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Thoughts on Climate

Posted by Jeff Id on November 8, 2019

So I don’t watch TV anymore, I mostly work but I do have an amazing new laptop which deserves some kind of purpose in its short life.  The company exploded and we’ve taken on a lot of customers.   I’m actually afraid of inciting another Climategate splash here, not for me but for my fellow employees who deserve nothing but the best. I still have the same ridiculous attitude and still think Michael Mann needs to apologize to Earth for the damage he’s done to our lives.  Not that his now millionaire status will be put at risk for anything resembling the truth.

At the same time, climate still refuses to change.  I mean what the hell, I am an absolute believer in the basic fact that CO2 will “capture” heat and make the planet warmer than it otherwise would have been.  I also fully understand that we DO NOT KNOW the amount of heat it will capture.  Do not know, turned out to be amazingly true since 2009 climategate days, because NOTHING happened.  ZERO.  Still no melting.  Still no change in sea level rise.  Still no increase in tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, floods, shrinking fish, insects blah..blah.. blah…

Complete NOTHING.

How is that possible.   How could I have been so wrong …. and right… at the same time?

Well the answer is that climate stabilization mechanisms are more powerful than anyone predicted.   We have completely FAILED to warm the planet despite our best efforts.  We gave it one hell of an effort, but we failed spectacularly.  The best humans could do is get ourselves confused and upset about a now obvious non-issue. How ridiculous that it took so much of our time and money.  Even worse, common sense is still losing the non-argument.



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