Bombshell!! Michigan County Breaks Law in Attempted Coverup of Problematic Vote Data.

This forensic report of Dominion voting machines in Antrim county Michigan, was released today. The investigators report that there was an intentional deletion of the adjudication records of this server as well as the security logs. The deletion of the adjudication records was only done for this election, and all other older election records were untouched. In addition an unauthorized user attempted to delete all of the voting data. Each of these deletions and attempted deletions were illegal per State law.

Antrim county Michigan was the site of a several thousand vote reversal which was very poorly handled both in count and in the press. It was so bad that Allied Security Operations Group was hired per a court order to do a forensic analysis of the machinery in the vote.   

During the counting process, Antrim reported and corrected votes multiple times as shown below:

Figure 1 – Antrim county vote reporting 2020 presidential election

Of course you can’t read that string of vote numbers and walk away any smarter.   Something stupid happened.  

It may be of interest to the reader to note that I do NOT think machine error contributed significantly to the fraud in this election.  I think the majority of the fraud occurred at ballot level, and was caused directly by intentional removal of proper voter identification and validation in battleground states.  That certainly doesn’t preclude significant computer related issues.

Below are a few quotes from the linked document, but if you want to understand how shockingly bad this was, you will need to read the whole thing yourself.

Ballots which do not scan correctly are sent to adjudication. The analysts state that the rate of adjudication was unprecedented as compared to past elections and as high as 82 percent in one township. The adjudication process happens without meaningful observation and therefore is a key spot for fraud investigators.

All prior years left alone but 2020 is removed manually.

And there went the security logs. Odd how those things happen. All the old logs remained intact yet those pesky 2020 logs up and vanished.

I’ve used computers for over thirty years. I can program in a lot of languages, and have interfaced computers with cameras, robots, random production equipment, testing equipment, hacked software even, so many things that it’s difficult to remember all of them.

I can NOT tell you how to delete a windows security log file.

That is because I don’t know how. It doesn’t sound hard to figure out but if I don’t know something about a computer, then the county guy or lady running the voting operation doesn’t know either. Certainly not well enough to trick an investigator. IT guys love this kind of thing so I believe that the deletion of these records was almost certainly performed by an IT person at some level.

All of these deletions were illegal and seem a bit haphazard. The investigation is ongoing but perhaps we will see a little crack in the media wall of misinformation on vote fraud.

4 thoughts on “Bombshell!! Michigan County Breaks Law in Attempted Coverup of Problematic Vote Data.

    1. Phil,

      Are the records in some mdb file or a text log file or what? I suppose I could look it up but I’m also wondering if you think it would be an IT person who did this?

  1. I recall a video (maybe one from Dr Shiva) that said that the dominion software has adjustable parameters for how much uncertainty is allowed before a ballot is rejected and marked for adjudication. That is another example of where there is an innocent explanation for apparent fraud, someone may have set the parameters wrongly, by mistake. Not saying it was an innocent mistake, but the cause may be damaged by not entertaining the possibility.

    Same thing with the Georgia ballots “hidden” under the table. If you wanted to merely store the ballots somewhere where would you put them?

    Has anyone mentioned a configuration file for the software? That to me is a vital thing that should be available to the public. Presumably it would include the vote “weights” (if there is such a facility), which would have to be 1.0 for all ballots.

  2. I read this report after listening to the lawyer was interviewed by John Solomon.
    The things I found interesting:
    Dominion counts the votes, not the State of Michigan
    No one knows WHO adjudicated the rejected ballots.

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