Michigan – Linear X axis

Do not tell us that this is about restoring trust in the voting system


this is about restoring a voting system we can trust.

You have better odds of winning the lotto AND being killed by lightening this month than naturally producing the vote ratios on the far right of the above graph.

3 thoughts on “Michigan – Linear X axis

  1. So did you look at any none swing state data that would have voting precincts or counties with a heavy Biden bias to see if they had comparable ratios? San Fransisco Bay area or Manhatten I expect would have as significant a ratio as any Michigan precinct. No reason to cheat in NY or CA as they were going to all Biden no matter what. So it would be interesting to know if they had any similar level of landslides.

    1. Oddly, I found cheat in localized areas of NY and California. I assume local elections in this case because it was very minimal in comparison. They already have infinite mail in zero question balloting in both. Also the biggest flip of votes from Trump to Biden was reported in NewJersey. Oddities everywhere.

      The difference in pattern between these and other no-cheat states is as dramatic as you would expect as if the Trump side of the argument were true.

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