Strong Data Again

I’m not sure why so many of one political party want to say that hydroxychloroquine azythromycin is only anecdotally effective.   Maybe they don’t know what that word means.

Anyway, here is another strong study but the only control subjects are the rest of the entire planet so maybe that’s not enough.



Very, very angry at our mindless fascist authoritarian Michigan governor for banning the use of these drugs.  We deserve the right to try.

Zero Risk Options for Treating Coronavirus Patients

So there appears to be an extremely effective cure for the covid 19. It was discovered during the SARS days.  It turns out that SARS was first released in the Wubai provence and in the city of Wuhan China.  SARS was also a corona virus family member, like the flu and cold.

Anthony Watts, already a hero of mine,  has a post at WUWT, which has started to be recognized.  I’ve been emailing and contacting anyone in media I know of for two days, so have others I know.   Breitbart picked up the story today on this link  

They have it set to a low priority at the moment but it is literally the biggest story on this third rock from the sun.  The ‘cure’ is actually much stronger than any antibiotic that I’ve seen.  The Chinese National Health Commission is recommending it as a treatment in COVID cases with pneumonia.

Interestingly, the drug is a prophylactic as well.  Taken prior to infection, it causes increased resistance to the drug virus. This has only been tested in cellular cultures, not humans.   The data seems fairly extreme though — you literally could take the proper dosage and run around sharing suckers with COVID 19 folks and not catch the virus.

Anthony’s post is here.

One study is in Spanish and translated on his blog.

A second Stanford University study is linked here.

Same conclusions, same results.

Third study is here. From Nature journal.

Breitbart briefly had Anthony Watts work at the top of its stories but within minutes, dropped it to the bottom of the political section so nobody saw it.

An additional study came out in bioscience trends regarding Chloroquine phosphate – same kind of results but on people.

 Thus far, results from more than 100 patients have demonstrated that chloroquine phosphate is superior to the control treatment in inhibiting the exacerbation of pneumonia, improving lung imaging findings, promoting a virus negative conversion, and shortening the disease course

A fifth study focused on hydroxychloroquine here.

All of these studies have the same results.  None of them have any large adverse concerns because the drugs are already approved.  More importantly, there were no non-correlating results.   Very, very powerful evidence.

Austrailians have also given the HIV anti-viral form of the drugs to people with amazing success and are bringing it out to 50 hospitals right now.  They are looking at both the quinine series of meds and the HIV medication lopinavir/ritonavir.

‘Patients would end up with no viable coronavirus in their system at all after the end of the therapy.’

Although the treatment had been effective in a smattering of cases, there hasn’t been any controlled testing like what would be needed to test a new drug, Professor Paterson said.

‘That first wave of Chinese patients we had (in Australia), they all did very, very well when they were treated with the HIV drug,’ Professor Paterson said.


Also, the death rate of this virus is going to be much lower than predicted.  It really hits people who are of ‘compromised health’ very hard but on the cruise ship Diamond Princess, where large numbers of folks were infected, under 1 percent of the infected patients died. Basically, if you are healthy enough to get on a cruise ship, you are likely to survive the virus.

In Itally, they are reporting some other causes for death.   It turns out that they are intentionally not treating the older patients due to lack of resources”

If someone between 80 and 95 has serious breathing difficulties, you probably don’t proceed,” admitted an anesthetist at a hospital in Bergamo


I do love government run medicine.

From OMRF:


Even though the CDC knows these drugs are safe to administer, people right now are having extreme breathing difficulties due to the virus and many will die.   The CDC is recommending against the near zero risk opportunity to wait until additional testing is complete. 

There may be no vaccine yet for the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus. But scientists are now testing both existing and experimental therapies to see if any are effective in treating the new coronavirus.

Among the drugs being tested are new and existing antiviral therapies. And one candidate that’s showing promise is a drug that’s been in use for more than a half-century

The drug, chloroquine phosphate, was originally developed to fight malaria.

“It’s also been shown to be very effective in treating patients who have autoimmune diseases like lupus,” said Judith James, M.D., Ph.D., Vice President of Clinical Affairs at OMRF. “We use it to treat hundreds of lupus patients at OMRF.”

In China, researchers tested the drug in a multicenter clinical trial to treat pneumonia associated with COVID-19. Preliminary results indicate that the drug appears to show some efficacy as a therapy.

Scientifically, said OMRF’s James, it would make sense that an anti-malarial drug might also fight an infection caused by a coronavirus.

“When malaria gets inside a cell, if you change the pH with a drug like chloroquine phosphate, the malaria can’t live,” said James, an immunologist and rheumatologist. “The same goes for a virus like COVID-19. If you change the pH, the virus cannot assemble, and if it can’t assemble, it can’t infect you.”

James explained that repurposing existing medications is often the fastest path to treating those infected by the virus in a novel way.

“That would be really exciting, because it’s a drug that already has FDA approval, and it is readily available,” she said.  “If it works, it might treat COVID-19 almost instantly.”

Wider studies are now underway to confirm the results.

In the meantime, James and health officials at the CDC are warning against using unapproved medications claiming to treat or prevent COVID-19.

This is where I would like to see the government make progress.  This is something real that can impact not only the physical outcome for many patients, but the overall mood in the country toward the economy and the future.   The one thing the government can actually do and they aren’t reporting it or properly considering it.