our part, we are now up to 462 cases from across the country, 742 criminal convictions. And that doesn’t include the most recent cases we’re going to
put in. Just three days ago, three days ago, I was sitting at my desk, and I saw that the Seventh Circuit, the United States Court of Appeals, so this is a court that’s just one step below the U.S.
Supreme Court, released a five page opinion about a woman, a Peruvian citizen, who was in the United States, and when she went to get her drivers’ license in Illinois, she decided to register to
vote and voted in the next federal election.
Now, what’s interesting about this is that she actually lied on her voter registration form. She checked the box saying, yes, I’m a United States citizen. She could have continued to vote
as often she wanted to in Illinois. She would never have been caught because Illinois does absolutely nothing to verify the citizenship of people.The only reason she was caught was
because she actually applied for citizenship. And it was during the citizenship application that it was discovered that she had registered and voted in election. This is on the same day, by theway, that another report came out of Texas, similar incident. A woman down there, not a U.S.citizen, who voted illegally in the 2012 or 2014 election.
These are stolen votes from actual US citizens.  These are votes which are widely understood to be typically leftist in nature and are in significant enough numbers to swing elections.
Jesse Richman – Political Science & Geography Professor at Old Dominion University studied the voting patterns of non-citizens.   Seriously, which other country would have such a thing?!!
He wrote:
In 2012, I looked at support for Obama. And among all non-citizens, about 80 percent supported Obama. Among non-citizens who cast validated votes, it was about 90 percent who said that they supported Obama. So there are a few who are supporting other candidates or didn’t express a preference, but, overwhelmingly, it’s support for Democrats, President Obama.
Overall, it is a good article.   It doesn’t take a math wizard to figure out that the numbers of illegal votes and voters are handing additional power to the left.   If the leftists had any understanding of or belief in the constitution, this wouldn’t be such a bad situation but every day we see congress and courts ignoring the constitution and instead choosing highly destructive paths towards socialism and corruption.   Our federal departments FBI,CIA,IRS,EPA, universities, public schools, courts and compliant media are now working together in concert for the destruction of our future – to be replaced with authoritarian style governance.  Each group of believers fighting for their own cause, environment, climate change, equal pay, energy production, free schooling on and on and on.  All to the same direction – to the destruction of America.
I very much fear for our children.

7 Responses to “Vote Fraud – again.”

  1. yonason said

    Dems say that it isn’t a big problem, based on a few prosecutions it’s just “What you see is all you get.” But, as with the iceberg under the water, it’s not what you see, it’s “what you don’t see that gets you.”

    Thanks, Jeff, for the info.

  2. Pouncer said

    For Dallas (Tx) Democrats, not only is a felony conviction not enough to dissuade them from hiring someone to commit the same type of voting fraud they’ve been carrying out for over two decades, they actually hired the convicted felon to teach other activists her methods.

    It’s all about weaponizing control of vote-by-mail or absentee ballots. And we know it’s happening. And we know it’s happened for decades. And we know who’s doing it. And we (honest citizens) can’t seem to recruit enough volunteer “poll watchers” into the process and channels to get it stopped.

    That’s all it would take. Volunteers to train on the law, stand around (as the law provides) at various choke points in the ballot-box management process, and point out to officials the violations. The officials have other priorities. Get the counts in before TV news deadlines being a top priority. Making sure the seals on the ballot boxes match the paperwork. All fine, actually. But giving control of certain kinds of ballots to be “voted” by people other than voters, and carried by couriers other than the post office? Wrong wrong wrong, but not a top concern on election night at the polling HQ.

    Anybody who wants to help — you can. You should. You must. Volunteer.

  3. […] an illegal alien] in a government office!" He responded by changing the subject, and now, he has a new post which changes the subject yet again, referring […]

    • Jeff Id said

      Love this quote from Izuru

      ” But hey, a person voted illegally. It wasn’t for nefarious purposes ”

      My vote stolen, you know, that thing everyone died for in all the past wars, but it wasn’t nefarious…

      Good to know.

      BTW, Just how does one know the intent of a criminal?

    • Jeff Id said

      The blinders leftists wear are very thick.

  4. Stan Brown said

    Jeff, the latest pack of the lies from the left (this time Ukraine and impeachment) indicates that the pressure cooker may be ready to blow. We’re in a civil war and it may get violent and ugly. BTW — if you don’t keep up with Sundance and Conservative Treehouse I highly recommend that you start.

    For a good take on just how outrageous Dem vote fraud has been through the years, read Caro on LBJ stealing the senate seat in 1948. Even more blatant than the coup the Dems have been putting us through for the last 3 years.

    • Jeff Id said

      I will check the treehouse out.

      The lies are extensive and it’s difficult to believe a significant fraction of the public will buy any of it. The media got the signal to say there is no evidence for Biden’s crimes and Hannity has an amazing montage on his radio show of different “anchors” saying exactly the same words again. The left absorbs nothing but centrally controlled information. No evidence, no evidence, no evidence, yet Biden literally describes exactly what he did on tape. It is corrupt and should result in jail time.

      If we don’t prosecute, we will get more of this because they have nothing to lose. It needs to start with Hillary and go all the way through Schiff. They need to be arrested for their crimes. I think McConnell is likely exposed, Pelosi definitely is. Just too much corruption going unpunished and unreported leaving a completely ignorant public.

      Vote theft is absolutely rampant as well, yet people clearly don’t want to believe it. Very strange world.

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