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Stranger than Fiction

Posted by Jeff Id on October 27, 2019

This whole impeachment saga reads like an article from the Onion or maybe a Ron Hubbard sci-fi book.

5: The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.

It is clear that according to the constitution, only the full house has the power to impeach.  It does not define power to form an inquiry under even the most unreasonable terms.  They literally don’t need to have any vote, don’t need any authority other than the constitution and absolutely don’t need any evidence to start an impeachment inquiry in private at any time, about any thing.   However, only the entire house can impeach.   It is really easy to see the strategy of inquire, leak any negative information to the press possible, and hope the public will fall for it.

That doesn’t make the actions of the house morally right though now does it.

Will this be the new America?

The Obama administration has been found to have spied on Trump (an opposition candidate) in a manner which would make Nixon blush.   Hillary Clinton paid a Russian operative to produce a fake dossier which was really never used in the campaign.   It did get leaked to the press and became the foundation to a FISA warrant which gave full permission to the Obama FBI, to investigate Trump….. Before he was elected.  Certainly that would rise to an felony offense if Obama, Biden, Clinton  knew of it.  It is literally impossible to imagine they didn’t and we shouldn’t forget the Strozk text – “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing”

Two years of farcical investigation and Muller claims under oath that he doesn’t even know who Fusion GPS was.   (They paid the money, to Steele for the fake dossier — on behalf of Clinton!!).  Actual Russian collusion!! But our glorious FBI, who can prosecute the hell out of a kid for a photo of an outdated sub, couldn’t figure this one out.

Clinton destroyed subpoenaed evidence — with a hammer.  Try that kids and you will spend a LOT of time in jail.   ACTUAL obstruction of justice instead of the fake kind the Democrats are accusing everyone else of.  So many blatant and publicly known violations of confidential data rules by her.  No prosecution, the FBI even helped out despite not being allowed to see the hacked server.

Comey leaked classified information, and actively worked against the president – no prosecution.  He’s still regularly laughing on TV about how he’s getting away with all of it.  He may be right.

Biden admitted on tape to using US funds to fire a prosecutor in Ukraine – who NOT coincidentally, happened to be investigating some insanely suspicious multi-million dollar deals his son was involved in. (15 U.S.C. § 78dd-1) .Biden, by his own words, used government money as leverage to block investigation into Burisma holdings.  Burisma was just ONE of his shockingly unqualified son’s multi-million dollar international arrangements – made while riding Air Force 2.  Video here.

President of the United States Trump asked the newly elected president of Ukraine (who was elected on an anti-corruption platform) – ‘was that real?’  and we now have another multi-year round of ‘Impeach the orange man’. Trump is accused of withholding government money because he asked about looking into the Bidens……   No money was stated withheld by Trump as a condition, no evidence exists that he actually did hold it,   and even if he did withhold money for an investigation into corruption, it is his actual OBLIGATION to do so.  But again, no evidence and it is Blindingly (big B) obvious that Biden is very likely guilty of extortion.

Like before, this fake trial is behind closed doors.   The information from the ‘investigation’ is  confidential so naturally the only data leaked from the endless forced questioning is anti-trump.

I really don’t understand how this has any legs at all.

We have a specific treaty with Ukraine regarding the sharing of evidence of corruption and criminal activities.  The treaty is targeted quite specifically at crimes like those that Joe and Hunter Biden very much appear to have committed.    The treaty was signed in 1999 by Al Gore, a favorite of every climate blog.  Here is a link to the full text of the treaty with a summary at the beginning.

When I first heard the story, my thought was what do people imagine foreign aid in return for?  Good feelings?  More socialist saving of less capitalist ‘developing’ societies?  Lifting most of these countries out of poverty by cash payments is equivalent to sending mentally impaired folk to medical school.   It doesn’t make sense — so my point is, that is obviously not what the money is for!

Don’t really know what other folk think, but I hold no illusions that the money transfers from any government to another has no purpose.  Why would you pay if you get nothing in return?  Generosity comes from the individual, not the government.

It makes me wonder.

In the meantime, I would humbly suggest that nobody listen to the leftist media – well ever actually.  Some think they are getting both sides of a story, but when one side is actively lying, well…… let’s just say that all opinions are not created equally.  The goal is obviously to turn public sentiment against Trump such that when the time comes, congressional con-men may be supported in their already decided vote.

I’ve written to my fence-sitting congressman who can’t seem to decide if fake impeachment is something he should support or not.  You should all write to yours this time, something I rarely recommend.  Not that they will listen but this time it is very important that we stop the decay of our government into ever deeper corruption.  When nonsense is mainstream, we have a big problem.






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