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Posted by Jeff Id on December 17, 2019

I’ve always written what I believe to be true.  It is a hallmark of the Air Vent that at the drop of a fact, my opinion will change.  I’ve demonstrated this so many times in a much more public setting than the Air Vent currently is, but in that I will NOT change.

Today Donald Trump wrote a letter which actually had quite a bit of original Trump content, that was 100% TRUE.  No falsehoods, no exaggerations, no twisting of political ‘facts’.  Air Vent worthy. 

Completely true.

Here it is

Additional diatribe below:  Your own risk.

Our country has never faced a worse situation than we are in now.  Not because Trump will be removed, but rather because the press has abdicated its responsibilities to truth.  They have not abandoned truth in favor of profit, as many will assume, in fact the opposite has happened.  They are abdicating truth in favor of government power, to an extreme not seen in recorded history.  Nearly half of the country still thinks the president should be impeached, despite an actual zero evidence situation.  ZERO.

Innuendo and difference of opinion are equivalent bars to high crimes.

No crimes are asserted, no treason, no bribery, no quid pro nothing, only innuendo.   The Democrats literally didn’t bother to accuse Trump of a single criminal act.  The impeachment is a complete and unequivocal farce.  For those who know me and may disagree, you need to educate yourselves on the situation.  I doubt any regular readers here haven’t already figured it out though.

While I am pleased that this craziness will likely result in Trump’s re-election, the situation where we have the majority in congress able to impeach for NO crimes or misdemeanors is dystopian at best.  Yet the media enables it. A proper media would save the constitution from the abuses of the authoritarian left.  Yet they don’t tell the public any of the truth.

We just watched the congress hold ‘hearings’ with NO republican witnesses allowed.  NOTHING. Every attempt to introduce witnesses by the Rebublicans was blocked. The media didn’t tell you about that — did they?   NO. We just saw articles of impeachment with NO crimes enumerated.  Zero crimes!! NOTHING against the law.  Yet still no media response.

Think about it !!!

Worse yet, the only SINGLE witness to the president’s thoughts was an individual who was expected to help the Democrat efforts, Sondland who said:

 And he said, I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. I just want Zelensky to do the right thing, to do what he ran on, or words to that effect.

It’s completely Orwellian what we are looking at. Half the country is so inundated with fake news that they can’t see the incredible danger we are in from this false procedure. What if every congress impeaches when the other party is in power? How can a president govern with constant nonsense. How can it be remotely good for America?

Literally within hours after being elected and WAY before taking office, the democrats were talking impeachment. Fake FISA investigations followed by FAKE impeachment.

It’s not good folks, we are in very big trouble if this behavior is allowed to continue.

The swamp is deep!!

2 Responses to “Truth”

  1. Matthew W said

    “No crimes are asserted, no treason, no bribery, no quid pro nothing, only innuendo”

    I attended an impeachment rally tonight (as a counter protester)

    I had a sign that read “Fact ! Obama Spied Democrats Approve”

    A dozen people challenged me on the FACT that the Obama administration spied.

    Imagine my surprise when I was told that the Horowitz report completely exonerated the Obama administration and the FBI of any wrong doing.

    These people are the most ignorant and mal-informed fools in America.

    And yes, journalism in America is DEAD.

  2. jinghis said

    Barr said it is likely that Durham is going to have some indictments this summer.

    Sundance thinks it is posturing on Barr’s part.

    No one from the Deep State has been held accountable for anything.

    On a positive note, the EPA has let 8,000 people go. I think a lot of them were grant recipients.

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