Deep State End Game

Today the Supreme Court of the United States refused to even hear a case by Texas regarding the blatantly fraudulent 2020 election on the basis that:

Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections.

Texas, a state in America, joined by 17 other states, didn’t demonstrate an interest in a presidential election. A massively, blatantly, obviously fraudulent presidential election has been allowed to pass, but Texas (a state in our union) had no demonstration of interest in unconstitutional changes made to election rules by other states. Rules which were obviously meant to bias the vote toward the authoritarians who are being declared the victors. Worse than that, this acceptance of the fraud means that the cheating has been normalized. It’s federally allowed.

I’m a business owner and I have participated in a number of legal cases. In all of them, won or lost, I have as yet NEVER seen a judge make an intellectually accurate ruling. Every single one is nonsense, win or lose. In my experience, Judges seem to live in their own imaginary world where their opinion trumps any version of law. This behavior is the hallmark of authoritarians the world over which I imagine is a prerequisite for being a judge in the first place. This court ruling however, has a special place in the legal world as it has no basis in reality whatsoever. Not even a smidgen of actual law supporting this decision is available. Plenty of fear and plenty of unwillingness to do their jobs is evident, because there is no constitutional, legal or logical reasoning which drove this decision.

“Justices” Alito and Thomas state my point themselves:

Statement of Justice Alito, with whom Justice Thomas joins: In my view, we do not have discretion to deny the filing of a bill of complaint in a case that falls within our original jurisdiction. See Arizona  v. California , 589 U. S. ___ (Feb. 24, 2020) (Thomas, J., dissenting). I would therefore grant the motion to file the bill of complaint but would not grant other relief, and I express no view on any other issue.

The court has no discretion to deny this case, which they are ALL fully aware of, yet they did it anyway.

What it means is that by the gutless withholding of proper review of obviously unconstitutional acts, there will be no corrections to our voting system in the future. States no longer need legislatures to change law. Without that required legal pushback, the court has abdicated it’s authority. There is no realistic possibility that the authoritarian left will restore the citizen’s right to an equally weighted vote in future elections. Why would they? If you don’t believe me, watch Georgia’s runoff in the coming weeks for example.

It is an interesting fact that I attempted to personally sue Michigan for the changes to voting law this summer. Despite my experiences with law, this was my first attempt at initiating a lawsuit of any kind. My push was shot down by my own lawyers as no voting damage had yet occurred. After the election, and now that the damage was done, a Pennsylvania judge refused to hear the case on the basis that the challenge came too late. Another statement which has no basis in law. Despite the leftist slant of the article, it also mentions the same difficulty I faced when trying to sue Michigan before any damage was done. Without proper support from the court system, there was no opportunity in law for citizens to prevent this fraud. Now without supreme court support of the constitution, we can expect no recourse or future correction of law.

The cheaters have nothing to fear legally so our right to vote and have our vote count has been stolen permanently. Along with that loss, we also lost any chances for the United States of America ever having a constitutional republic under this legal structure ever again. The vote, the constitution, and all subsequent law has lost all meaning. The paper that the beautiful constitution was written on has been reduced to just that, a piece of worthless paper.

A useless, colorless piece of paper.

The left celebrates.

There is talk of war, but that’s all it is, talk. War without a common unified cause is nothing but violence and our society is far too brainwashed by government forces to act with a common understanding. Will war come? It will come eventually, but it may be generations of oppression and starvation before it happens. Make no mistake though, our children’s right to pursue happiness has been taken away without a constitutionally conservative shot fired.

It is easy to predict the economic doom and starvation which these authoritarian economic neophytes will cause. Worse than that though is the unpredictable application of laws. When laws only apply as a judges emotions wish them to, how will anyone accurately follow any of them? When prosecutors decide that some kinds of cases will be tried simply because that particular prosecutor doesn’t like the law, what is the job of the legislature? In China, they have had the problem of mutable law at least for decades. Irregularly applied laws cause citizens to pay off officials and officials to regularly shake down citizens. If you don’t pay, then no business license, no job, no school, no house, no college for children or relatives, no food etc….

I no longer can support America. Not because its concept wasn’t completely right, but rather because I have no say in its governance and that makes this a dictatorship. The left also lost their vote by the way, but they are too busy in the emotional thrall of their stolen election to figure it out. Perhaps when they are hungry and they change affiliation, they will realize that their own vote doesn’t count anymore either.

Much of our citizenry is so thoroughly brainwashed by the state media and schools, that they will not even admit that the evidence of fraud exists, let alone that it is shockingly blatant. Only those who count votes, make laws, and have the support of the state media will matter from this point forward. Votes are officially meaningless, so like Venezuela and North Korea, those who dissent will stop participating eventually leading whomever is in charge to then make voting mandatory – likely in the next decade. In other words, everything is as it should be in a newborn communist haven.

If there is any democratic country which will take me and my family, I’m interested in becoming a productive, law-abiding and wealthy member of your land. I’ll let others here figure out how to work in an economically, intellectually and legally bankrupt dictatorship. They can figure out how to employ the human drones which remain enslaved to the system. The newborn American dictatorship will come sooner than you expect for your guns, property, bank accounts, speech, and will continue to segregate and divide all individuals into groups to be gifted with fractions of the money taken from others. Chaos is their political shelter, so like COVID, expect quite a bit of that as well. The process has already begun.

We already see so many failures of socialism in this country. You can’t get healthcare in a reasonable time since Obamacare and it is unaffordable. We have empty shelves in stores for the first time in my half century. Public schools push leftist propaganda as hard as the main stream news and universities. As this new uni-party dictatorship takes hold over the next decade, watch how significant these constant discomforts become.

The whole of humanity lost so much in 2020 due to the fraud and cheating in America. With the loss of any ability to bring this problem to light in court, the situation is irreversible. There are a few legal chances which remain, however after 50 legal cases have been denied without any discussion, their chances of correcting any of this is almost as unlikely as the absentee vote in Wayne county naturally going that completely to a single candidate.

15 thoughts on “Deep State End Game

  1. I am a duthchman resident in Australia and was impressed with Donald Trump’s approach to life and government. I feel sorry for you and at least half of your countrymen. An alternative (better) country is not easy to find. Europe is rapidly going the same totalitarian way. I hoped that Boris was going to do the right thing but he is just as bad as the rest, judging by his covid and climate positions. No balls. Australia had potential but bosses are just as gutless where it matters.
    That leaves Russia or China. If everything happens in waves, they are sofar ahead they must come out of it soon.

  2. One last option is for the state legislators to do what the Scotus failed to do. Select the delegates to the Electoral Collège based on the states votes that where registered before the end of voting on Nov 3rd..

  3. I’m a Caucasian American native married to a Taiwanese native.

    My wife and kids have already been sent to Taiwan, where the schools are open, masking is not mandatory, economic lockdowns haven’t taken place, etc. If a civil war comes to America, I don’t want them caught in the cross-fire, and I don’t want my children seeing me killing communists via guerrilla tactics… it’ll come to that eventually. I know it, you know it, we all know it.

    Now that America has fallen to the corrupt communists, what country do you believe represents the best chance for conservative Americans to flee to as America descends into tyranny and totalitarianism?

    Taiwan is only a short-term solution, as China has designs to take over Taiwan in a few short years.

    I was considering Czechoslovakia, but they’re sliding down that same slippery slope of eroding freedoms as America is, and it’s only a matter of time before they fall (back) into Communism.

    Canada used to be the go-to run-to country, but they’re even further along the path to communist totalitarianism, so that’s out. Mexico and neighboring countries are out for their rampant corruption and lawlessness… where do we run to?

  4. Hey everyone, America is still alive and very strong. Don’t let the yellow journalism get you down. The overwhelming majority still believes in freedom and equality, and knows the press is fake news. Try this blog for some collected real news: He has numerous good news articles, and he explains that what’s happening now is part of a legal slam dunk strategy for Trump to win the election, then clean the swamp. I’ve been waiting for this for 30 years, we’ve finally reached the tipping point. The facts are overwhelming and the law is indisputable, see the 12th Amendment, U.S. Constitution.

    And if you’re curious why America was so great I recommend my own website which includes sources so you can fact check for yourself:

    1. “Belief” in freedom and equality under the law doesn’t equate to actual freedom and equality under the law unless people act to protect that freedom and equality under the law… unfortunately, we’ve had a couple generations of government-indoctrinated sheeple who will not only not protect freedom and equality under the law, but are actively rioting for the government to take away our freedoms and equality under the law.

      America is at the precipice of falling into communist totalitarianism. If we lose the civil war, America will be communist for at least two generations.

      Those of us who are students of history know this to be a fact… we will not just turn on a dime toward freedom and prosperity, we’ll descend into communist totalitarianism until the people shilling for same die off and a new crop of freedom-loving people are raised who realize they are slaves to the state.

      Once the civil war starts (and there will be a civil war… the extremists want badly to incarcerate us, to torture us, to kill us en masse… they’ve been inculcated with extremism in our government-run schools and institutions of higher learning), I intend to kill as many communist heads-of-state as possible (ie: cut the head off the snake) before fleeing for a safer state… the only question is, where to go?

      1. Hi Clyde, you may be right but I’m a little more optimistic. The bad guys seem to gravitate toward and dominate politics and journalism, I don’t meet those corrupt cowards in real life. The sheeple aren’t dangerous, if a shooting war were to start, the sheeple aren’t a factor, and bad guys are, by definition, cowards since they don’t believe in anything except their own safety and comfort. If conflict gets hot I predict it will be short-lived. Not comforting for the big cities, but small towns, suburbs and country should remain intact. My biggest concern would be the poor law enforcement officers who may have been brainwashed into thinking that obedience to corrupt politicians is more important than law enforcement. But I think we’re finally at the threshold, people are finally realizing the magnitude of corruption and we’ll soon turn it around.

        1. Name one country where they’ve “turned it around” without first descending into communist totalitarianism for at least two generations. We’re dealing with corrupt criminals who will not hesitate to subjugate the populace so they can become overlords… the democrats would burn America to the ground if they thought they stood an outside chance of ruling over the ashes.

          To arms, Americans! It’s time we stood up and took out those who would enslave us!

          1. I think we’re already at that point. Historians refer to Marx and Engels as the “Fathers of Communism” and The Communist Manifesto lists 10 steps to convert a nation to communism. All 10 are unconstitutional though there is dispute about the progressive income tax. Seven are incorporated into both party platforms so we’re practically at the point you mention. But the rest of the world has the tradition of a superior race of politicians ruling over an inferior race of obedient subjects. We don’t have that tradition, and with modern communications it’s easier to spread truth. I agree with our Founders that arms are necessary but I don’t foresee having to use them. The Swiss are required to maintain military weapons in their homes and they haven’t had to use them. Even Hitler knew better than to invade them, though their massive gold supplies and strategic geography made them essential to his plans. I think we’ll simply stop trusting yellow journalists and politicians, then things turn around. Don’t despair, I cannot predict with certainty but I am very optimistic that the rule of law is coming back, and without a civil war. These are confusing but good times!

          2. If you believe we’ll continue to have “modern communications” that makes it “easier to spread truth” in a communist totalitarian state, you are naive… they’ll use the technology to track down, interrogate, incarcerate and dispose of dissenters. FaceBook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, et. al. show that the leftists are already prepared to do so and indeed have already begun doing so. If you’ll remember, the Sander’s election team were discussing gulags for conservatives, then softened their stance to “education camps”. Those people haven’t gone away, they are now going to be making policy.

            All that remains to fetter them from doing so is the Constitution… but the Supreme Court refusing to take up the TX case (they do not have standing to deny such a case… the *only* resort a state has against another state is the Supreme Court… in fact, this sort of case was the original purpose of the Supreme Court) because Justice Roberts intimidated the other justices into compliance under screaming, foot-stomping threat of them bearing responsibility for leftist rioting… that disfranchises half the populace, turns America into a banana republic, removes Constitutional protections for states *and* citizens of those states, gives the green-light for lower courts to simply refuse to take up cases that do not advance their leftist agenda, condones rampant voting fraud and thus ensures that civil war must take place… when a people no longer have legal recourse to address their grievances, extra-judicial means *must* be used.

            That blurb above “gives the green-light to lower courts to simply refuse to take up cases that do not advance their leftist agenda” is what will remove the remainder of our rights… the courts will simply ignore the pleas of the subjugated populace, allowing the leftists to run roughshod over our rights.

            And that’s what triggers a civil war. This civil war, however, will be different than those of the past… we’ll not be fighting in the streets… we’ll be targeting via guerrilla tactics the very heads-of-state who got us into this situation… to include the cowards on the Supreme Court.

            As Justice Thomas stated to Justice Roberts after Roberts’ threat-filled tirade: “This is the end of democracy, John.”

          3. The point I intended to make was that more people are beginning to agree with you. If people look, then they will see, and the enemies of freedom have become so flagrant that they are unwittingly prying the sheeples’ eyelids open. It’s no longer possible to not look. I understand we disagree about the near future but you’re not alone in your concern anymore, the numbers are growing rapidly, that was all.

            Also, where did you find out about Justice Roberts’ tirade? That’s interesting, I’ve suspected for some time that he is possibly being blackmailed. He has behaved very irrationally even for a judge, it seems he wants us to know he’s incompetent. Was that on the news, could you tell me the source? Thank you.

          4. Justice Roberts was on Epstein’s Lolita Island, his name is in the Lolita Express flight logs twice, so he’s likely compromised by the leftists… as such, he represents a threat to national security, given that the leftists are working with foreign leftists and outright communists to sell out America, to destroy capitalism, to end our constitutional representative republic, to strip Americans of their constitutional freedoms, to enslave Americans to a totalitarian leftist oligarchy.



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