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Vote Anomalies in Pennsylvania

Posted by Jeff Id on November 23, 2020

So we have accusations flying, reports of late night votes being dumped off in Michigan and Pennsylvania that were 100% Biden. Until the affidavits are presented in court, we will see little of what happened.

I did find one site though that had data from the NYT sent by Edison Research group which collects voting data and provides to news agencies as real time as they can. The NYT paid for their service and put all of their data on line. We have individual reporting events for every state as sent to the news media, starting as the polls closed to when the counting stopped.

This post only relates to Pennsylvania but I did do all states. The Pennsylvania data is here. I expected to find some interesting and questionable things, which I did, but this time I was truly surprised and have sent this off to several folks investigating vote fraud.

Pennsylvania Anomaly  —  Edison Research Open Source Data as published by the NYT

Summary: Analysis of the voting night data as reported by Edison Research for various live news and print services revealed significant voting anomalies in Pennsylvania.   Of just over 500 lines of county data reported for the Pennsylvania presidential vote count over the days of vote counting, twenty-five lines of significant one-sided vote movement were identified. The threshold used for locating the significant vote events required an individual reporting event to have greater than 75% of the vote to one candidate or the other.  All lines are shown in the linked spreadsheet.

The 25 Lines were made up of:

  • Ten lines before vote halt at 3:13am EST (8:13am GMT).  Two of which were reversals of each other, and one was a modification to switch approximately 18,000 votes from Trump to Biden. Only seven significant moves were recorded prior to vote halt. 
  • Eighteen lines after reopening of reporting at 5:54am EST (10:54 GMT).  All votes in these 18 entries went 100% to Biden. Eighteen of Eighteen consecutive “anomalously” Biden-only votes.

Total votes recorded for the 18 significant entries:  Trump:-3,733  Biden:    334,086

The negative value for Trump is due to rounding error in Edison Research data. 

  • It is statistically unrealistic to have 18 significant Biden vote entries with no added votes for Trump. 
  • The differential is enough to flip the 81,000 votes in the state election.
  • All 18 of the county reports with zero Trump vote came after 5:54 am EST when absentee ballots were being counted.  No zero Trump votes occurred before the count delay.
  • The last anomalous entry found (line 6967), is the FIRST reported moment when Biden took the lead from Trump.  No additional anomalous votes were detected after that point by this method.

Spreadsheet with data is below. All spreadsheet times are GMT so subtract 5 hours for Eastern Standard.

I have contacted the Trump campaign with this as well as local representatives and True the Vote. Prior to this analysis, I did believe there was massive fraud in this election, I didn’t expect it to be so shockingly obvious in the data.

Now, if Trump has witnesses and affidavits stating that Biden votes were dumped off in large quantities after hours, this is powerful data to back up the claims. This is the factual information not present in the lawsuits to support the witnesses claims that something did happen. This is the best supporting data available of widespread fraud that I have found anywhere simply because this dataset brings more than enough votes to call the election outcome into immediate question in Pennsylvania. I also have supporting data with the same kinds of one sided voting with state flipping magnitude for both Michigan and Georgia.

UPDATE: I need help contacting someone in the Trump campaign. I’ve been in contact with the volunteer vote fraud group and True the vote as well as several lawyers, one employee with a daughter in the White House, local state representatives, and several news sites but I have not successfully reached the campaign legal team as yet. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

5 Responses to “Vote Anomalies in Pennsylvania”

  1. Looks like “hockey sticks” to me..

    Very well analysed aand found Jeff, looks to me as you have uncovered what was done and when. Just the how left to tally up.

  2. Datacruncher said

    Hi Jeff,

    Great analysis! Here’s one for you: try calculating “Change in Votes for Trump” divided by “Change in Votes for Biden” and plot the data vs. Time with a vertical scale from -3 to +5. Data are very noisy (as expected) until the vote halt at 8:13am GMT. After this you can clearly see the algorithm running on the voting software – to an almost ridiculous degree! It is an almost perfectly smooth line (with some pauses in the ballot counting) dropping slowly from 1.25 to below 1. Above 1 means Trump gets more votes than Biden, below 1 means Biden gets more votes than Trump.

    Also note that after the vote halt there are around 75 datapoints scattered below 1, many of them even below zero, meaning that Biden either gets more votes than Trump or (for negative values) that Trump’s votes are transferred to Biden. The smooth algorithm line falls below 1 after 11/06/2020 12:42 PM. After this there are only a few more of the scattered datapoints.

    Two more observations:

    1) Tracing backwards it is obvious that the algorithm is also present in the noisy data right from start, i.e. before the vote halt. It starts at 0.06 meaning that around 15 out of 16 votes go to Biden. But then it quickly rises and crosses 1, meaning that now it gives Trump more votes than Biden! This coincides with the initial period in the vote counting when Trump got considerably more votes than Biden.
    2) After the vote halt Trump does not get one single ballot count above the fake algorithm line. Not one! And we are talking about more than 250 ballot counts after the vote halt……

    I can’t explain all details of these data, but here comes my interpretation so far:

    • The cheating algorithm in the voting software runs throughout all the ballot counting. But it seems that the high number of Trump votes forces the algorithm above the 1 limit, where it starts transferring votes to Trump instead of Biden. The turnout for Trump seems to have been so big that it truly “broke the algorithm”.
    • After the Democrats halt the election the algorithm slowly returns to below the magic 1 limit. But too slowly, if they just let it run its course it will keep giving Trump more votes than Biden, and Trump will certainly win. They absolutely need to fill in extra (likely fraudulent) votes for Biden, and these are the 75 scattered datapoints mentioned above.
    • After the algorithm falls below the 1 limit, no more extra votes are needed, and they stop feeding extra fraudulent votes.

    My conclusion: The election in Pennsylvania was rigged beyond any doubt whatsoever. Both by a cheating algorithm in the voting software, and by additional manual cheating when this wasn’t enough. The scattered noisy datapoints may be discussed and challenged, but not the smooth line. No way this is real ballot counting. It’s Fake Votes.

    • You have to take account of natural variability, that the actual Trump/Biden ratio varies according to city/rural location and also in-person/mail voting, that may explain the early variations.

  3. Another Ian said

    “HUGE! PA Lawmaker: Democrat Governor Wolf MANDATED Dominion Voting Systems — It was NOT Voted on by Lawmakers”


  4. OK S. said

    If one of the people you contacted was Matt Braynard of the Voter Integrity Project, he apologizes in this video for not being able to answer everybody who contacted him. Briggs mentioned in one of his posts that Braynard is who he has been working with. (abt. 42 minutes)

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