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Invalid Opinion

Posted by Jeff Id on October 29, 2019

I’m actually offended by this WaPo propaganda:

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State, dies at 48.

I’m not sure that as a very very white male, I’m allowed to be offended but WOW, I actually am.  This freak burned people in cages, beheaded people, turned women into sex slaves and in his final act of love, blew up his own children.

It’s just more nonsense from the leftist authoritarians but this is way beyond acceptable.   The paper owes everyone on planet Earth an apology.  — Oh and people need to be fired for this.

3 Responses to “Invalid Opinion”

  1. amortiser said

    Media superstar, Josef Goebbels dies at 47.

    Struggling artist and Austrian migrant, Adolph Hitler, dies at 54.

    Ludicrous, isn’t it?

  2. Keep printing that headline. Keep screaming it. That is the only way that people will wake up to the sheer stupidity that passes for the 4th estate today.

    That headline defines the YSM.

  3. MikeN said

    Better that than ‘ISIS is not Islamic.’

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