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Nuke em!

Posted by Jeff Id on January 13, 2020

So have you ever wondered what climate “skeptic” blogs would sound like if global warming were strong? If it were, I can tell you this blog would say it loud and clear. The data is the data of course but when you don’t have strong warming, and you cannot find any impacts from the small warming, what are you supposed to write?

You can write about the charlatans, the scammers, and fake news. You can write about electricity, LED’s and oil. So many things that beat around the fact that the subject is busted because……..

there is too little warming.

It’s just not as fun.

So – I reject your reality and substitute my own!! — love that quote.

As you know, we have seen massive increases in CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Sea level increases are accelerating and there is nothing we can do to stop it for the next several decades. Adaptation is in the works but one wonders, what will happen when the next big hurricane hits. It’s not like sea level rise is a linear process without stochastic weather noise prepared to wreck the next city.

China has refused to admit their addiction to CO2, clean coal is the same as dirty coal in this instance, why can’t they build nuclear plants. It isn’t like the greens are stopping them after all. The US has shut down more coal plants than any other country has ever owned outside of China [could be true actually]. Why do we carry the burden of the battle. Brownouts are not our future, we need nuclear power now!!

The UN keeps pushing socialism, but what does socialism have to do with the solution? We all agree that the global warming shitstorm needs to be corrected. We don’t agree that we need a supreme overlord to get it done. Free the energy producers to use their own choices to avoid CO2 producing power. Let them build the future of energy. Stop blocking smart people from safe nuclear power solutions!! E = MC^2 has meaning folks!!!! We need nukes now!!

ouch. That’s what would happen here if global warming doom were real.

BTW, we will go big time nuclear at some point.
No question about it.
Because physics.

This one isn’t up to us. E = MC^2 – All we control is when and how we do it.

Should be cool when it happens though. Available energy has transformed productivity of society in ways we would never have guessed. Increase that availability with nuclear power, and we will need to duck as to what humanity does next. It isn’t often that people give low cost energy the credit it is due. Economic productivity is so closely tied to energy over the last millennia, it is impossible to ignore.

So I’m still hoping to see a Mars landing and a conversion to nuclear energy in my lifetime. Both seem like long shots, but we shall see.

8 Responses to “Nuke em!”

  1. born01930 said

    Activists/alarmists play on peoples ignorance and fear of the unknown. Most media outlets make money by scaring people. Those 2 things have put a massive damper on the expansion of nuclear power. We have a proven safe technology…the PWR and BWR both are safe, efficient, and reliable but have poor public relations. The collective “we” could pick 20 well placed sites across the US, build 10 1200MW plants on each site and with the existing plants have 60% of US electricity nuclear based. (20% comes from nuclear today)

    Ain’t gonna happen though…ignorance will prevent it

  2. gallopingcamel said

    Happy New Year!

    It is good to find you blogging again. In the process of researching a lecture on EMP I wanted to make the case for SMRs (Small Nuclear Reactors) with <300 MWe as a long term approach to reducing dependence on the EHV "Grid".

    I was expecting to find at most a dozen projects in various stages from design, licensing, construction and maybe even operation. I was astounded by how many there are and you can bet I missed plenty more:

    SMRs in operation = 5
    Under construction = 4
    In licensing = 11
    In design = 32

    In addition there were nine "Very Small Reactors" by which I mean less than 30 MWe.

    So out of 61 SMRs how many are US projects? I was expecting three or less but was gobsmacked to find that the USA is #1 with 18 designs out of 61. Given that we don't have a single one in operation or under construction what is going on?

    I suspect that designing nukes has become a fun activity again as Freeman Dyson recommended.

  3. Russell Johnson said

    Bullshit 100%

  4. pouncer said

    Speaking of “rejecting your reality and substituting my own”

    An electrical engineer wins long court battle with traffic safety engineers about the mathematical modeling of cars speeding (or otherwise) through an intersection and (possibly) red light.

    The non-expert, skeptical of the traffic modeler’s work, offered his own model and was fined for mis-representing himself as an “engineer”. (He WAS an engineer, but not “the right kind” of engineer.) He fought it out on free speech U.S. First Amendment grounds, and won. And now he’s won again, as the state revises it’s model to match his. Making, by the way, traffic in the state safer for everybody.

    Now, if only climate experts would similarly listen to and work with skeptical experts from other disciplines …

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