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Hydroxychlorquine Azythromycin Still Showing Success

Posted by Jeff Id on May 8, 2020

New study on Coronavirus patients describing outcomes and risk factors.  This is a very positive study despite the subdued language.  My understanding is that this is part of standard recommended treatment in South Korea now.

4 Responses to “Hydroxychlorquine Azythromycin Still Showing Success”

  1. pouncer said

    In the US, the drug approval process attempts to show a proposed drug has two properties: “Safe” and “Effective”.

    Some drugs that have proven themselves “safe” also have “effects” that were not expected. Rogaine — tested to treat hypertension — effectively treats male pattern baldness. Viagra was tested to treat angina — but is now famously effective for other conditions. Ritalin was tested for treating depression.

    Dr Fauci, prior to becoming famous, made many efforts to suppress the use of such “safe” medicines for uses that had not (yet) been “proven” to be “effective” .

    It’s sort of surprising that he has allowed this malaria drug to be deployed against flu.

  2. […] Source: Hydroxychlorquine Azythromycin Still Showing Success […]

  3. watcher of the road said

    The swamp are doing their worst to demonise HCQ. Their plan is to release another Chinese-made virus in October should Trump rise above the Chinese Communist Virus by fixing the economy in time for the November election, and they do not want a 5 cent pill to ruin their plans. So they are trying to put the results that show its efficacy together with a zinc supplement and antibiotic Azithromycin.

    A vaccine will surely not be available by election time, that’s being taken care of too. Then, if Biden wins, the vaccine will be available for all within a week. Most probably even the dead who vote for Biden will be inoculated.

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